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Our passion is to create and deliver rich, integrated self-growth and fulfillment opportunities for our clients. We consider the learning environments we are creating as coming from a  "sacred trust" because when each of us changes and grows, the whole world is the benefactor. When you grow, we grow. Our own learning is enriched and connected to yours. It is in the spirit of this sacred trust that we do our utmost to offer you a variety of choices on what, how, when and where you can play and learn with us.


You can work and dance with transition and change in a variety of ways with us: 


    Integral Healing


    Integral Healing Sessions: To be truly effective in healing, change and transition, it is necessary to get to the "root cause(s)" or core of  issues for sustainable shifts. The "root cause" for any physical issues you might have, for example, may actually be an emotional trauma or a belief system and if these are changed, the condition can completely disappear. In our integrated healing work, we will work with your entire system including (but not limited to) your body, emotions, mind, soul, relationships, environment and Spirit.  In these sessions we can work with any life challenge including issues with health, prosperity, self esteem, phobias, spirituality or grief/loss. You can work with us privately in-person or on the telephone/Skype.  Learn more



          Personal growth 

          Coaching: Coaching is a longer term(3 months or more), one-to-one partnership to assist you through life transitions, change and living to your true potential. Through effective discovery questions, deep listening, accountability and other powerful tools you will breakthrough past limitations, build capacity to achieve your goals and step into motivated action.  You can do coaching with us in-person or on the telephone/Skype . Learn more





            E-Learning: For you convenience, we have created powerful self-study and group programs which you can do from the comfort of your own home or office. Through rich, engaging and dynamic online content you will deepen your knowledge of yourself, and learn important life skills that accelerate your self fulfillment and maximizing your true potential. Learn more

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                  In-Person Workshops: Some people learn best in interactive in-person group environment. Certain life skills and programmes also cannot effectively be taught online. Besides, it is just a whole lot of fun for you and us to be in the same room together. It deepens the trust and connection and therefore the power of the process. For this reason, we also develop and deliver workshop and retreat programs. In these highly experiential environments, expect profound shifts in your life and an expanded perception of the reality! 

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                    A "whole being" approach to living your true potential!

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                      Actualize Your True Potential!

                      Richard Schultz

                       Richard will guide you to:

                      Live your true potential!

                      Discover your life purpose!

                      Find fulfillment & happiness!

                       Create loving relationships!

                      Attract amazing abundance!

                      Work in your dream career!

                      Become the best you can be!

                       Easily shift what keeps you stuck!

                      Fear, phobias or anxiety

                      Self esteem & confidence

                      Money issues

                      Health and fitness

                      Grief, loss & trauma



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