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Living in Power and Wisdom - Larry Wayne



Have you been feeling stuck and just can't get ahead no matter how hard you try?

Have you been having a hard time manifesting a life of true abundance, success and joy?

Do you sense that you have immense inner power, but don't know how to utilize it?

Do you feel like there is something that you were meant to be or do, but just can't grasp what it is?



Living In Power and Wisdom - Audio SET

The solution to being the Being you want to be,

and creating the life you were always meant to live.


Audio Set Includes 3 Downloadable MP3 Audio Courses:

Awaken the God or Goddess Within

The Spirit of Success: 11 keys to Miraculous Success

Living in Power and Wisdom


A Spiritual Healing from Larry Wayne



Course 1

Awaken the God or Goddess Within

LW Audio - Awaken God and Goddess

Awaken the God or Goddess Within is the foundational program to all the courses offered by Larry Wayne.

This is a simple, practical and grounded guide to achieving oneness with your Spiritual Self. As you form this intimate partnership with your Spirit-Self, you will understand and apply principles that will take your life to the next level - an extraordinary life in the fullness of love, truth and trust in yourself.

You'll get connected with your purpose and true expansive potential.

What You will learn:

    • Methods to instantly align with Spirit.
      • Creating an alliance with your emotional-soul-self to resolve your problems & enrich life.
        • True Purpose: To be the Power of Love.
          • Accessing your emotional power for success and abundance.
            • Manifesting your desires by Mastering the 'Energies' through choices and decisions.
                • Releasing human negative-need and resolving negative ego.
                  • Taking back your power, accepting your impact and changing your life forever!
                    14 hours of audio MP3 + PDF transcript


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                    Course 2

                    The Spirit of Success: 11 Keys to Miraculous Success

                      LW Audio - Spirit of Success

                      In The Spirit of Success: 11 Keys to Miraculous Success, you will learn to envision success, experience the power of your mind and amplify the elements of success, richness and abundance.

                      From the inside outward you'll become a new Being, taking on challenges with ease, seeing the outcome within your mind and letting nothing destroy it. Focusing on your new life and new visions with power and love, you'll become a Master of life by being a Master in your mind.


                      What You will learn:

                        • New ways to activate the ability you hold within to create true abundance, richness and money in your life.
                        • Mastering negative thoughts – Realizing fully the power of choice, and having all your decisions based in Spirit.
                          • Living your life with purpose
                            • How to resolve the fear of success
                              • Adding truth and power to your goals
                                • Taking control of life instead of life controlling you
                                • Creating Your Life's Plan
                                 8.5 hours of audio MP3 + PDF transcript


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                                  Course 3

                                  Living in Power and Wisdom

                                  Audio Course - Living in Power and Wisdom

                                  Living in Power and Wisdom is Larry Wayne's most advanced program.

                                  As you step into the dominion of power and wisdom you become a potent force in your own right, a choice-maker and creator of goodness and greatness, richness and success. Then, you decide, as an individual, what you personally are going to feel, be, do and have life bring. You take control and resolve your human negative-need to become unstoppable!

                                  When you dare to seek the best and be the best, you will attain all your goals.

                                   What You will learn:

                                  As you step into dominion of Power & Wisdom, you become a potent force in your own right!

                                  • How to become more powerful and how to retain that power.
                                  • Achieving dominion over energy and making the dreams that your Spirit Self has for you, real.
                                  • How the body is the power source, not the problem source.
                                  • 7 Secrets to re-creating yourself and your life.
                                  • Your Life’s Story – A message from a mystical tree, of the higher dimensions of the Spirit Realm.
                                  5.5 hours of audio MP3 + PDF transcript


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                                  Only $197.

                                  (Value  > $397.)

                                  Living in Power & Wisdom Audio Bundle by Larry Wayne

                                  Join renowned spiritual healer Larry Wayne as he guides you to awaken to your true power, wisdom and highest potential. This is a package of three MP3 audio courses AND a distance Spirit healing through Larry Wayne. $197.

                                  $ 197.00

                                  These teachings include simple, easy to understand and apply metaphysical processes, techniques, meditations and profound information as received by Grace and Larry through their intimate conversations and true life experiences with Spirit. Includes both downloadable audio and printable PDF formats.

                                  Audio Bundle includes all 3 Audio Courses by Larry Wayne including "Awakening the God/Goddess Within", "The Spirit of Success" and "Living in Power & Wisdom".

