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Restoring Love Level 1 - Forgiveness October 26 2018

Location: Calgary, AB, CA
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Restoring Love Workshop Level 1: Forgiveness. CALGARY October 26, 2018 Learn a powerful process to finally forgive anyone for anything, including yourself. INDIVIDUAL RATE
  $ 225.00
Restoring Love Workshop Level 1: Forgiveness. CALGARY October 26, 2018. Learn a powerful process to finally forgive anyone for anything - BRING A FRIEND RATE for each person
  $ 197.00
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Level 1: Forgiveness

This is the foundation of the Restoring Love Program. Your capacity to forgive, let go and surrender is a necessary life skill if you wish to create lasting peace, love and abundance. Holding on (consciously or unconsciously) to past betrayals and pain, will create more pain and suffering, ruin other relationships and block you from the life success you desire.

In this safe, experiential forgiveness workshop you will learn:

  • What forgiveness is and what it is not
  • Why it is always desirable to forgive as soon as you are able
  • How to identify people and experiences that you still need to forgive which are still influencing you energetically
  • How to forgive yourself and heal your heart from painful relationships
  • A proven system that will enable you to forgive anyone for anything to finally be free.



 Forgiveness is the key to your freedom!


  • It is the most powerful process you can do to restore love, free your mind and activate your true potential.
  • In forgiving, you collapse the illusion of separation and reclaim your wholeness.
  • You come to peace with what happened and release its poisonous effect on you.
  • It raises your inner vibration and therefore the quality of what you attract into your life.
  • It ends negative emotional reaction and frees you from past patterns.
  • Relationships improve and your capacity to manifest your dreams expands.


 Forgiveness restores love & opens the door to true freedom!



Testimonials about the Restoring Love Program


"Thank You Richard for providing a safe place to open-up; feelings of safety/trust are essentials for me to deal with personal issues. I came thinking that I had nothing to forgive but when it was time, following the example of a volunteer walking through the process, in team of 2 we experienced the process and with tears rolling down my cheeks, I freed myself of some issues by addressing and simply forgiving.

This workshop added a tool to my self-help toolkit and I would recommend this workshop for people seriously investing into themselves. " 

- Jocelyne, January 2015



" The time it takes to participate and learn to forgive something I've held for years is an immeasurable gift to me being me. Through Richard’s skillful facilitation and workshop design I experienced the melting away of a concept I held for years playing its unhealthy song in my non-conscious. It’s no longer there!"

- Stephen, January 2015




“We all seem afraid of change so checking into Richard’s Forgiveness Workshop can be scary. What is it I should change and who do I have to forgive? Well, I didn’t experience change. I experienced transformation and I wholeheartedly recommend Richard’s Forgiveness Workshop. I continue to use the process at home. I continue to tackle forgiveness.”

- Garth, January 2015



Richard Schultz - WisdomWaysMy personal experience of the tools you will learn - Richard Schultz

In 2008, I was in a time of deep emotional pain in my life and none of the tools that I had learned were giving me relief - and I knew lots of tools! Then a friend facilitated a simple forgiveness process for me that began to change everything. This simple tool to forgive-the-unforgiveable miraculously expanded into a powerful new system of transformation which is now my preferred change process for myself and my clients. This work has dramatically expanded my own capacity for love and compassion. It has experientially shown me, without exception, how powerful everyone of us truly is and how we can transcend any human suffering.

In these workshops, I'll teach you this powerful system of change so that you can fully embody the unconditional loving being that you truly are - with the power and wisdom to manifest your heart's desire. 




      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      Satisfaction Guaranteed!

      We do workshops to assist people in changing their lives by teaching powerful tools for self-transformation. If you are not satisfied with what you receive in the workshop and the potential of the tools you learn to change your life or the lives of others,  then just say so and we'll give you your money back.






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