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Open Space Training

In this Open Space Training learn a simple method for leading meetings or conferences involving from 7 to 1000 people. Created by Harrison Owen, and used around the world in all kinds of organizations, Open Space meetings maximize individual and group engagement, expand creativity and solve complex issues using the wisdom of the group.


Open Space MeetingsIn an environment of accelerating change, organizations need to find solutions to complex problems in a very short period of time. They need to find better ways to engage people in collaboration to tap into the collective wisdom of the group for sustainable results.

In this Open Space training you will learn this powerful method of leading meetings that produce high impact results using the collective wisdom of everyone involved. Teams will emerge, communication will improve, and staff morale and staff health will improve. All of this will affect your bottom line. 


You will leave this experiential, interactive Open Space Training equipped with:

  • Knowledge on how to facilitate Open Space Technology method in both the in-person and online environments (Only for the online Open Space training).
  • Tools and skills to support your clients in making the best decision about why, when and how to use Open Space Technology to accomplish their goals
  • Knowledge on how to create a clear meeting theme with your clients that will engage participants and invite them to take personal responsibility to achieve the desired results.
  • Simple frameworks and processes to prepare your client for an Open Space meeting that has the right theme, with the right constraints ("givens"), for the right length of time and with the right people involved.
  • How to work with your clients following the Open Space Technology meeting to ensure that the organization is able to reap maximum benefit and take appropriate action as a result of the Open Space meeting.
  • What it means to 'hold space' as a facilitator and what you need to develop within yourself to effectively facilitate Open Space meetings.
  • Tools, templates, processes, tips and knowledge for facilitating Open Space Technology in an online environment. (For online Open Space Training only)
  • Experience of a short, live, virtual Open Space meeting; complete with agenda creation, multiple breakout video rooms and dynamic report creation. (In in-person Open Space training, you will experience a live in-person Open Space meeting)
  • Understanding of the Genuine Contact™ approach to Open Space Technology facilitation and be invited to join our global community for further learning, mentoring and collaboration. 

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Open Space Training

 Genuine Contact™ is a Trademark of the Genuine Contact Co-Owners Group Inc.


Working With Open Space Technology - In-person or online

Open Space Technology TrainingOpen Space Technology Training

Learn how to facilitate the Open Space Technology method - a simple and powerful meeting process created by Harrison Owen to lead engaging, collaborative meetings or conferences. In this interactive, experiential online Open Space Technology training you will learn how to facilitate Open Space in both the in-person and virtual environments. 

Online October 16, 23, 24, 25, 26  2018; 3.5 hrs/day

 $597  (early-bird before September 26)

October 16, 2018, to October 23, 2018

$888.00 Regular Price

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