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Discovering Your Shadows

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Shadow Discovery Workshop

Discovering Your Shadows

With: Richard Schultz
Sat, Dec 9, 2023
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM United States / Eastern
Are you feeling stuck in parts of your life? Ready for a shift?

Whereever you feel stuck in life, especially when there is emotional charge around it such as fears, anxiety, anger, shame, sadness or depression, you will find what psychologist Carl Jung called 'Shadow'. Shadow lurks behind all relationship challenges, health issues, financial distress, or poor self-esteem. Most psychological and behavioral change methods do not work with shadow and therefore have limited or temporary success. To be free, it is essential to bring the underlying shadows into the light and integrate them.

Awareness is the first step in shifting shadow and getting unstuck. You first need to discover what shadows are influencing your life and causing the patterns. When you then shine the full light of your awareness and compassion into the shadow, being fully present with it without resistance, your perception and experience shifts. The way out is IN. Through shadow integration work, the past traumas, suffering, and limiting patterns resolve and dissolve. You arrive into a felt sense of freedom and gratitude.

In this experiential online shadow workshop you will:
  • Learn why shadow integration work is essential to life success
  • Discover hidden shadows that are keeping you stuck
  • Unveil gifts hidden within your shadow
  • Learn that you are not broken, but only unfolding
  • Begin claiming your wholeness
Notes for Registering:
  1. Attendance is required: This is a participative, experiential workshop so do not register unless you plan on attending, being present and showing up on time. The room will be closed 10 minutes after the start time. 
  2. Recordings: To keep the space as safe as possible for participants, recordings will only be available to those that attend and agree to the confidenciality.
  3. My Offer: To make this workshop as accessible as possible to everyone, you are invited to make a donation in exchange for this experience and according to your ability. Donation options below are in Canadian Dollars which is about 74% of the USD.
  4. To register, choose ONE of the donation options below:
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