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What's Arising?

Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


A Space to call Home

July 15, 2024
In this podcast, from personal experience, I talk about the sense of 'Home'. Many people in our world today feel lost. Many others are homeless, or their physical place of home is being uprooted. Others don't feel at home in this world. Everyone has a longing for 'Home' at some level, and this draws us towards the state of Home or Unity, Oneness, Unconditional Love and ...

The Light & Dark of a 'Know It-All'

February 13, 2024
We live in an amazing time when our access to vast knowledge and information is right at our fingertips and expanding at exponential rates, especially now with the emergence of AI. This has come with tremendous benefits for individuals and humanity, but is there a 'dark side'? Can the accumulation of knowledge be limiting our capacity to access wisdom and ...

As the truth comes out

January 23, 2024
Slowly, surely, the truth about many things is now being exposed. We’re finding out that we’ve each been ‘betrayed’ on many levels. This is propelling humanity into ever larger waves of shock, anger, denial, and depression. These shock-waves, also fueled by unprocessed past grief, are growing in intensity and threaten to destroy everything in their ...

What is true?

January 17, 2024
In the coming years, "What is true? or "Is this true?" may be the most important questions to ask yourself. We already live in a world where it is difficult to know what is true. Misinformation, fake news, propaganda, censorship, and other corruption will only expand in the era of AI, so the truth will get harder and harder to ...

Finding Your Flow in 2024

January 6, 2024
What would FLOW look like or feel like for you? What if you could anticipate what was on the horizon of your life and rather than struggle or push to accomplish your goals, you flowed towards them? In this podcast, I invite you to ANTICIPATE what ‘wants’ to happen FOR you in 2024, find your stream, and flow with it. Why struggle to swim upstream or in the ‘wrong’ stream when LIFE is ready to show you an easier way to true prosperity and ...

Opening into Synchronicity & Flow

December 19, 2023
You cannot make synchronicity happen. It is out of your control. However, you can create conditions to increase their frequency. In this podcast, I share some personal stories of synchronicity and give you some tips and hints on how to create conditions where the miracle of synchronicity is your constant ...

Ending Pain

December 12, 2023
In this What's Arising podcast, we'll explore pain from a metaphysical and holistic perspective. I'll tell some stories of personal experiences in healing physical and emotional pain. I'll also share some tips on how to discover the root causes of your pain, so that you can heal it or reduce its ...

How to resolve conflict

December 5, 2023
At the root of most conflict is 'Shadow', especially conflict that is highly charged. If we are going to fully resolve conflicts within ourselves, our relationships, and our world, we need to look deeper than the surface symptoms and heal the underlying trauma and shadows at the root of the conflict. We need to release the ...

Shadow-Work: The ending of all war

November 28, 2023
This podcast focuses on shadow-work and why shadow integration is essential if we are going to effectively navigate and survive the difficult times arising in our world. The dangerous times ahead of us also represent an opportunity for a great leap in human consciousness. There is the potential to wake up and begin co-creating a world without war; a world with lasting peace. But there is catch if we are to achieve realize this. It will require deep work. There are choices for each of us to make. We are at a ...

Opening to Trust

November 21, 2023
What can we actually trust in life? How can we reestablish trust in ourselves, in others and with our communities? In returning to trust, what possibilities ...

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