If you and your organization are truly interested in effectiveness and success, if you want positive results in attitude and action, if you understand that change is constant and cannot be managed, then the Genuine Contact program is for you. It provides a simple approach for solving complex situations, and helps you create a way of working with ongoing change.


The Genuine Contact™ program is for you if value:

  1. Core valuesWhole systems thinking and understand that the organization is not a "closed system," but an open one, subject to constant change and interaction with the environment in which it operates. You want your organization to be flexible, able to flourish as it navigates successfully through change.
  2. Learning organizations which build the capacity, skills and knowledge of individuals resulting in ongoing organizational effectiveness.
  3. You value developing and using the potential of your human resources for successful personal and organizational accomplishment.
  4. Effective work teams that can address day to day challenges, assessing and overcoming any difficulties they encounter, and coordinating their efforts with other work teams that might be affected.
  5. A clear framework of parameters that are understood throughout the organization so that individuals can work effectively under minimum supervision, and can safely participate in finding and implementing solutions that will lead to increase achievement for the organization.
  6. Highly productive organizational achievement, and also the continuing personal growth of those involved in creating and sustaining it.