Living in Power & Wisdom - Audio Course by Larry Wayne

LMS - AudioIn this magnificent audio program you will learn:

  • You don’t have to plan every step along the way but the power and wisdom must be in every step of your plan.
  • How to become more powerful and how to retain that power 
  • Achieving dominion over energy, and allowing the dreams that your Spirit Self has for you to become reality.
  • Finding the answers and solutions – one source provides all.
  • The body as the power source, not the problem source.
  • The key to total trust and acceptance and letting in fully the gifts of your highest potential.
  • The joy of letting in the ‘fullness of pleasure’; a quantum leap in consciousness to manifest plenty and prosperity in all you choose to be and do.
  • Your Life’s Story – A message from a mystical tree of the higher dimensions of Spirit!
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Living in Power & Wisdom. It's your time to step into the power that you are and the wisdom to fulfill your chosen destiny! This audio course includes complete downloadable audio MP3 (5.5 hours) and PDF print formats. This is Larry's most advanced program! $47.

$ 47.00

Living in Power & Wisdom - Audio Course by Larry Wayne

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