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Using Positive Affirmations for Life Success

What are positive affirmations?

Think of positive affirmations as personal, positive beliefs. Affirmations are used to direct or reprogram your subconscious mind with positive beliefs that support your desired goals. These goals could be anything from  changing a behavior or habit that no longer serves you,  to creating new habits and behaviors that  support you achieving a goal. Affirmations are based on what you personally want to have or desire to change  in your life. For example, if you are struggling with physical health issues, affirmations have been known to help people heal, sometimes miraculously.  


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NOTE: For a more complete guide to affirmations and belief change, download my free e-book, "Refreshing Beliefs"



Why are affirmations important?

Positive affirmations are important because all human beings have been 'programmed' with limiting beliefs over the course of their lifetime, but primarily in the first 6 years of life. These beliefs were passed down to you mostly through your experience with parents/caretakers who received those beliefs from their own parents. These beliefs are held in the powerful subconscious mind which is responsible for habits and the subconscious is very resistant to change as adults. But unless you change your limiting beliefs, your subconscious mind will continue to run these old programs and limit what you can achieve. For example, if your subconscious mind took on limiting beliefs about money, health, love, etc., then you will continue to struggle in these areas until these beliefs are changed in your subconscious mind.

If you want to change your life, let go of struggle or achieve certain goals, you will need to know how to change your subconscious beliefs effectively. This is where positive affirmations come in. Positive affirmations are the 'new programs' which you want  your subconscious to adopt and run automatically. Programs such as, "I am healthy." or "I am confident and secure in my work."

Can you imagine being able to erase all the programs for ill health or poverty and automatically run new programs that bring you abundance in every area of your life? Can you imagine being able to see the world through subconscious programming that sees love and peace, instead of belief programs that create fear and stress?



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Positive Affirmations have a specific form

The best affirmations or belief statements take a particular form. They are a Personal ('I or me'), Positive, Present Tense,and Precise (clear) statements of what you want, rather than what you don't want. The best statements will also be 'juicy', in that they will have an emotional charge or Passion to them. You can find many examples in the extensive list of positive affirmations on this page. In my free Refreshing Beliefs e-book (includes list of 1500 positive  affirmations) or my Refreshing Beliefs e-course, You can learn in much more detail how to create your own powerful affirmations to help you achieve your goals and how to quickly reprogram your mind for success.



Can affirmations help you?

The simple answer is yes. If you have a goal  to achieve or an experience or behavior that you wish to change, then  you will want to have powerful subconscious beliefs supporting that change rather than sabotaging you. If you are finding  it a struggle to change certain areas of your life, then it is pretty much guaranteed that your subconscious beliefs are playing a role in that struggle and holding you in the old patterns. To achieve your goals with greater ease,  it is important to make a conscious decision to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Think of the subconscious like a computer. Positive affirmations are the NEW desired subconscious programming or 'coding'  to  create new behaviors that the computer will run automatically. You can consciously decide what new programs you want to run, but you also need to know how to get those programs(affirmations or beliefs) into the computer(subconscious mind)  effectively and efficiently. 



How do you  do affirmations efficiently and effectively?

As children, the subconscious mind is wide-open to accepting new programs. Children are in highly programmable 'brain states' (Delta, Theta and Alpha brain waves) which allows them to quickly learn the skills  and behaviors they need to thrive and survive. However, by about age 12, this brain-state has shifted to a primarily Beta brainwave which does not lend itself well to new programming, except by repeating positive affirmations or behaviors over and over again until they become new habits run by the subconscious.

Brain Wave States for programming the mind

The old way of doing affirmations isn't practical

The way that most people have learned to  program affirmations into their subconscious mind is to repeat the affirmation over and over again until the behavior has changed or the goal is achieved. On average, this means that a person needs to say the affirmation hundreds of times per day for about a month! Yikes! This just isn't practical, especially since most of us have hundreds if not thousands of limiting beliefs that need to be reprogrammed.

Better ways to program powerful affirmations

It is crazy to continue to do affirmations the old way, except as additional support. Instead of saying an affirmation  over and over again, it is better to get yourself into a 'highly programmable' brain state such as Alpha, Theta or Delta. Meditation, hypnosis, as well as new sound technologies can help with this. Often these sound technologies  are combined with subliminal positive affirmations. As you listen to the  sound, it  puts you into an Alpha brain-state and the new positive affirmation just slides into the subconscious as if you were a child soaking up and learning new beliefs from its parents.

