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Magical Flow

by J. Richard Schultz

Experiencing the magic of flow, synchronicity and miracles!

GratitudeHave you ever experienced this before? These magical moments bring a sense of joy, gratitude and awe like nothing else can. No matter what our life conditions may be, they remind us that there is a powerful universal force that is taking care of us and that we will be OK. In these moments, we feel the love and wonder of the universe in its creative genius. They teach us to accept, trust and surrender to the wholeness of life and our divine nature. These experiences are sign-posts that invite and encourage us to be 'HOME' - in unconditional love and joy.

To experience these magical moments, we need to be present - in the NOW. If our minds are caught up in a past story or we are worried about the future, the magic will pass by us, unnoticed. We will miss these important sign-posts that guide us to the next best step to our destiny.

Our SOUL is our GPS guiding us HOME. It is a spark of the DIVINE planted within us. It knows our true nature and no matter what happens along the road, it will always recalculate the most efficient way HOME from where we are. However, we are the drivers of our lives. It is up to us to take responsibility for the journey and make wise choices and decisions. It is up to us to stop, be present, ask and receive this KNOWING and follow its recommended route, step by step. This KNOWING will guide us to true FREEDOM if we follow it.

To experience the magical flow, part of your responsibility is to let go and forgive your past. If you have not found freedom from the suffering of your past, that extra baggage will slow you down and its vibration will project similar painful experiences into your future. Reliving old stories in your mind distract you from being in your powerful NOW - where the magic happens. NOW is also where HOME is. To release the past, you need to momentary turn towards it, be with it, feel it, learn from it and with loving presence, forgive and let go. The result is often an explosion of new energy and wisdom.

creation crystal ball spherePart of your BEING is also your ability to create and co-create. Creation also only happens in the NOW. You determine and predetermine future outcomes through your wise choices, decisions and actions in the present. Your most powerful tool for creation is your imagination. Imagine in the present what you will see, hear and feel in your future. Energize that imagined future with large doses of the pure positive spirit-based energies such as success, joy, love, gratitude, celebration, or wealth. Then take the appropriate actions and follow your KNOWING to the manifestation of your creation or goal. Your KNOWING may come from within or from the powerful signs and symbols brought to you in the magical flow and synchronicity of your life.

But remember, your creations are sensitive and dependent on your inner vibration and subconscious beliefs. If you have limiting beliefs or fearful emotions, then you may instead create "mutant futures" or stay in old limiting past patterns. Therefore, be aware of what manifests('good' or 'bad'), take it as feedback, learn from it, forgive, let go, adjust your beliefs and emotions and move forward again with presence.

Here is a 7 step process that will help you manifest your goals:

1. Decide what you want (your goal) and step into the imagination of all that it will be. What will it look like, sound like and feel like? Get clear. Go beyond a typical New Year's resolution into the detail of what it shall be.

2. Ask your Higher Source (God, Source, Higher Self, Spirit, Universe) to add Its Wisdom and Power to your goal.

- Ask for support for your wise choices and decisions that are aligned with your soul... your goal or "something better"

- Ask for awareness of past behaviors, beliefs or emotions you need to forgive, let go of or change and what actions you need to take to achieve your goal.

3. Surrender and receive guidance, energy and KNOWING from your Higher Source. Be open as to how that guidance will come to you. Be prepared to revise your goal based on the KNOWING you humbly receive.

4. Direct your subconscious mind to support and manifest your goal. Consciously BECOME the feeling of what you will BE when you have achieved the goal. Add the pure, positive energies(joy, success, love, beauty, achievement etc) to your imagined future or goal. This directs and programs your subconscious to support you.

5. Take the appropriate actions inspired by your Higher Source and your own discernment of what you need to do to achieve your goal. When your Higher Source and subconscious mind are guiding and supporting you, you will likely experience an easier flow.

6. Be aware of any feedback you are receiving as you take action (or don't take appropriate action). Are you noticing any limiting beliefs? Are you falling into limiting emotions rather than maintaining the pure positive emotion? Where are you feeling resistance?

7. Adjust and repeat. Based on the feedback, take any limitations or inspirations you notice back into the process, starting with #1. For example, instead of the limitation or resistance, decide what do you want.

If you need some assistance, a proven system, tools or techniques to achieve your  goals and to release, forgive and let go of past limitations that have been keeping you stuck, then check out my upcoming events or work directly with me through healing and coaching. Your success is my success and joy!

In the Shadow of Terrorism

by J. Richard Schultz

A few days ago, I sat and reflected on the tragedy of terrorism that has gripped Paris and our world. Paris brought to mind my love of travel because it was the first foreign city that I ever visited when I was only 14 years old. That enchanted trip to Paris gave me my a "travel bug" to see the world. Wow, the world has changed since then! And oh, how I have changed since then too! Back then as I recall, I was full of fear and judgment. Today things are different.

