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Leading High Impact Meetings, Workshops and Movements Mar-April 2018

High Impact MeetingsDo you feel a passion to create a positive impact in the world?

Do you want your conversations and meetings to be more effective and productive?

Do you want to learn how to design and deliver experiential, highly engaging workshops?

Are you interested in being a catalyst for a movement energized with passion and genuine connection?

In this online workshop you will learn how to design and facilitate productive, empowering meetings and workshops that have high impact. You will learn effective and engaging methods to lead groups and organizations, tapping into their energy and wisdom and co-creating their experience of deep learning with successful results! 

Online Wednesdays (3 hours each):

March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18 & 25  2018

Price CDN$ 1111. $777  (early-bird before Sept 13)

March 21, 2018, to April 25, 2018

$1,111.00 Regular Price

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The Making of a Movement Workshop

The Making of a Movement

The Making of a Movement workshop will...

Assist leaders and organizations in initiating, navigating and sustaining life nurturing transition in response to change

Give you insights into the anatomy of movement(s) and what hinders or helps them

Help you get clarity on the (personal or organizational) movement(s) you are now called to make

Get you ready to create, lead and manage intelligent, impactful movement(s)

Energize and empower you with others to be the change you want to see

Invite you to embrace and commit to making your next important move. 

  Do you know yet what movement you are called to make?

 Online Thursdays (3 hours each):

 November 9, 16, 23, & 30 2017

Price $597 


November 9, 2017, to November 30, 2017

$597.00 Regular Price

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