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Coaching to Be The Change

What are your goals and dreams?

What impact do you want to have in the world?

What if you were the embodiment of the change you would like to see?

What if your life miraculously flowed and expanded from the power and wisdom within you?



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The capacity to navigate any change!

Navigating life transitions and embracing the opportunity to change is one of the most important life skills you can have. This is because change is a constant throughout life. Sometimes you are the creator and initiator of the change but often life seems to just lay it on you! While some life events are clearly out of your control, you can always be in control of your perceptions, choices and responses to any change.

In times of great change (in career, relationships, health, wealth, home or life phases), you are likely to go through a more pronounced "grief cycle". You will find yourself going through shock, anger, denial and then hopefully accepting the change, letting go of the past and moving on. In these times of greater change,  you like others, could get stuck or feel lost. You know you need to move on and create something different, but you just can't seem to pull yourself out of it. You might be holding onto the past, or you have an inner fear or resistance to what lies ahead. 


Let change create the best in you, not take the best from you!

It is in these greater life transitions that you'll want a partner to assist you in navigating the change and while expanding your capacity to reach your goals and have impact in the world. Coaching will me will  assist you in:

  • Moving through grief and loss more quickly
  • Maximizing the amazing learning and growth opportunities that usually come with change
  • Processing, understanding and reframing experiences so that you can carry forward the wisdom to other parts of your life
  • Celebrating your life, your learning and your accomplishments
  • Stretching out to discover and achieve even more potential than you ever knew was possible!


Coaching with Richard Schultz of WisdomWays


We work as equal partners to:

  • deeply discover who you are at your core and your true potential
  • build your capacity to navigate and flow with life and change
  • turn crises into opportunities for life breakthrough and expansion
  • initiate and achieve positive, liberating change in your life
  • establish and achieve powerful goals and live your greatest dreams
  • go beyond the ordinary to get to an extraordinary life with impact!

Coaching will uncover the power and brilliance of who you truly are!




Getting your subconscious mind supporting you!

When you do coaching with Richard, you'll get the added benefit of his expertise in working with the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can either be a powerful team player or your enemy in times of change. As part of the coaching, Richard will use and teach you safe, simple, and powerful methods that quickly change your limiting subconscious beliefs or release the fears or anxiety that can keep you stuck in old patterns. These powerful subconscious change processes usually provide immediate and lasting shifts recruiting your subconscious mind  to be a powerful partner in supporting your goals and dreams. When your subconscious mind is engaged in your goals rather than sabotaging them, transition and change in easy!


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Actualize Your True Potential!

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 Richard will guide you to:

Live your true potential!

Discover your life purpose!

Find fulfillment & happiness!

 Create loving relationships!

Attract amazing abundance!

Work in your dream career!

Become the best you can be!

 Easily shift what keeps you stuck!

Fear, phobias or anxiety

Self esteem & confidence

Money issues

Health and fitness

Grief, loss & trauma



 Book a free Consultation!


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