Gandhi pictureGandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." He was aware that the world is somehow a reflection of what is inside of us. It reflects our thoughts and feelings - our being. If we could BE peace, joy, kindness, caring and love, then we would SEE the world more through that lens and our actions would reflect that inner being. On the other hand, if we are feeling and being fear, suffering or hate, we tend to project that into our world though our thoughts, judgments and actions. Across the globe, reactions to what happened in Paris have reflected both love and fear.

Our powerful, habitual subconscious mind creates over 90% of our perception and experience of reality according to its beliefs and emotional programming. If our subconscious has been programed to believe the world is a dangerous, frightening place, then we will notice and project these fears onto our world. In our childhood, if our subconscious mind learned that the world is a loving place, then we will tend to experience, attract and act on those loving programs.

However, the world is not light or dark, it is both light and dark and we each have a choice. We can consciously decide to respond to events as an opportunity to expand and grow in love, or automatically shrink into fear and protection based on old outdated programs. What choices will you make?

But how can we turn such tragic events into an opportunity to grow rather than to shrink, protect or lash out at others?

One way is to take Gandhi's advise and BE the change you wish to see. If, in the face of "outer terrorism" you are getting fearful or emotionally projecting onto others, then examine your "inner terrorist" - the terrorist in your own mind.

If the vast majority of people examined their thoughts, they would find that they are often destructive, painful and suffering thoughts. They would discover fear and judgment and this is often directed at themselves! Your ego lies to you about how to find peace. It will tell you to fight, to shrink, to protect and to hide, but what you need to do is say "NO" to the negative ego because it will never deliver you peace.

yogo shadow meditation light dark perspectiveThe solution is not to just bottle-up those emotions, but instead to turn towards those feelings, process them, forgive them, get understanding from them and let them go. If you don't let them go, those terrorizing energies of hate, suffering, hopelessness, anger, and fear could eventually turn upon you and manifest in disease. They will negatively affect your relationship with yourself and with others. These "shadows" will never leave you alone until you decide to own them and release them.

Turn your thoughts and feelings around. Turn them to peace and love and gratitude and kindness, despite what the world is reflecting to you or what your ego is telling you. When you decide to BE LOVE in your thoughts, feelings and actions, you unleash powers that will change your world and mine. Peace will happen from the inside out. You will restore the love that you truly are at your source.

In response to tragedies like Paris and the cries of refugees, many people and nations have responded with love and compassion. They have responded with open doors, tolerance, kindness and understanding. They have even risked their own lives for the safety of others. This is the world I want and choose to co-create with others.  

Will you join me in BEING THE CHANGE?


Abundance in the Shadow of Scarcity

by J. Richard Schultz

Scarcity abounds in our world today, or in other words, scarcity is abundant! Just look around and notice the scarcity fears that permeate the stories and experiences of our world. Scarcity has always loomed large in our human experience, but are we dancing in its extreme? Are you?

SruggleThe news tells us about the refugee crisis, stagnant economies, terrorism, war, disease, indebtedness, and the increasing divide between rich and poor. We continue to exploit the finite resources of our planet; devastating the natural wonders, animals, air, water, trees, and oceans that sustain us and keep us alive. There is a scarcity of money, health, security and time. Turning off the news, does not change this, although you might feel a little better for a time not knowing about it!

There is another perspective that says we have never lived in a time that is so abundant! Just look at explosion of goods and services that the Industrial and Information Ages have given us. With computers and the internet, we can have real-time chats and video communication with anyone in the world. We can travel like never before and experience the wonders of the whole planet. When in our history have we seen so much invention and creativity? There is an explosion of data, information, education, "tweets", "likes", opinions and the opportunity for exciting, diverse experiences that can be shared in the click of a button. Surely this is abundance, not scarcity!


But let's go even deeper. There is also the story and experience of scarcity(or abundance) in qualities such as connection, trust, love, presence, caring, wealth, true security, forgiveness, happiness, fulfillment, freedom and joy. Many people are attempting to satisfy these inner values by "stuffing" their lives with "stuff." In the end, they can never be satisfied because these qualities can ultimately only be satisfied from within. These are qualities that money cannot buy at any price, but are infinitely abundant if we know where to look. And yes these qualities for some are also abundant and expanding. We are living in an age of abundant consciousness!


coin money flipTwo sides of the same coin

Scarcity and abundance are two sides of the same coin. They are shadows of each other. If you hold onto either the story of scarcity or the story of abundance while rejecting or disowning the other, you are lost in the shadows and you are separate from the truth. The coin cannot be separated into either/or, because they exist in one continuum, not as separate things. Your freedom is in equilibrating the two rather than dwelling in the polarity of one or the other. If you reject one side, (consciously or unconsciously) you create separation and can never fully experience the gifts and capacities of what each side of the coin can give you.


To illustrate this, let me share with you my exploration and experience on scarcity this past week:

My exploration started with a question about why so many people(including me) were experiencing a lack of money. This question eventually led me into feeling and holding a portion of the collective fear of scarcity in the world right now - all the things I mentioned above. My shoulders and arms felt heavy and tense. The emotions of sadness and grief were just below the surface as I began to process this fear within me. The same day that I was feeling this intense energy, I hosted a "healing circle" and others that came were also feeling this energy of scarcity. The energy was "active" and "ripe" to process and release.

