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e-learning elearningThrough our e-learning systems,  you will experience both self-study and live, interactive, engaging group sessions  that are are right for your budget and from which you can participate in from your own home.

When we develop our courses, we pay particular attention to the various learning styles and make the training as practical, engaging and complete as possible in the online self-study environment. Our courses are delivered in a rich environment with video, images, text, audio, workbooks, quizzes and experiential exercises. You are taken step by step through the learning from the foundational theories and skills to the advanced practice and deepening of the skill-set. In the live interactive sessions, you will have highly experiential engagement and connection with fellow participants around the world!


e-Learning from our Affiliate Partners

We believe that to truly be effective in changing our lives and world, there is no one system or one area of training that has all the answers. You may be attracted to a particular course or method which fits for a while, and then feel the pull to grow in another area or go to a deeper or different experience through another method. We also  believe in an integral approach of working with our  body, mind, soul, spirit and even our organizations and environment.  For this reason, we have chosen partners  that can deliver training and experiences to you that are congruent with of our values, but outside of our expertise or passions to develop or deliver. You will find information about programs from our learning partners throughout our website.  If you are interested in collaborating with us in delivering a program, please contact us.

When you take a  WisdomWays online course, be prepared to be surprised because as you learn your skills, you also find more awareness of yourself and expand your personal and professional potential!


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