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Integral Healing - A "whole being" approach!


Balance - Body Mind Spirit


1.    The process of recovery, repair, and restoration.

2.   Return to wholeness.



What is integral healing?

Integral healing is a "whole being" approach to change. If healing is a process of "restoration" or a "return to wholeness", then it follows that to heal, there needs to be a vision or understanding of what it means to be "whole" or at least a sense of the direction towards wholeness. It also implies that some perception, event, "cause" or process resulted in the experience of "not whole."

Elephant Tail - PerspectivesImagine trying to put together a picture of a "whole elephant" if you have never seen an elephant before and you only have access to a piece of its tail? This is impossible unless you have access to some other tool, inner vision, knowledge or intuition that can see beyond the tail to construct the picture of the "whole elephant".  If the elephant has an injury on its trunk, but you have no knowledge about trunks and only have access to the tail, then how do you heal or restore the trunk to wholeness?

Integral healing looks beyond what is seen

Integral healing considers the "whole being", "whole system"  or "whole picture" (seen and unseen) in any process. Its objective is to "correct" or "release" the cause(s) or perhaps "misperceptions" that have taken the individual or group into a state of separation, imbalance or not being whole.  Integral healing looks beyond what is "seen" with our physical senses and instruments and considers everything that is within the system of influence for the subject. Integral healing works with all possible levels of influence such as the body, energy, emotion, beliefs, mind, soul, Spirit, collective consciousness, and environmental influences. Integral healing also recognizes that at some level of perception or consciousness, there is a no separation, nothing wrong and nothing to truly heal except our perception of the experience. You are already whole!


Integral Healing Sessions with Richard 

Richard can work with you in-person or on the telephone/Skype. Typical sessions range from 1-2 hours and are usually centered around a specific "issue",  "problem" or goal that is active in your life at that time. Goals can range from specific physical health issues to the emotional release of fears, to self esteem and prosperity.  Sometimes a goal can be reached within a single session and sometimes it can take several sessions.


Healing Chakras

 For example:

  • You may need to take a trip but are afraid of flying and want to release this fear. This kind of issue can usually be changed in a single session and often in minutes.
  • You may be experiencing poverty and want to move to greater prosperity. This may take several sessions to shift multiple beliefs and soul experiences around money. It will also require you to take the necessary actions over time to create wealth.
  • You may have experienced a "betrayal" and wish to forgive and let go because it is "eating you up" on the inside.   Forgiveness can often be accomplished within one session. It may take more sessions to release any subconscious patterns so that you do not repeat the experience at a later time.


Richard will work with you using multiple proven methods that he has learned or inspirationally created in over 12 years of healing practice. Your experience will feel safe, compassionate, non-invasive and empowering. Be prepared  to  be surprised at the results you will achieve!

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