When working with "shadow", instead of trying to 'get rid it', you turn towards it, embrace it and own it. It is the opposite of what we are accustomed to doing. Many practices would tell you to "think abundance" and move away from thoughts of scarcity as the path to your freedom. This does not work, or only works on a temporary basis, because it is still rooted in separation and your true freedom lies in your wholeness. In shadow work, you move toward it, feel it fully, let go of all opposition to it and receive the gifts and capacities that shadow has for you.

So, in my usual way, I created a 'sacred space' where I could dive into this energy of scarcity and receive the wisdom and gifts that I knew must be there.

shadow gray sky light manWhat 'good' or gift could possibly come out of embracing scarcity? At first I couldn't see it. The first step though was not to claim gifts that I could not yet understand, but instead to fully feel the feelings without holding back. In my usual open way, I felt the fear, anger, and grief that I had been holding around scarcity and "not enough". The release was huge as I went back into my childhood, and the depths of human experience to explore, process and forgive the energy of scarcity while asking it to reveal its gifts.

Shadow, when asked, will always tell you the truth, though it may be disguised. When I embraced scarcity, it gave me two powerful capacities: Cherish and Charity. I giggled with delight!

Although our planet is expansive, its resources are still finite. We only live a certain amount of time and we never know when this life will end. Relationships come and go. In this physical experience or container we call life, there are limitations and this can morph into a belief and fear of scarcity.

Scarcity in its fear form limits us even more and keeps us from full abundance. If we hold on too tightly because we fear something is scarce, we miss the precious opportunity of giving what we have to another who may need it more. In fear, we restrict our charity because we don't trust that we will get equal value back when we ourselves are in need. The natural cycle and flow of giving and receiving gets broken and life does not feel abundant.

Scarcity is born in separation. When we embrace and love the energy of scarcity, it reveals to us how precious life is. We learn to cherish each moment as if it was our last and in each moment we live a lifetime. Fear is about the future and distracts us from what is now. Now, we have choices. We can choose to be happy, still, caring, joyful, abundant, and fulfilled. Now is where we can give and receive of the gifts and talents of one another. Now is where we can form and cherish genuine connection and love with ourselves and each other.

I invite you to let go of any fears you have around scarcity and embrace this powerful energy. In doing so, you will receive the gift of genuine charity and cherish your dance with life. Who knows, you might be surprised what other gifts this shadow has for you.


Take Down Your Heart Shields

by Richard Schultz

True Potential is Activated Through Opening Your Heart

To activate and live your true potential, you must open and expand your heart. Your heart is your primary access point for giving and receiving the light of love and joy. It is the center of your passion and where you exchange love with all of creation. Love is actually the essence of who you really are at your core. When you close off the energy of love, by either not giving it or receiving it, you become a little less whole – a little less than the magnificent, powerful being that you are.

Could it be time to examine where you block off the flow of love to and from your heart? Could it be time to let down your shields? Would you like to fully expand into your true power and potential?


What is a "Heart Shield?"

Growing up human is difficult for most. From time to time, we experience painful physical and emotional trauma. Our hearts feel hurt when someone betrays us, abuses us, does not receive our love, or does not give us the love we expect from them. As we experience this "wounding" to our heart, our survival reaction is to put up "shields" around our heart to protect it from further damage.

heart lockedIt might seem appropriate and wise for you to maintain these heart shields. After all, who in their "right mind" would leave their heart exposed to potential attack? At the time of the trauma, this was probably the only way you knew how to survive. However, when the danger is long gone and the person that you feel hurt you is no longer there, is the shield still useful? What is the cost of a closed heart?

Most people have built a fortress around their heart that is a mile high, with a moat, a drawbridge, locks on the door and even cannons to fend off potential attackers. They have shut themselves off inside their little castle to feel safe and they "decorate" the inside as best they can to try to feel good. However, the interior decorating will only go so far. The fortress becomes a cold, dark, lonely prison and eventually, without the flow of love, the power will go off.


Releasing Heart Shields

To release a heart shield, you first have to be aware of it, its origin and the consequences of continuing to maintain it. Then from your free will, make a decision that you will let it go. With the courage that comes from your heart, you will then turn towards the original wound and forgive everything around it including the other person(s) and yourself. The shield is a bandage that covers the wound but never allows it to fully heal. On the other hand, forgiveness is the medicine that will completely heal the wound without even a scar. After you have forgiven, you will have no need for the shield and you will then feel safe to let love flow.

Forgiveness key

Notice where you have patterns of closing down to love in fear of getting hurt. Choose to turn towards fear and go into it to discover the gifts beyond the fear. Forgive. Get some assistance if you don't know how to get there, but do it because living your great life depends on it! You have nothing to lose except your old stories of suffering.

Be careful. Your negative ego will lie to you about this. It may tell you that if you turned towards your wounded parts, you will just suffer more or even die. It will tell you that you or the other person does not deserve to be forgiven. It will tell you that if you open up the wound again, it will be too painful and you cannot handle it. It will tell you just keep your wound hidden or it will try to distract you from dealing with the very thing that will set you free.

