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This FREE audio series reveals...


* How emotions are your power, not your weakness

* How emotion empowers your every thought and action

* The relationship between your thoughts and emotions

* How emotions give substance to your goals and dreams

* Steps in mastering your emotional state of being


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About Larry Wayne

A gifted spirit healer of immense power and love, Larry Wayne is one of the most remarkable and experienced healers of our time. He has traveled the world, refining his talent under the tutelage of some of the world's greatest spiritualists, until he became one himself.

More than a healer – Larry is a counselor and a friend. Widely admired and respected in his field, Larry has helped countless souls in his illustrious career.

This free audio course is a delicious taste of what awaits you if you order Larry's complete, comprehensive audio course, "Awakening and Living In Your Power and Wisdom."

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