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Leaps Beyond Limits

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Live the life you were designed to live

Are you reaching your true potential, or do you feel stuck?

What is your story? Is there a feeling inside you that is calling you to break free, rise up, and live the life you were designed to live? To make a greater impact with your life? To BE all you can be?

Life can be a struggle and most people are stuck far below their true potential. In reaction to difficult life experiences, their brilliance got buried in unfertile ground, lost in the struggle of life and hidden in the shadows of their mind. However, your life potential, purpose, gifts and talents are not lost. They are just waiting, yet unrealized — like the journey of a caterpillar to the chrysalis, transforming into a butterfly. You can break free of your conditioned mind that has kept you imprisoned within the wall of limiting beliefs, emotions, shadows and stories — you were born to fly!

Are you ready to take leaps beyond your limits?

Transforming into a butterfly

Wisdom Ways to Leap Beyond Your Limits

Just as we are all unique in our underlying potential and abilities, we are also unique in the ways that we have hidden, denied or limited them. We are each full of complex belief systems, un-integrated emotional charge and stories that keep us stuck, small and weighted down.

To help you discover and leap beyond your limits, focusing on the needs and priorities in your life, I'm offering multiple ways or programs where you can work directly with me to create life results that currently may seem out of your reach. These programs consist of highly customized individual mentoring and online group workshops — all of which can be combined according to your needs and life/work focus.

Life Levity Unlimited Workshops

These live, online group workshops are designed to help you discover and transform the root causes of what keeps you stuck and awaken the higher potential that lies dormant within you. Each is focused on enriching specific areas of your life experience such as prosperity, relationships, health, and spiritual growth or on developing certain skill sets such how to do shadow-work.

Workshops are open to anyone that is ready to take giant leaps beyond the typical suffering/victim/blame game and instead take full responsibility for your success by co-creating with Life. If you are ready to finally transform any lack or suffering at "cause" and open up to the gifts wanting to emerge from you, then find and register for a workshop that speaks to you!

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Life Mastery Mentoring

Individual mentoring is highly customized and focused on you, your life, needs and goals. It is designed to discover and transform the limiting beliefs, charged emotions, patterns and stories that hold you back from success in any area of your life. In particular, my specialty is to take you into the depths of your soul design and "shadow-self" to transform the old wounds that limit you into the gifts, power and unlimited potential that they hold for you.

Individual mentoring with me is limited as I only have a certain amount of capacity and time for this deeper, transformative and accelerated life work. For mentoring, we will also want to make sure that we are a good match for each other. Therefore, we begin this intimate, highly engaged relationship with an application and discovery interview.

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Richard Schultz assists leaders in unlocking their true potential, authentic power and inner wisdom to create extraordinary, high impact lives. Courses, life mentoring and dialogue with Richard can help you live your legacy and build capacity to thrive with change!

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