Open up now to the love that you are!

Contrary to what the ego might tell you, when you let down a heart shield, love and joy will naturally pour into you and from you into the world. The universe will then reflect back your inner transformation and you will notice more flow in your life. Your light will shine brighter and you will feel more whole and more free. You will have opened up to more of your true potential and power.

Playing with Shadow-Self

by Richard Schultz

The other night on my regular walk, I was basking in the joy and anticipation of connecting to my shadow's shadow – the light shadow. As I walked and listened to spiritual music, love surrounded me and tears of joy rolled down my face. How fantastic it is that my shadow-self, this living "being" that was born with me, has so carefully preserved all my "stuff." It has collected and stored all the energies and treasures that I have rejected and thrown away in order to fit in and survive in my early life. Anything that I could not hold at that time, my shadow-self saved for me. I felt deep gratitude and love as I connected with this treasured friend.

 Light shadow door freedomI have played with my shadow a lot over the years. Mostly, I have diligently and assertively played with exposing the "dark" stuff that I had rejected in me. This has been brilliant! This work has given me more energy, peace, freedom and joy. I've come to love more of me and more of life.

Now, however, a different calling was coming to my awareness during this walk. It was a deep calling to more directly seek out my "light shadow." It was time to claim all my power, divinity, wisdom, success, joy, love and abundance. I had already done this in some measure, but I realized there was so much more there. Now I was ready to dive deep for the treasures that awaited me. Now was time to reclaim all my light – to stretch to the heavens.


Working with our "dark shadow" is the easiest and brings immediate benefit

When starting out playing in and with the shadow-self, the "dark stuff" is the easiest and most accessible to deal with. Working with the "dark" also has immediate benefits. Our limiting triggers, judgments and patterns fall away. The ways we have chosen to suffer begin to dissolve into happiness, contentment, and acceptance. Working with the dark shadow frees up a lot of energy and resources. The dark stuff pushes us towards our divine inheritance and wholeness.

We are more afraid that we are powerful beyond measure

As human beings, we are even more afraid of our "light shadow" than our dark. Our light shadow contains our ultimate brilliance, divine power, creativity and miracles. It contains powers of intuition and wisdom beyond measure. It contains all of our divine inheritance and our true, unlimited potential.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

- Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love


"Shadow! Come here!"

As I walked along in the joy of connection and anticipation of further play and connection with my shadow-self, I approached a group of people watching their dogs play. The dogs were wildly rolling in the grass, totally absorbed in the purest of fun and play. As I approached, I turned down my music and I said with a huge smile on my face "Wow, pure fun! Wonderful!" The woman in the group smiled brightly at my comment. But then, just as I had walked by, this woman yelled at her black poodle that was wrestling with a red retriever. "Shadow! Come here!," she said. I immediately burst out laughing and more joyful tears streamed down my face.

The universe was miraculously confirming that it was time to play some more with my Shadow!

  Standard Poodle black lying down


Your shadow wants you to come & play too!

Have you played with your shadow yet? Have you opened the doors to your darkest inner closets to shine your light there? The benefits and treasures of doing this are enormous! It will set you free. You will have more energy, more joy, better relationships, less suffering and greater life success. And at the appropriate time, your "light shadow" will also begin to knock at the closet door too – reminding you of all the wisdom, power, beauty and goodness that is yours to still claim. You light shadow will pull you towards your divine inheritance and wholeness.


Is Your Brilliance Set on Dim?

by Richard Schultz

How bright are you shining your light? How much energy do you have? When and where do you find your energy depleted? Are you waiting for more energy, or better sleep or something else in order to complete on something that you desire in life? Do you have some great ideas, but never take them to completion?

Embrace your BrillianceThese are all indicators that a shadow is dimming your brilliance. If you want to truly move forward and step into your full potential, power, energy and brilliance, you must uncover and embrace your shadow. Your shadow self holds the key to what is missing in your life. It holds the key to your unfulfilled dreams!

As I wrote in my previous Blog, shadows are parts of you that you have rejected or denied expression. You made decisions to push those parts away at some time in your past. You did this because certain behaviors were either not accepted & appreciated by your loved ones, or as a survival strategy to fit in to your environment. The shadow may have been created as a result of trauma.


Shadow example: Someone grows up in a family environment where one of the parents had explosive, unpredictable anger. Maybe the parent was even abusive in that anger state. As a survival mechanism, the child becomes highly sensitive to anger and angry people. Because they have seen how destructive anger was in their family environment, they suppress anger within themselves and over-react when anyone else shows anger.

shadow selfIt takes a lot of energy and will-power to suppress a shadow such as anger and keep it hidden from yourself and others. Rather than using this energy in your creative brilliance, you waste energy creating masks of righteousness, better than, less than, shame, pain, judgment, addictions or in reactivity to events around you. This depletes your brilliance. Left in the shadows, these rejected parts can destroy relationships and sabotage your goals. Occasionally, in your weaker moments when you are very stressed, tired or distracted, your shadow with all its suppressed energy will break free and you end up doing the very behaviors that you judge in others. An example of this could be "road rage."

