Leading High Impact Meetings, Workshops and Movements May - June 2018

May 16, 2018, to June 20, 2018
Location: Webinar
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In this online course, learn how to design and lead online and in-person meetings and workshops that are effective, engaging, and have high impact results! Six 3-hour live sessions on Wednesdays May 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13 & 20. Also includes in-depth self study modules, assignments and workbook. (Prices are in Canadian $)

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Advance Price (until Apr 28, 2018 at 12:00 AM CENTRAL TIME US):  $ 777.00
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What kind of impact do your meetings have?

 Leading High Impact Meetings

Do you want your conversations and meetings to be more effective and productive?

Do you want to learn how to design and deliver experiential, highly engaging workshops?

Do you believe in the power of collaboration and wish to develop these skills to work with groups?

Do you feel a passion to create a greater impact in your work or for the world?

Are you interested in being a catalyst for a movement energized with passion and genuine connection?

Do you also want to learn how to do all this virtually, across the globe?


In this online workshop you will learn how to design, lead and facilitate productive, empowering meetings and workshops.

You will learn effective and engaging methods to lead groups and organizations, tapping into their energy and wisdom and co-creating their experience of deep learning and high impact  results! In particular, you will learn a methodology that consistently works across all environments: in-person and online!

NOTE: This workshop is an advanced module of the Genuine Contact™ Program called "Whole Person Process Facilitation." In completing Leading High Impact Meetings, Workshops and Movements, you will achieve international certification for this Genuine Contact™ course and will be invited to join hundreds of others in the Genuine Contact™ community.



Leading High Impact Meetings and Workshops

Meetings always have impact, but not always positive or lasting. High impact meetings and workshops create positive, sustainable results. If we want our work to be successful,  then it is important to lead effective, productive meetings where participants really engage, learn and act with impact in the meeting and afterwards.


 What if you could consistently design and lead extraordinary experiences where...

  • You reach your own vision while supporting participants in reaching their goals. 
  • Everyone feels respected, listened to and heard.
  • Participants are self-motivated and take responsibility for their learning and contributions.
  • There is a sense of connection and community formed between participants.
  • Innovative, effective strategies and solutions naturally emerge.
  • You catalyze and expand success for your cause, organization or group.
  • You can even do all this and more in an online virtual environment!


Learn the Genuine Contact™ Whole Person Process Facilitation Method

Facilitating Meetings

 Do you want to make an impact, create change, inspire, engage and gather people?

In this workshop you will learn Genuine Contact™ Whole Person Process Facilitation

Genuine Contact™ Whole Person Process Facilitation is a reliable method that can be used daily, in all the situations you face, when people come together to meet and work. It creates a culture that supports self-organizing teams, shared responsibility, leadership development and deep learning. It helps leaders of loose networks to keep their people connected and moving forward together. It helps workshop participants to learn what you are teaching and find the new lifestyles, healthy habits and possibilities they want in their lives. See Genuine Contact Program


 In this Genuine Contact™ workshop you will learn how to...
  • Lead high impact meetings, workshops or movements
  • Design and lead meetings and workshops both online and in-person
  • Experience and use the new learning paradigm to get better results
  • Tap into people´s wisdom and intuition and engage the whole person, including mind, spirit, emotions and body to increase the impact of your common efforts
  • Work with a method that is flexible enough to incorporate other tools and stable enough to contain diversity and different opinions
  • Create an experience where people feel respected and listened to and where the way you work feels joyful and natural


Whole Person Process Facilitation is an advanced workshop in the Genuine Contact™ (GC) Program. The GC Program was created by Birgitt and Ward Williams. As a workshop participant you are invited to join a growing international network of Genuine Contact Professionals, a mentoring circle for support and collaboration. For more information please visit http://genuinecontactprogram.com      and http://genuinecontact.net



Join us to learn how to...

Lead High Impact Meetings, Workshops and Movements

An  ONLINE Interactive Workshop


May 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13 & 20


9 to 12pm (NA Mountain)

11 to 2pm (NA Eastern)

15:00 to 18:00 pm (UTC)



C$ 1111 CDN Regular

$ 777

(early-bird - pay before April 28)

Note: Regular price is approximately $900 USD at current exchange rates



Our online learning environment for the workshop



The interactive live portion of this workshop will be delivered in a system called ZOOM which includes interactive video, audio, whiteboards, breakout rooms and chats.


Important: To attend this workshop your computer will need a microphone, speakers and a stable Internet connection.

This is an intensive course.

The self-organized part of  the learning in this workshop will take place in our online Learning Management System(LMS). In this system, you will find reading materials, videos, homework assignments and you will be able to access video replays of past live sessions. To get most out of this workshop it is essential that you do the assignments before coming to the live sessions, since these are designed for questions, discussions and group work based on your self-organized learning. In the LMS you will also  be able to communicate with instructors and other students from the course to deepen your learning and connection between live events.

To optimize the integration of your learning, the live portion of this course will be delivered in six(6)  3 hour sessions spread over 6 weeks with homework assignments between sessions. You should expect 1-2 hours of homework per week in addition to the live sessions. 

Please also read this Responsibilities and Givens document which outlines our commitments to you for this workshop and invites you to consider some of your responsibilities when taking this workshop with us.



Elisabeth Tepper KofodElisabeth Tepper Kofod is known as a Facilitator of Transformation Processes, and she describes her job as helping people and organizations, especially couples and families, to ignite the light within themselves, to recognize the power they have to create the change they want to see in the world. 

Her experience is diverse, and she describes it as eclectic, as she has used and uses different tools according to her clients’ needs in different parts of the world.  You can see her work in Elisabeth Tepper Kofod, and even if it’s in Spanish, you will find her professional profile interesting and compounding, as she has dedicated her life to studying and teaching people to realize they have what it takes to move on.  She believes her job is to show them the way.  Elisabeth does this in a space of safety, serenity, seriousness, and playfulness.

Elisabeth has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, specializing in Human Behavior, from Newport University, California.  After more than twenty years of experience in Corporate America, she decided to dedicate herself to doing her calling.  As a Genuine Contact™ Trainer, she has learned that there are magnificent ways of doing balanced, and sustainable change and growth, both individually and organizationally.



Richard Schultz

Richard Schultz of WisdomWay.ca loves to play on the leading edge of human and organizational potential, facilitating processes that create lasting  shifts to new paradigms of thinking, believing and collaborating.!

Richard is  an expert in identifying and shifting the limiting subconscious patterns and blocks that hold  individuals  and organizations  back from reaching their goals.  He has traveled internationally training hundreds of people in changing their life and work success by changing their minds. Success comes naturally when people are aligned in purpose, vision, values emotions and  beliefs.

Richard also specializes online collaborative meeting facilitation and has  a comprehensive understanding of both the technical challenges and proven  methods   effectively engage people in  collaboration in this environment. Based on this experience,  Eiwor Backelund created CollaborativeWays to provide facilitation and training for Real Online Collaboration.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our workshops to assist leaders in navigating change by teaching powerful tools for individual and organizational transformation. If you are not satisfied with what you receive in the workshop and the potential of the tools and processes you learn with us,  then just say so and we'll give you your money back.


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