In addition, there are new powerful belief change systems such as my Refreshing Beliefs Method which you can easily learn and then reprogram your beliefs in just a few minutes without any special skills like hypnosis or any sound technologies. It is simple, and safe.

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Affirmations often do not work

Many people find that affirmations don't work - even using  the more efficient techniques mentioned above.  When I taught PSYCH-K® which was endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book, "The Biology of Belief," I found that beliefs could be changed quickly and easily but unfortunately many people still did not experience the full results they were looking for. In my experience,  if you are just focusing on programming the new positive affirmation into the subconscious, you will get limited results. And why are you doing this work? To create change - results! With no results, people give up and say, "Affirmations don't work!" But that is not completely true.

My experience is that affirmations (or changing subconscious beliefs) do work, but this is only one piece of the change puzzle.  Doing affirmations alone, often gives limited results. For example, you can do all the belief change you like, but if you do not consciously take the necessary actions  to support the change,  then you may not achieve the goal. For example, you can have all the positive beliefs to become a medical doctor, but if you don't register for University, do the studying or write the exams, then you will not become a recognized doctor.

There are also other significant psychological reasons why just programming a positive affirmation into the subconscious may not be enough. Examples of reasons why affirmations may not be working for you are:

  • You may not have changed the CORE BELIEF. If there are limiting beliefs that are more 'core' than your affirmation, then without changing the core belief, you will not get the desired result. It is important to know how to get to the core beliefs  that are resulting in the limiting behavior or experience. For example, if you have a CORE Belief that 'NOTHING WORKS FOR ME', then guess what, ...nothing, including affirmations, will work for you until you change this core belief!
  • Emotions have a significant impact on your results. Emotions are the 'power' behind beliefs and thoughts and the power which will move you into action or keep you in resistance. If there is no emotion/passion associated with the new belief or there is an opposing emotion or fear associated with your new belief, then the subconscious will not 'run' your new program. Therefore, you need a system of change that also works to process limiting emotions and energize positive emotions. The Refreshing Beliefs Method also teaches you some methods to work with emotions.
  • Your Shadow(s) can block affirmations. Our Soul is interested in returning to Wholeness. When most people do affirmations, they are doing them because they 'don't want' or are rejecting some behavior or experience. If the experience you are trying to get away from is associated with a part we have rejected (a Shadow part), then your affirmation will not work because the Shadow is more CORE in your subconscious. To effectively work with Shadow, you go TOWARDS the Shadow to accept it, rather than away from it (like affirmations typically do). To heal shadow, you embrace it. This is the opposite of typical affirmation programming. 'Shadow work' involves processing emotions associated with old wounds as well as reprogramming core beliefs. Shadow-work involves forgiveness and letting go, and the healing delivers interesting gifts/wisdom and a return to your authentic power. You can find out more about 'Shadow-Work' in my free Restoring Love Free Program or  Being Powerful Program

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How do you find the best affirmations for you?

As mentioned, not all affirmations are equal and not all are relevant to you. You are unique and have specific limiting beliefs with specific emotional triggers that others do not have in the same way. Therefore, although a list of positive affirmations, is very helpful, you also need to learn how to create your own powerful positive affirmations.

Lists of powerful positive Affirmations

You can also effectively use a list of positive affirmations to find the affirmations that are applicable to your experience or they can be used as inspiration for your own. In my free Refreshing Beliefs e-book, you will learn how to use lists of affirmations to find the best affirmations for you to work with. This free e-book also contains a list of 1500 powerful affirmations in 20 life categories. In my Refreshing Beliefs Method e-course you will learn a whole system to create and find the beliefs that are limiting you, how to change them quickly and how to make your affirmations more powerful.


The Bottom Line of Affirmations

So, what is the bottom line?

Everyone needs to be able to change their subconscious beliefs if they want to get out of the struggle of life and achieve their goals. It is an important skill. However, belief change is just one of the necessary skills on your path to a fulfilling life and in reaching your true potential. Don't stop with belief change. Also learn how to forgive, learn how to embrace your shadows and learn how to surrender to Spirit and let Spirit/God guide you to ultimate joy! Learn to accept that you are whole and everything you need to be. 

On your path, it can also be helpful to have a coach, mentor or guide that has mastered many of these life skills who can help you navigate life when you are feeling stuck or are stretching to new goals and opportunities. Please contact me if you would like to explore a coaching relationship or a few sessions to get you on track.

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