But there are even more consequences in separating off and banishing parts of you to the "shadow-self". These shadows contain other sources of personal power and resourcefulness. They bring gifts. Those qualities that we have rejected are often the very thing we need to move us forward in life or assist us in a challenging situation. Anger, for example, when deliberately chosen, can be very helpful to set behavioral boundaries with others rather than let them "walk over you." Anger can be the power you need to protect your family from harm. Chosen, anger could fuel positive assertiveness, or become power to get you out of a slump to find a new job or move out of an abusive relationship. Anger and other shadows when embraced will brighten your brilliance! Left in the shadows, they will turn your lights out!

"What you can't be with, won't let you be" - Bill Spinoza

Note: Shadows are not just those qualities commonly considered "bad". You may have rejected your "good" too. Some people reject play over work and become workaholics. Others reject their beauty or their intelligence in order to fit in with others. To be in our brilliance, we must embrace all of who we are, unconditionally.


spot lights awareness What parts of your brilliance have you hidden in the shadows?

The first step in embracing our shadow and claiming our full brilliance is awareness. We must first shine light towards our shadow to see what we have hidden away in the dark closets of our psyche. That's not entirely easy to do, because we have spent years denying and hiding these parts from ourselves and in many cases we are quite good at playing hide and seek with ourselves. We are afraid of exposing those parts for fear that they will destroy us. They are our imaginary dragons and demons. However, these dragons and demons only have power when we leave them in the shadows. In the light, they are transformed into power and freedom. They become part of our brilliance.


Shadow Awareness Exercise (from Derek Rydall):

1. Consider an area of your life where you are currently "stuck" or not stepping into your full brilliance. Pick an area of your life that you want the most movement in but you are waiting for something to change before you can move forward. For example, you want to write a book or create a new business, but are waiting for more inspiration, more time or more energy. Maybe you want to get more fit, but you are waiting for more energy before you go to the gym, or for a friend to go with.

2. Close your eyes and remember a moment when you felt really bad about this situation. Get into the feeling of what most upsets you about being still stuck and not being able to move forward in this. Notice what the feeling is. You could feel sadness, anger, quilt, shame etc.

3. a)What do you make situation mean about yourself or what label would you give another person that is stuck like you are? The label will be something like "incompetent", "a loser", "a fake", "stupid", "lazy", "not good enough", "failure", "unworthy", "aggressive", power-hungry" etc.

b) If you actually succeeded or achieved what you wanted to, what fears or concerns might you have? What are you afraid that other people might think of you or do to you if you succeeded? For example: If you succeeded, your family and friends would not accept you. If you succeeded, you could get overwhelmed by the fame you would get. If you succeeded, people would think you are selfish.

Each of the answers you get in step 3 will be clues to the shadow(s) that are holding you back from success in this area of your life. To move forward, you will need to embrace this part and release its energy so that it no longer works against you but even energizes the achievement of your goal and brightens your light!

If you would learn more about your shadows and how to embrace them to your turn up your brilliance, please contact us


Embracing Your Shadow

by Richard Schultz

Our greatest desire is to be love

All we really want is to give love, to receive love and to be love in the world. But how can we achieve this greatest of life's desires if we are not whole and loving within ourselves? We cannot. Without restoring the wholeness and fullness within ourselves, we can only experience a glimpse or an estimate of our truth or it cannot be sustained. To realize the love and wholeness that we truly are, we MUST restore love to all the parts of ourselves. We must turn towards and embrace our shadow and bring it into the light.


A barrier to love is that we have rejected parts of ourselves & created "shadows"

child bully trauma rejectionAs we grow up, we all go through experiences of what we perceive as betrayal, judgment, abuse, rejection, control, guilt, shame or other situations that are experienced as traumatic to "our child." These experiences and our perception of them become part of our conscious and subconscious life-story that is steeped in emotional attachments and limiting beliefs.

What we really wanted when we were children and even now as adults was to love and be loved. However, in many of those childhood experiences, we then also rejected the parts of ourselves(even the"good parts") that we felt others rejected in us. We split off parts of ourselves in a strategy to be loved more and to survive at that time. It was a natural, human-thing to do. We all do it. However, by rejecting those parts of ourselves, we became less than whole in our experience of life and we became less than the fullness of love that we truly are at our core. By separating off parts of our self, we build up the "shadow-self" ... the collection of all the parts that we do not or "cannot" love.


