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You are valuable to us as a client! With a simple login we wish to make it as easy as possible for you to access the information, products and services you have either purchased from us or obtained through a free gift.

In this area of the website, once you have logged in, you will find all your services in the drop-down menu under "My WisdomWays" including:

  • Account Information: Your account information is kept highly secure and encrypted. Here you will be able to access and edit your personal information, as required, including your contact information, emails, passwords, shipping address and purchases you have made with us.
  • The Learning Centre: This is where you will see all of the online courses you have ordered/purchased from us
  • Community Membership: If you are a member of one of our WisdomWays communities through a membership/product purchase, you will get access in this area.
  • Forums: Private and public  discussion forums you have access to
  • Directories: Directory of other community members that you have access to
  • Affiliate Information: If you are a WisdomWays Affiliate Partner, you can access that account information here after you have logged in with your Affiliate ID and Password.

NOTE: Please remember to Log-out of your account after you are complete with our services. You can logout using the link at the top-centre of most WisdomWays pages. 

If you are not logged in yet, Log-on now to go to access My WisdomWays now!


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