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Circle of chairs facilitationThere is nothing quite like participating with others in the energy of a live, interactive in-person workshop. Our senses come alive! We are often stretched to come out of our comfort zones and we get to share our personal reflections on what we are learning with others. All of this helps to integrate and deepen our learning experience and connections with ourselves and others.

When we design our workshops, we do so with care. We want you to have the best learning experience possible. Based on a holistic, whole person approach called "Genuine Contact™", we pay particular attention to various learning styles, including  visual, auditory, kinesthetic, self reflection and interactive group work. You will find the workshops to be practical, engaging, inspirational and interactive.

WisdomWays Ongoing Support

We also know that for a lot of  learning to really stick and integrate, you will need support and practice after most workshops. We design our programs with this in mind. Where there is a requirement for ongoing practice, answers to questions or integration of the work, we provide email, phone, community, practice sessions and e-learning support before and after our workshops.


When you take a WisdomWays workshop, be prepared to be surprised about the depth of connection you will experience with others and the sense of confidence and competency you will feel with the material at the end.


To see a list and register for a live in-person event or retreat, see our Events Calendar


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