Some examples of shadow creation and how it can set up conflict and separation within self:

  • twin men butting headsA child grows up in a family with a parent that is very critical. As a strategy to be loved, the child becomes a perfectionist that is fearful of making mistakes or doing something wrong. As an adult, the person's own self critic is on "over-drive" and they are ultra sensitive to feedback. They never feel good enough and may create life situations that reinforce this. As a perfectionist, they procrastinate and often sabotage themselves in fear of getting it wrong.
  • A child perceives from their parent(s) that hard work is valued, but play is not. To be loved by their parent(s), they reject the "playful" part within themselves and their "self-worth" gets tied up in what they do or achieve through their work, rather being loved just for who they are. They may struggle with balance and find it difficult to just let go and have fun.
  • A child witnesses or experiences an "unhealthy" conflict and interprets this as "unloving" or not safe. Consequently, the person suppresses their own truth, opinions and feelings to avoid conflict with others in fear that they might not be liked or loved if they have a differing opinion. They cage themselves in a world view where they allow other people to control them because they cannot speak out.

We cannot hide from our shadows

    Man with head in sand

    As human beings we have been conditioned to avoid darkness and hide from the shadows. There is a perceived danger there, so we get in the habit of running from shadow or trying to cover it up with distractions and means of escape. TV, video games, over-eating, drugs, sex, or material possessions are sometimes strategies to avoid dealing with the shadow that calls to us from the dark. It seems illogical to go into the shadow in order to resolve it, but that is exactly what we need to do.

    Until we answer the call of the shadow, we will never be truly free. If we have not embraced and integrated our shadows, then those "parts" that we split off in our past, will play out in our present reality and it will be impossible to sustain being in the joyful present. When we have not dealt with our shadow, those past "rejected parts" will re-emerge and take over a situation - usually creating a "disaster!" These limiting patterns will emerge again and again until we face the shadow directly.


    To be free, we must turn towards our shadows, love them and discover their gifts

    Shadow holds the key to LoveTrue freedom and lasting happiness comes when we turn towards our shadows, embrace them and love them. They will reveal to us where we have given away our power, liberty and love. They will show us where to find the true love that we seek. When we shine light upon them, they will become part of our strength and our light in the world. They are a doorway to the lasting joy, love and the wholeness we all seek.

    I invite you to embrace your shadows and restore them into your light!

    Please let me know if I can assist you in this profound journey to reclaim and awaken to the wholeness of you! In our shadow work, you will learn to bring your hidden shadows into the light, forgive them, embrace them and discover their profound gifts. 


    The Power of Forgiveness

    by Richard Schultz

    Forgiveness Brings You Back To Love

    As mentioned in my last blog, forgiveness is an essential element to restoring the love and truth of who you really are. There are no exceptions. Your true self is Spirit and if you want to live in the true essence of this loving Spirit Self (the Source of our greatest potential), then you must shed everything that is not aligned with love. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful energies to bring you HOME to LOVE.


    Heart shaped earthWhat is Forgiveness?

    Lots has been written about forgiveness and there are many different opinions about what forgiveness it is or what it is not. A few months ago someone spiritual said to me that I should not use the term forgiveness at all because the term itself suggests that someone did something "wrong" or "bad" and if we came from the place of unconditional love, forgiveness was not needed. I could agree with this if all of us were being and behaving from our enlightened Self, but we are usually not. Not yet. Forgiveness is one of the processes that helps get us back to unconditional love - our true essence.

    My last blog article and the title of my upcoming workshop is called "Restoring Love." For me, this is a great description of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the process of restoring us to love-without-condition. Like love, forgiveness has great depth and there are many layers of forgiveness that take us to the deeper levels of love. As we evolve in consciousness we are able forgive and love at depths we did not have the capacity for previously.


    What are the benefits of forgiveness?

    1. Forgiveness feels great and makes us happier!

    Remember a time when you fully forgave someone(or yourself) and put the past behind you. If you cannot remember a time when you forgave, then look at when someone forgave you.

    How did you feel before the moment of forgiveness? What was your story?

    How did you feel afterwards? What happened to the story?

    Typically, before forgiveness, you feel angry, sad, depressed, victimized, guilty, shamed or any other number of "low vibration emotions." You are caught in a story of the past and it is difficult to move on. It sucks the energy out of you and others around you as you repeat the story again and again. After forgiveness, there is a feeling of elation and freedom. You are present to choices and decisions you will make in the moment rather than dwelling on the past. You have restored love within yourself and the old story doesn't rattle around in your mind anymore. It feels great!


     2. Forgiveness makes us healthier!

    Whenever you hold onto "negative emotions", over time, they influence your health. They affect your stress levels, blood pressure, our immune system and damage our body. Forgiveness lets these go and allows the body to restore itself to health.


    relationship man woman3. Forgiveness improves and sustains our relationships!

    This should go without saying, but so often we are stuck on our old story they we keep on bringing it back into our present situations. Even if a person is no longer in your life, you will carry negative energy from that experience into current relationships if you have not forgiven. Who likes hanging around negative people, except negative people? For great relationships, clean up all the past by forgiving.


    4. Forgiveness opens up life flow!

    In the experiencing of life, you have created hundreds of stories. If the experience was not fully resolved and not completely let go and forgiven, then reality will bring the projection of it back again and again until you have completed with it. If you are struggling with any part of your life or any relationship, then it is likely that you have a unresolved experiences and subconscious beliefs and stories that are replaying themselves in your reality.

