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The RefreshingBeliefs E-Book

Will Change Your Life!

This FREE e-book reveals how to...

Find the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

 Create affirmations tailored to your goals 
Reprogram subconscious beliefs in minutes

 Muscle test your beliefs (with video)

PLUS 1500 Positive, Powerful Affirmations

AND weekly tips & hints for life success!



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FREE EBook of Affirmations --- List of 1500 Powerful Positive Affirmations

 Learn how to change subconscious beliefs within a few minutes!



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Limiting beliefs are the root cause of your problems!

When subconscious beliefs change, problems disappear!

This ebook shows you how to change your subconscious beliefs and includes a list of 1500 powerful positive affirmations in 20 life categories. You'll learn:

How to find the limiting beliefs which hold you back.

How to change your subconscious beliefs in minutes.

How to create your own powerful, positive affirmations

& even more through weekly emails with tips, & hints on how to create the life you desire!

Includes video instruction on how to change your beliefs!





List of 1500 Powerful Positive Affirmations that will change your life!

Learn how to reprogram your limiting subconscious beliefs for success.


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Powerful Positive Affirmations Will Change Your Life - IF done correctly

This e-book shows you how to change your subconscious beliefs quickly and easily! 

If you have a problem in your life, whether it is with finances, self-esteem, health, work, or relationships, then you almost certainly have some limiting subconscious beliefs that are creating it. Our beliefs affect everything in our lives! If you fail to change these limiting subconscious beliefs, then your problems will never go away and you will have them for the rest of your life! To be successful in your life goals, you MUST reprogram limiting subconsious beliefs with new, positive affirmations or beliefs. You cannot achieve your goals if you have limiting subconscious beliefs holding you back!  

Free mind beliefsMillions of people over the years have found that saying powerful positive affirmations (beliefs) has changed their lives and even healed disease. The most well known author for this is Louise L. Hay who linked issues of the body with beliefs in the mind. By changing subconscious beliefs through powerful positive affirmations, millions of people have been able to heal their lives and achieve goals they once found impossible.

Refreshing Beliefs contains a list of powerful, positive affirmations. It also includes instructions on how to identify your limiting beliefs and how to reprogram your mind with new empowering subconscious beliefs. This amazing list of 1500 powerful, positive affirmations in 20 different life categories, addresses many of the common limitations that people have.  It is meant as a resource to people that want to take responsibility for their lives by changing the most likely source of their problems - the limiting beliefs held in your subconscious mind. The list of affirmations in this free ebook cover and correct common limiting beliefs that hold people back from living the life they desire and achieving their goals. This free e-book of affirmations will also teach you how to create your own powerful positive affirmations to help you achieve your own personal goals in life. 


Stop wasting your time saying the wrong affirmations!

LMS Stop signThe most common way to work with affirmations is to say them over and over again thousands of times for weeks. This can work, but it is a huge waste of time! What if you are saying the wrong affirmations to correct your issue or reach your goal? How do you know what the best affirmations are? Most people don't even have the discipline to say affirmations for such a long time so they usually give up. The traditional way of working with affirmations just isn't practical or efficient.   

This ebook shows you better ways to do affirmations that are much faster than the traditional ways of changing subconscious beliefs! Download Now




The RefreshingBeliefs e-book will:

  • LMS Refreshing Emotions waterTeach you how to determine which specific subconscious beliefs are limiting you.
  • Teach you methods to determine the priority affirmations for your accelerated change
  • Teach you how to create your own empowering positive affirmations to address your specific needs
  • Teach you methods to change your beliefs quickly and efficiently ... typically in minutes!
  • Teach you through video instructions:
    • How to muscle test to find which beliefs are limiting you
    • How to self muscle test your beliefs
    • How to find the priority affirmations that you need most using muscle testing & your intuition
    • How to change your subconscious beliefs, efficiently and quickly
  • Offer you opportunities to work with WisdomWays to experience belief change through private or group sessions.
  • Give you ongoing tips and hints on life change and other special offers through our Refreshing Minds Newsletter.

For those that already know an efficient affirmation change process, this will be a valuable list of positive affirmations for working with yourself or facilitating others.




1500 Powerful, Positive Affirmations in 20 Different Categories!


This ebook contains a list of 75 positive affirmations in each of the following categories:


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Fun, Play &
/Spacer Image
/Spacer Image
/Spacer Image

/Spacer Image
Grief, Loss,
& Letting Go
/Spacer Image

/Spacer Image
Body Image
& Weight
Joy &
& Wealth
& Fitness
/Spacer Image

/Spacer Image
Change &
Health &
Success &
/Spacer Image

/Spacer Image
Love &
& Career


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Why Wait?

Get started and begin Refreshing Your Life, Download Now!

Believe in Yourself!

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