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Follow Spirit


What if you could truly follow Spirit?

What if...

  • You could let go of all regrets and live the rest of your life having a positive impact in your world.
  • You knew your true gifts and talents and authentically expressed them.
  • You lived your life with a sense of fulfillment and genuine happiness.
  • Life felt meaningful because you knew you were living your soul purpose.
  • You easily received inner guidance and life unfolded with every day miracles, synchronicity and flow.
  • You trusted the process of life, knowing every path ultimately leads  to love.

 This is all possible when you surrender and follow Spirit Within You!

Follow Spirit


 Being ONE in Spirit is a reality whose time is now

Spirit is all there is. Everything else is an illusion of our own making. Even science is discovering and "enlightening" us to the truth that everything is really energy, and yet we tend to only believe what our physical senses tell us.

What if there was a world beyond the physical  senses that you could see if you developed your "spiritual vision"?

What if you could go beyond believing to KNOWING TRUTH?

We live in a multi-dimensional universe filled with unlimited creativity and mystery.  The sense of being One with Spirit while being grounded in this "physical" human experience is our ultimate potential.  This place has no fear, no judgment and no limitation. It is beyond belief. It is no belief. It is awakening to knowing our ultimate power and wisdom.


Surrendering to Spirit

In surrendering and following Spirit, you come to know who you really are at your Source. As you awaken, your awareness expands. From this place, you will find serene contentment, complete acceptance and unconditional love.  This place is within your reach. This is where your soul is ultimately guiding you.

Your Soul has been preprogrammed with desires to dance in consciousness in a way that is unique to you and you only. You have been given a unique purpose, core values, talents, and a specific personality to set the stage for your awakening. You cannot do anything wrong that will keep you from Truth ...but you can resist it and delay. 

The secret to playing this life game well and finding self fulfillment is to stop, be present and surrender to the "still small voice within".  This voice is within everyone behind the ego voice that tries to drown it out. The more you free your mind of limiting beliefs and embrace your wholeness, the clearer your inner voice will be. 

Are you ready to follow Spirit and dance with delight in Truth?

Wisdom for Finding Your Self

No matter what is happening in your life, when you shine the light of full awareness on the situation, you will come into acceptance and peace. The Divine Love that is within us and all around us is the most powerful healing energy that there is. If we accept and surrender to Divine Love, our greatest fears evaporate into joy. In times of distress, reach out and surrender to Divine Love. 


Learn to Follow Spirit with Guidance from WisdomWays

At WisdomWays, in our coaching sessions, courses, and workshops, we will hold sacred space for you to surrender and connect with your inner power, wisdom and Spirit. Spirituality is a foundational element in all of WisdomWays work and we will invite you to connect, practice and follow your own path to understanding this mystery for yourself. We cannot tell you "the" way, but we can help you find "your way" with mentoring and healing. With WisdomWays... 

  • You will find and transform limiting beliefs that keep you from connecting with Spirit in Truth
  • You will learn practices on how to come to a place of forgiveness, peace, wisdom and compassion with any "negative" experience you might be going through.
  • You will learn more about your true nature as a spiritual being having a physical experience.
  • You will learn methods to discover and develop your own relationship with God/Source/Universe/Spirit...
  • You will make  a movement towards peace.
Refreshing Beliefs E-Book


You set your spiritual goals, WisdomWays supports you

Where ever you are on your spiritual path, Richard would love to assist you with deepening your experience and opening up to hearing and following the guidance you can receive within. Richard can recommend many resources that can help you discern your path and share his own experiences and stories that will inspire you along your path. At each step, Richard will join you in celebration and witnessing your awakening moments and movements.

Here are a couple of offerings we have to support you. Please also check out our courses and workshops on this website.

  • Private  Healing Session (in-person or phone): Release blocks to connecting and following Spirit.
  • Life Coaching/Mentoring: We'll become a partner in your Spiritual journey over a longer term
    • Discover your core values, life purpose, and talents
    • Set Spiritual goals and take the steps to actualize them
    • Get ongoing support to assist you in breaking through any limitations
    • Receive Spiritual resources and information
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WisdomWays assists leaders in unlocking their true potential, authentic power and inner wisdom to create extraordinary, high impact lives. Courses and Life Mentoring with Richard can help you live your legacy and build your capacity to thrive with change!

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