    Whenever you truly resolve or forgive an experience from our past, you open up the flow for new, positive experiences. Rather than creating life experiences based on projections of the past, you can create experiences based on your conscious choice. Your time and energy is free to manifest your dreams. In addition, when you are in a loving state then you begin to experience life as if it was moving through you rather happening to you. You begin to feel your oneness with all of creation.


    Steps to Forgiving and Restoring Love

    1. Commit to forgiving and completing on every past experience that you might still be carrying.

    2. Examine your life stories and experiences to determine where you are still out of step with love.

    forgive imagine love woman man- Brainstorm a list of everyone that you may not have fully forgiven. For each person, remember any stories that you still have around them and see if there are still any "negative emotions" and feelings around them. For example, are you still angry at them? The negative emotions are indicators that you are still carrying the past.

    - Make a list of every past experience where you may have not yet forgiven yourself. Again, check out the story and the emotions around it. if there is still any blame, guilt, shame or judgement, then you have not yet completed with the experience and it is not good for your wellbeing to continue to carry it

    - Take an honest look at your life. What events or situations trigger you? Where are you struggling? What are you having difficulty manifesting in your life. Check into the stories you create around these events. It is likely that they are just mirrors of something you have yet to forgive or let go of.

    3. Prioritize. From the list identify the people or events that have the "juice" for you right now. Which ones are the most active emotionally? These will be great places to start your forgiveness.

    4. Decide to forgive and then do it.

    5. Get Assistance if needed. If you have tried and don't know how to forgive, then ask for assistance. Ask for help from God/Spirit. Ask for help from professionals. Take responsibility and do it for you!


    Assistance from WisdomWays in Forgiving and Restoring Love

    1. The Restoring Love Workshop: In this workshop you will learn how to forgive anyone for anything, including yourself. You will come away from the workshop with a sense of freedom, hope and empowerment on creating a fuller happier life.

    2. Private sessions: In a private session on the phone or in person, Richard can guide you through a process of forgiveness. It doesn't take long and it is not difficult. You can forgive anyone and any experience easily. 



    Restoring Love

    by Richard Schultz

    Restoring LOVE is returning HOME

    In 1997, in a "peak experience", I came to deeply know the truth of LOVE - of Divine Love. From the perspective of this Divine presence that I felt, I knew there was nothing that I have or could do or be that would take me out of favor with "God". Divine love was truly unconditional! I also knew that we were all, in truth, the very essence and seeds of this Divine love and that by returning to LOVE, we were returning to truth and HOME.

    De Vinci fingers spirit

    I decided to journey "HOME" within myself by fully and unconditionally loving myself and others - just as I had experienced in that moment with the Divine in India. My knowing was one thing, but it was quite another matter to fully emulate and BE this love that I knew I was. There were other parts of me such as my negative ego that had opposing beliefs, experiences and stories. Those parts of me were quite attached to their old stories of fear, unworthiness, judgement, struggle, not good enough and unlovable. Restoring and sustaining love was going to take some work!

    I've come a long way on that journey. Along the way I have met some amazing people, and come across some powerful tools for self transformation and restoring love. The "work" of restoring love has enriched my life and I know that it enriches anyone who is determined to BECOME love.


    Restore Your Right Mind

    Who in their "right mind" would choose struggle, hate, unworthiness, fear, anxiety, shame, or guilt over love, success, trust, joy, bliss? No one! But that is the point. We as human beings have not been entirely in our "right mind". To restore love, we need to restore our minds to the truth of we who we are. Ultimately, we can choose to release our negative egos and integrate with Divine Spirit Mind; arriving HOME.


    Wisdom Tips to Restoring Love:

    Take Responsibility: Accept that you create your own reality by your decisions and actions. You, at some point in your life, have chosen to accept limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings or stories that have created a less than optimal experience of life. You have the power to re-story your life, past, present and future and restore love and truth. Your true potential lies beyond your limiting stories and beliefs.

    Decide: Your subconscious mind has a million times more processing power than your conscious mind, but your true power resides in your conscious choices and decisions. Restoring and returning to true love is a choice. Embrace and love your subconscious mind as a true friend and ask it to automatically create the love and truth based life that you desire. Observe where your subconscious is running programs of limitation and choose to reprogram them.

    Hands HeartForgive: Is there any person or event in your life where you are withholding love? Are you holding onto blame, judgement or even hatred? Do people or events still hold a negative power over you? Forgiveness is essential to restoring love. Choosing not to forgive can only hurt you and it keeps you from your true potential.

    Restore Yourself: "A house divided cannot stand." Through your experience of life, you have become divided within yourself. For certain goals, no matter how hard you try, there are "other parts" of you that fight you. These "other parts" may tell you that you are a victim, not good enough, unworthy, a bad person or unlovable. These "shadow selves" keep you stuck. At some point in your life, you created these "shadows" to survive and protect yourself, but to progress in love and life, they must be re-integrated. When you love them and forgive them they almost certainly have gifts of wisdom for you. They hold the keys to restore your power.

