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Restoring Love Levels 1 & 2 Forgiveness to Wholeness Oct 26-28

Location: Calgary, Alberta, CA
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Restoring Love - Level 1 & 2 Forgiveness to Wholeness; Calgary, October 26-28 INDIVIDUAL RATE
  $ 677.00
Restoring Love - Level 1 & 2 Forgiveness to Wholeness; Calgary, October 26-28. BRING A FRIEND RATE (each person)
  $ 597.00
Restoring Love - Level 2 Wholeness Only; Calgary, October 26-28 INDIVIDUAL RATE. NOTE: Taking Forgiveness Level 1 is a prerequisite to taking Wholeness. You are invited to repeat Forgiveness on October 26 at no charge by selecting this option(if there is space available).
  $ 447.00
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    The Restoring Love Program - Levels 1 &  2

    In this workshop you will complete both Level 1 & 2 of the Restoring Love Program.


    forgive forgivableLevel 1: Forgiveness

    This is the foundation of the Restoring Love Program. Your capacity to forgive, let go and surrender is  a necessary life skill if you wish to create lasting peace, love and abundance. Holding on (consciously or unconsciously) to past betrayals and pain, will create more pain and suffering, ruin other relationships and block you from the life success you desire. 

     In this safe, experiential forgiveness workshop you will learn:

    • What forgiveness is and what it is not
    • Why it is always desirable to forgive as soon as you are able
    • How to identify people and experiences that you still need to forgive which are still influencing you energetically
    • How to forgive yourself and heal your heart from painful relationships
    • A proven system that will enable you to forgive anyone for anything to finally be free.




    loving shadow heartLevel 2: Wholeness

    Level 2 of the Restoring Love Program will introduce you to your "Shadow Self" which holds the keys to your wholeness and ultimate freedom.  When you embrace and own   everything you have rejected or kept in the dark about yourself, shadows lose their power OVER you and instead become a power FOR you. Your love, compassion and authenticity increases. By becoming whole, the ultimate desire of your soul, you gain the capacity to create heaven on earth.

    In this experiential wholeness workshop you will learn:

    • What shadow is and how it influences your reality
    • What it means to become whole and its benefit
    • About the "Shadow Self" and how it can be your greatest ally in personal and spiritual growth
    • How to uncover that shadows that are keeping you stuck in old limiting patterns
    • How to own these parts of you that hold the keys to your success and joy
    • How to hold "safe & sacred space" for yourself and others as you do this important work
    • A proven system that will enable you to embrace your shadows and claim the gifts they have for you


      Location Information:
      Calgary Location
      Calgary, Alberta

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      Contact Information:
      Richard Schultz
      (1) 403-247-8042

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