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What's Arising?

Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


How to resolve conflict

December 5, 2023
At the root of most conflict is 'Shadow', especially conflict that is highly charged. If we are going to fully resolve conflicts within ourselves, our relationships, and our world, we need to look deeper than the surface symptoms and heal the underlying trauma and shadows at the root of the conflict. We need to release the ...

Shadow-Work: The ending of all war

November 28, 2023
This podcast focuses on shadow-work and why shadow integration is essential if we are going to effectively navigate and survive the difficult times arising in our world. The dangerous times ahead of us also represent an opportunity for a great leap in human consciousness. There is the potential to wake up and begin co-creating a world without war; a world with lasting peace. But there is catch if we are to achieve realize this. It will require deep work. There are choices for each of us to make. We are at a ...

Opening to Trust

November 21, 2023
What can we actually trust in life? How can we reestablish trust in ourselves, in others and with our communities? In returning to trust, what possibilities ...

What is Evil?

November 14, 2023
Is evil more prevalent in our world today? Has the collective consciousness somehow been 'possessed' by evil entities? Is collective shadow arising and getting stronger? How does one work with evil or protect oneself from ...

Getting Good at Grief

November 7, 2023
Any change, including positive change, can kick in a grief cycle because in order for the new to come in, something needs to be let go. Something is lost. With the rapid and accelerating change and disruption in our world today, in order to stay in balance and retain our sanity, we all need to get good at ...

Stilling the Wave

October 31, 2023
The nature of reality and the nature of nature is vibration, waves. As a wave, everything, including our bodies are a process/vibration/movement rather than a 'thing'. All waves have peaks and valleys, but they are one whole process; undivided. This is the nature of waves. By stilling (not controlling) our emotional waves (non-attachment), we can 'influence' the waves of others rather than getting pulled into or attuning to the dramatic waves of the world. In stillness there is ...

The Shadow Wars

October 29, 2023
Wars are arising everywhere. The war for land, resources, or to exist. There is the war against drugs, crime, disease, poverty, CO2, and misinformation. These outer wars are all symptoms of the greater unconscious war we are waging against parts of the self, a persistent inner war which cannot be resolved "out there" until we surrender the inner war and integrate the shadow. Here there is ...

The Great Surrender

October 26, 2023
In this video podcast, I reflect on the present and unavoidable descent of humanity into a "Dark Night of the Soul." On the other side of this dark night is the potential for a great leap in human consciousness - a great light arising from the ashes. We each have a role in the ...

Could life be a dream?

October 24, 2023
What if life was actually a dream? What if we realized that WE ARE THE DREAMER and can then consciously, rather then unconsciously, co-create our human experience? What insights and possibilities could arise if we became lucid within life? What if the purpose of life was to wake ...

Insight - The Hope For Our World

October 18, 2023
With the current state of the world and a convergence of existential threats to our way of life, what can we do? How do we find peace within ourselves and with each other. This podcast suggests that when and as we get more connected with the essence of who we are in our wholeness, life will show us the way forward with profound INSIGHT into what we can do and ...

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