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Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Founder, WELLth Movement

Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Stephen is one of those trusted guides to accompany your journey. 

Given a middle name linked to work – rather than what his parents gave him – his would be “Patience, Flexibility and Discretion.” These characteristics were nurtured through the extraordinary experiences he lived/lives as a facilitative mentor, CEO, university adjunct professor, white water rafting trip leader, master instructor trainer for wilderness remote first aid, speaker and author while working on 6 continents.

J. Richard Schultz

Richard Schultz

Richard Schultz likes to play on the leading edge of personal and organizational transformation, facilitating with processes that not only work, but shift people and cultures to new paradigms of thinking.

As an expert in shifting the limiting subconscious patterns that hold individuals and organizations back from reaching their goals, Richard has traveled internationally training hundreds of people in accelerating their life and work success by changing their minds.

Richard’s strengths are imbedded in the practice of facilitating the whole system. He actively engages his clients in discovering where change needs to occur and empowering the leadership to make their shift in the most efficient and effective manner. Richard works extensively in whole system processes such as “Open Space Technology”. His constant desire is to transfer to the client the necessary skills, confidence and capacity to lead whole system change with a minimum of outside support.

Richard also specializes online collaborative meeting facilitation and has a comprehensive understanding of both the technical challenges and proven methods  to effectively engage people in this environment. Based on this experience,  Richard and Eiwor Backelund created CollaborativeWays to provide facilitation and training in Real Online Collaboration.

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