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In the calendar below, you may view my availability according to your time zone.  Once you find a couple of alternative times,  please contact me by email or phone with your request. (Note: You will not be able to book directly from the calendar at this time.) If the times available in my calendar do not work for you, contact me and perhaps we can find an alternative.

NOTE: Only phone or  video conference  sessions are available at this time in the calendar. Please  contact me by phone or email  for in-person appointments available in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.


To View my OPEN appointment times please make selections for your Time Zone and desired Appointment Type. Then press the "Show My Calendar" button:

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Private Sessions with Richard

Private sessions are good opportunities to closely focus on deep-seated, often hidden patterns and obstacles that have been adversely impacting your relationships, health, wealth or self esteem. Sessions help you to bring these patterns into awareness, understanding and transformation aided by Richard's twenty years of experience in healing, transformation and spiritual guidance.

Although single sessions are beneficial, sessions are most effective when done weekly or twice monthly in a series of five or ten. A sliding scale is available for those in financial hardship.

Sessions are both local (in person) or long distance (via Zoom or phone), and are either one hour or ninety minutes.

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