     Ask for Help: You are not alone. Reach out and get support. There are people, techniques and tools that can support you in restoring the love that you are and finding your freedom. Even more, you have access to the Divine Spirit within you that can orchestrate the perfect steps to become the love you are. Ask Spirit to show you the way to restore love and become HOME. When you ask for help, be prepared for miracles!


    WisdomWays can support you in restoring love

    I am passionate about supporting people in returning HOME. Restoring love and truth is my deepest purpose. In my own journey to love and truth, I have discovered powerful and effective methods that will accelerate your own path to unconditional love. Here are a some of ways I can support you:


    Restoring Love heart1. The Restoring Love Workshop:

    With everything I have learned and taught over the years, the processes that you learn and experience in this workshop are the most potent. The processes originally came to me when nothing else would work to release my inner pain. This is not only the preferred way in which I work with myself, but no other method has taken me so far in my own return to love and truth.

    Check out the Restoring Love Workshop


    Awaken dimensions life coaching2. Private Individual Sessions: If you have someone or some event in your life that you want to forgive, but just can't seem to get there, then book a session with me. Using the processes I teach in the Restoring Love Workshop, you can forgive even what you thought was "unforgiveable". You may even choose to forgive yourself. Step out of being a victim and reclaim your love and joy! Learn More...


    3. Life Coaching: Decide to take your own journey to higher love and then engage me in supporting you on a regular basis. I bring all my wisdom and tools to the sessions as well as powerful questions to expand your experience of love, and life success. Together we will re-story your life and stretch into your dreams and true potential. Learn More..


    The Power of Intuition

    by Richard Schultz

    Synchronistic events in my life were beyond belief!

    It was back in 1995 when I was still at IBM, that I started becoming much more aware of an inner guidance system that was trying to get my attention. Without telling a soul what was going on(because I thought they would think I was going crazy), I started playing with my intuitive Spirit Self to see where it might take me. The spiritual journey that was to unfold as I co-created with Spirit was magical and miraculous. This intuitive guidance took me on a physical adventure to distant parts of the planet, and into an even deeper inner adventure to discover myself , my purpose and truth. My journey continues.

    Everyone has Intuition!

    Intuition is a power that everyone has; like a muscle that only needs to be exercised. For me, intuition has been a wonderful friend that initially came and introduced itself to me. However, my trust and connection to this inner friend has been a process and practice. Even knowing how powerful my intuition is, I have often resisted calling upon my intuition to guide me from day to day. However, even while I may neglect this friend for a time, he is always there waiting for me. Gradually I am learning to take responsibility for nurturing this relationship and the power and wisdom that it gives to me.

    Some ingredients to nurture your intuition:

    • Power of IntuitionIntention and attention: Set an intention and make an agreement with your intuitive self that you will pay attention to it and nurture your friendship with it. Intuition is not something you get, because it is already inside of you. You only have to claim it and build a relationship with it.
    • Wonder & curiosity: When we live in "conclusion" and think we know all the answers, there is little room to be inspired by our intuition. Culture a state of wonder, curiosity, presence and an open mind to prepare the foundation for continuous intuitive guidance.
    • Asking: Intuition responds to questions. From your place of wonder and curiosity as if you were an innocent playful child, ask and you will receive.
    • Trusting: The answers and inspirations you get from intuition are usually the first ones that pop into your awareness. They typically come in the form of visual, auditory, feelings or sensations in the body. Often it can come in the form of a inner "knowing" which is clear and powerful. Practice going with the first responses, see what happens as you build trust with your intuitive self.
    • Shifting limiting beliefs and emotions: Practice being aware of your limiting beliefs or emotions that "talk you out of" intuitive guidance. These might come in the form of limiting beliefs such as: "I am not very intuitive", "I can't trust myself", "It doesn't work for me", "I am not worthy." Limitations are often also accompanied by fearful emotions such as anxiety, guilt or shame. It is important to shift these limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions into empowering ones.

    "Whether you think that you can, or you think that you can't, --you're right"- Henry Ford

    • Appreciation and Gratitude: Notice when your intuition has worked and celebrate it rather than focusing on where it is not working. Celebration and appreciation automatically condition our subconscious mind to bring us more of what makes us feel good. This is one way reprogram your limiting habitual patterns.


    Intuition or inner sight

    The Power of Intuition is Infinite!

    There is no greater resource available to us than our intuition. It brings us wise solutions, inspirational ideas and leads us to our true unlimited potential. We only need to choose and decide to use it as our primary guidance system and the magic unfolds from there.


      Some resources to get going connecting to your inner wisdom:

      If you are ready to begin building your relationship with this precious inner friend, there are many resources available to assist you. Here are a couple:

      1.  Book recommendation: "The Intuitive Way" by Penny Peirce. This is a classic book and guide to living from your inner wisdom.

       2. Private Individual Sessions: If you would like to shift limiting beliefs or emotions that are holding you back from connecting with your intuition, then book a session with me to shift these quickly and easily. I will assist you in opening your intuitive door to unlimited possibilities.


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