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Free ConsultIn life, we all feel lost or stuck from time to time. We can lose ourselves in our relationships,  grief & loss, fears, failures, addictions, work, money issues, health problems or our identities. Many people have not found their life purpose yet and without this compass, life can feel empty and meaningless.  

Times of feeling stuck or lost are the perfect catalysts to find your true power and freedom.

Is now your time? Are you feeling lost or stuck? What is it costing you stay where you are? Are you ready and longing to finally be free to live the life you deserve?

Richard can assist you in connecting to the power and wisdom within you to achieve your goals and expand beyond what you thought was possible.

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With coaching and mentoring from Richard you can...


Unleashing Your Life
       Fears, phobias, traumas, anxiety, depression
       Betrayal, disappointments, failures, self
      Wholeness - loving all of you!
       Relationships, Self Esteem, Health
       Goals, Prosperity, Success, Love, Happiness
       Purpose, Strengths, Values, Life Vision
         ..... New Beginnings!



Private Sessions with Richard

Private sessions are good opportunities to closely focus on deep-seated, often hidden patterns and obstacles that have been adversely impacting your relationships, health, wealth or self esteem. Sessions help you to bring these patterns into awareness, understanding and transformation aided by Richard's twenty years of experience in healing, transformation and spiritual guidance.

Although single sessions are beneficial, sessions are most effective when done weekly or twice monthly in a series of five or ten. A sliding scale is available for those in financial hardship.

Sessions are both local (in person) or long distance (via Zoom or phone), and are either one hour or ninety minutes.

 Richard Schultz Qualifications

Coaching, Mentoring, Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, EFT, PSYCH-K®, Refreshing Beliefs, Restoring Love, Genuine Contact™ & much more!

Richard has extensive education and thousands of hours of experience in transformation and change. This includes life coaching, facilitation, values assessments, belief change, and healing through many different change modalities including CTI Coaching, Cultural Transformation Tools(CTT), PSYCH-K®, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics®, NLP, Spiral Dynamics Integral. Richard taught the PSYCH-K® Belief Change processes for over 6 years to hundreds of people around the world!

Richard now specializes in forgiveness and "wholeness work" which he calls the "Restoring Love Program", the most profound personal change work you can undertake! He has also developed a fast powerful system of subconscious belief change called the Refreshing Beliefs Method.

Richard is equally comfortable with anything you want to work with from business issues to spiritual connection. You will find compassion for any life experience you may be having and an ability to work with your wisdom to discover and shine light on any situation without judgment.   


 Testimonials about working with Richard Schultz

See what people are say about private sessions with Richard!

 Whatever your challenge or direction may be, Richard Schultz can assist you on that journey. You may start off with just a single session to resolve a simpler issue or hire Richard as a longer term coach and partner in a life changing experience.

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