                                  PLUS: One distance Spirit Healing by Larry Wayne

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                                  This Program Includes A Priceless

                                  Distance Spiritual Healing Session From Larry Wayne


                                   Larry is a first-class spiritual healer; a role he was born to fulfill, and for which he has been preparing his whole life. Starting at a young age, it was recognized that Larry had a unique ability to heal others. It took many years and several trips around the world to learn at the feet of metaphysical masters, like Dr. Elsa Lund, the extraordinary materialization medium and Tom Pilgrim, world-renowned spiritualist healer. Due in large part to their enlightened inspiration and guidance, Larry was soon a master healer and mentor himself.

                                  Larry has been blessed to witness countless miracles in the course of his career, including many people who were completely healed by his divine gift after medical doctors had failed to provide satisfactory relief. Many people have been were healed, and their lives were dramatically changed as a direct result of Larry's spirit energy healing and the development of their spiritual potential as an incredibly powerful Being.


                                  How will your Spirit Healing with Larry Wayne happen?

                                   After you purchase this audio program, you will get a short private email survey asking you about your condition or goal for a Spirit Healing. Your request will be passed to Larry who will work with his guides to orchestrate a distance healing for you as appropriate. The Spirit Healing can be directed towards a physical or emotional issues, relationship, wealth, success or others goal for your life. 


                                  Spiritual HealingWhat is Spirit Healing and what are its benefits?

                                  The fact is, medical science has begun to acknowledge that there is a link between the body, the mind, and the spirit. Larry Wayne has a deep understanding of this principle, and has spent a lifetime learning how to use healer-ship to heal the mind, body and soul through administering to the spirit. Spirit Healing stimulates the life force by removing the cause of disease and its ill-effects. It applies the power and wisdom of love to a mind and body ravaged by limiting and faulty beliefs, damaging and false notions of the Self. There is no illness, trivial or terminal, it cannot alleviate. It is really Love’s offering to Love, from healers who know themselves as whole and holy, to patients who see themselves as anxious and afflicted, uncertain, undone, and usually unloved. Removing energy blocks, relieving pain, reinforcing vitality, calming, soothing, it centers one in Spirit. And it is the great opportunity to expand into all that one can be. All that is required is a sincere desire to change your life.


                                  What is absent or distance healing?

                                  Once the Indian master, Sathya Sai Baba, said " You are as close to God as you are to yourself ". That is, distance is an illusion. Likewise, healing energies and prayers are unaffected by geographic space. Healing can be sent anywhere at any time to anyone, however physically absent or distant. Distant or absent healing is an exact Spirit science, and its healing qualities are equal to contact healing and, at times, even greater. Hearing a person's needs, the healer connects with Spirit and asks for its intercession.


                                  Dr. Cruppe - Larry's GuideAs a co-creating partner, Larry works in a close state of affinity with the healing intelligences of spirit doctors, Dr. Krupp and Dr. Bernadt, who determine the cause of a disease or disorder, and successfully master its ill effects, which is to take away stress, unhappiness, pain, sickness, and suffering.

                                  In spiritual healing, the power emanates from the Divine, flows through a healer with the gift of healing, then to one calling for healing. The act of healing invokes a spirit science vastly more intricate than the physical sciences known to Humanity.

                                  The greatest joy of healing is when the Healer becomes aware of a feeling of intense pleasure, as he knows inwardly that the healing has been successful; it's a feeling of ecstasy that pervades one's whole Being.




                                  Testimonials About Spiritual Healing From Larry Wayne!


                                  Celebration - gold man" When nothing and no one could help me, I will always be grateful to Larry Wayne for the miraculous healing that freed me of excruciating pain and debilitating back ailment."

                                  – Rick McWilliams


                                  "Larry performed a miraculous healing on a horrible rash that was threatening to cover the skin around my eyes. The rash was so painful, doctors did not know what to do, anything they gave me to try, simply made it worse. The rash was spreading, and I was desperate for help.

                                  After only one healing session with Larry, it instantly felt like a soothing balm was covering the inflamed skin, and within 2 days, the rash and the terrible pain was completely gone, and has never returned! Truly a miraculous healing….I am so thankful to Larry!"

                                   – Debora Stepp


                                  "After receiving spiritual healing from Larry Wayne, I no longer need a pacemaker nor heart medication, and my blood pressure has also returned to normal. My doctor says 'it's a miracle'"

                                  - Silvia Bertello


                                  "Every time I see my little boy I think about Larry and how we save my son's life from a serious heart defect, through spiritual healing."

                                  – Jody Finley


                                  GuaranteeSatisfaction Guaranteed!

                                  We provide powerful, proven transformational products and programs to assist people in changing their lives and actualizing their true potential. If you are not satisfied with the value you receive from our products or programs, then just say so within 30 days and we'll give you your money back.



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