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Healing Circles


Wednesdays 7pm


New Brunswick

Refresh Your Life

 Is  there something you want to refresh or heal in your life? 

What is happening in your life? Is there something that could use a "refresh"? Are there old limiting patterns or new struggles that you would like to finally  heal, shift or let go of?  Consider your own sense of well-being and joy for life. How do you feel about the state of  your relationships,  physical and mental health, balance, work or financial stability?  Are you or your loved ones experiencing  physical symptoms or emotional stress and distress such as anxiety, sadness, fear or anger?  Are you struggling to attain your goals?   What if you could change this?

There is a lot of change happening in our world right now. This may be adding to  your stress. With everything going on in the outside world, it can be difficult to remain grounded, connected and at peace.   There is a collective feeling of  anxiety, hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of climate change, terrorism, disease, death, loss of relationships, or financial security.  With all this uncertainty,  people have a natural tendency   towards fighting, running, hiding away, medicating or numbing out and denying it all.  These ways of coping only give temporary relief.  While you can't control change happening around you, you can change how it affects you. You can 'Be the change.'

For accelerated change, join Richard and others in a healing circle

The purpose of these  circles is to create connection, community and positive life change.

Life is about  growth and change. It is also about expanding our capacity to love.  When we resist the flow of life, it results in separation, struggle, suffering, and dis-ease.  Resistance and control  restricts the natural freedom and flow of life, resulting in a loss of opportunities to expand into  our full potential. Symptoms of dis-ease  are  often   just an indicator of life calling us to release old patterns and embrace something new or to expand our capacity to love.

In these circles, with Richard's  gifted assistance, you will have opportunities to  heal aspects of your life.  As you and other participants in the circle heal, forgive and  release old wounds and patterns, there will be more capacity to live the life we were meant to live - a life fulfilled and  filled with joy. 

Each week, we will  focus  healing toward   common 'themes'  where people often find difficulty (i.e. Pain, relationships, anxiety).   Richard will work individually and collectively with the participants present to shift the symptoms and root causes  in these focus areas.  Richard will facilitate participants tapping into their own power and the group intentions to cocreate  profound, positive  healing for everyone.      

What happens  at the healing circles?

Be prepared to be surprised! When  a group of people come together with an aligned intention of supporting each other in healing, as well as being open to give and receive for ourselves, then what some might call 'a miracle' can be an normal experience. Together, we will create a sacred space for extraordinary 'shifts' to happen in each of our lives.

In the healing circles...

  • You will have an opportunity to connect with everyone present and get to know each other.
  • We will identify and clarify priority intentions of healing for the people present, and potentially for friends and family that are not able to be present.
  • Richard will facilitate direct healings for participants based on the theme for the evening and individual intentions as time permits.
  • You will learn some tips and techniques for self healing of body, mind and Spirit
  • You will learn about accepting and loving life as it is and as it changes - a formula for creating more peace in your life
  • We will serve and make a difference for each other as we collectively hold space for new possibilities
  • You can expect the healing circles to be interesting, engaging, life enhancing and even fun!  

What does this cost?

There is no cost to register for an upcoming circle. If you find the session valuable, you are invited to make a donation according to what you can afford and what feels whole for you.  Any donation will be gratefully accepted. However, there is no obligation to give anything beyond your full presence should you register to attend.  

When and how can you donate?

You can either donate with a cash offering at the session, or if you prefer, you can make a donation by debit or credit card online. After each session, you will be sent a link to a secure, online payment system where you can make a donation if desired.

Please  register in advance. Seating is limited.

When you register online, you will get directions to the healing circle and information on how to prepare. You will also then get informed of future Healing Circles which are planned to occur on a regular basis. You can also register directly with Richard by phone at 403-247-8042.

If you register, but are unable to attend, please let Richard know as soon as possible so that your seat can be given to another participant.

Shediac Healing Circle Schedule

Time to heal


Healing Circles are  on Wednesdays from 7 - 9:30pm

All Circles are in Shediac, unless otherwise indicated.

Maximum 10 attendees. Register early to avoid disappointment!

All healing circles are facilitated by Richard Schultz.

NOTE: Themes, location  and dates are subject to change based on  Richard's personal schedule. You will get receive notice of any changes of particular sessions if you are registered for that session or check back to the  schedule below. 


Healing Circle Date
    Theme    Time Register & Information
Sept 25, 2019

Open Theme

7-9:30 pm

Info & Registration



 About Richard Schultz

Richard has extensive education and thousands of hours of experience in transformation and change. This includes life coaching, facilitation, values assessments, belief change, and healing through many different change modalities including CTI Coaching, Cultural Transformation Tools(CTT), PSYCH-K®, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics®, NLP, Spiral Dynamics Integral.  Richard taught the PSYCH-K® Belief Change processes for over 6 years to hundreds of people around the world!

Richard now specializes in forgiveness and "wholeness work" which he calls the "Restoring Love Program", the most profound personal change work you can undertake! He has also developed a fast powerful system of subconscious belief change called the Refreshing Beliefs Method.

Richard is equally comfortable with anything you want to work with from business issues to spiritual connection. You will find compassion for any life experience you may be having and an ability to work with your wisdom to discover and shine light on any situation without judgment.   

 See some testimonials of healing with  Richard!

Private Sessions with Richard

If you are able and it is the right environment for you, come to the healing circle to get to know Richard and get an experience of how easy it can be to heal and move forward in your life. However, you may also be interested in a private session with Richard where he can focus more on healing your specific issues.

Private sessions are good opportunities to closely focus on deep-seated, often hidden patterns and obstacles that have been adversely impacting your relationships, health, wealth or self esteem. Sessions help you to bring these patterns into awareness, understanding and transformation aided by Richard's twenty years of experience in healing, coaching, transformation and spiritual guidance.

Although single sessions are beneficial, sessions are most effective when done weekly or twice monthly in a series of five or ten. A sliding scale payment is available for those in financial hardship.

Book an  appointment with Richard here:

==> Click here to book an ONLINE SESSION with Richard (video conference or telephone) 

==> Click here to book an IN-PERSON SESSION with Richard (Shediac, New Brunswick)

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