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The Genuine Contact™ Program Facilitator Training

Genuine Contact™ is a leadership and facilitation training program designed with simplicity in mind. It uses meetings as a catalyst to develop healthy and balanced organizations for successful, sustainable optimum performance. 


Organizational Health and BalanceThe healthy and balanced organization is life nurturing, working as an interconnected learning organization. We call these organizations Genuine Contact Organizations(GCO). The process is organic so every organization brings about its own unique change from within, simultaneously enhancing skills, capacity and competency for working with change in our rapidly changing times.

For an individual to achieve optimum health, the individual must balance the system, cleanse and detoxify the cells and provide absorbable nourishment to the cells. Through the Genuine Contact™ program, individuals within the organization learn to achieve and sustain organizational health and balance through understanding and working with balance, cleansing, and nourishing the organization. Meetings are used as the catalyst and management learns to manage differently to do their part in sustaining health and balance for high commitment, efficiency, productivity, and results.


ChangesGenuine Contact™ is a program for building skill and capacity within the organization, for working with change. It is designed to keep external consultant involvement to a minimum, providing training and mentoring work only, so that working with change is led from within the organization. Leaders within an organization are taught to develop and use an operating system in which business is conducted with genuine contact at all levels on an ongoing basis. Upon completion of the sixteen days of training, leaders are authorized to teach the components of the Genuine Contact™ program to others within the organization, in an ongoing internal process, until the new operating system is functioning fully in a sustainable and effective way. During year one, during and following the initial training, a consultant to the organization coaches and mentors this "in-house" team as the "in-house" team leads the change process for its own organization.

Genuine ContactProgram is delivered as a series of workshops. Training days during the first year range from 12 to 16 days which are generally taken in groupings of 4 days at a time and spaced a few months apart. Additional external consultant time is limited to approximately 24 days through the course of the first year, supporting change and capacity building that is led from within the organization.

Genuine Contact™ is a Trademark of the Genuine Contact Co-Owners Group Inc

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