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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


7 Steps to Balance

  June 9, 2018

Are You Feeling Tired, Stressed And Overwhelmed?

What if you could… work less, do more and have more fun?

It is not easy to stay balanced in today’s fast-paced world. Every day we are faced with challenges and choices – some are easy while others are much more difficult to handle. If you approach each challenge with creativity and a willingness to be open to a new experience you maybe surprised how relaxed and energized you feel.

BalanceBalance is a blending of physical, mental and spiritual energy that creates an inner harmony and stability, that supports and nurtures us. It enables us to:

  •  Go with the flow - yet retain control of direction.
  • Be flexible and yet take advantage of our emotional energy.
  • Maintain emotional equilibrium while expressing deep feelings.

With balance comes a sense of ease and direction that allows for the unfolding of each step leading effortlessly into the next step. It helps us to be proactive about scheduling and to drop activities that zap our time or energy. Just a few small changes can make you feel more in control of your life, more relaxed and more fulfilled!

Here are 7 steps to consistently create balance in your life:

1. Find Equilibrium Between Opposites

Every situation is made up of qualities that are equal and opposite but cannot exist independently of each other. Each quality complements the other and strengthens it by contrast. For example, the qualities of light and darkness are equal opposites. Light is experienced in its contrast to darkness. Likewise, confidence exists in contrast to fear, and stillness is the absence of movement.

Each moment is created by the flow between these opposites. When light increases then darkness decreases, when confidence increases the fear decreases. By adjusting the flow we can discover the point of balance that supports the life we want.

When faced with a challenge ask yourself:

 What is good about this situation?

How would I like to feel?

What could I do differently?


2. Align Your Energy

Balanced with heart energyHave you ever met someone for the first time and yet instantly felt a rapport and connection? People pick up on our energy through our words and actions. This energy can be very contagious – it can uplift or deflate others. The key to more confidence, happiness and joy is to match our energy to what will meet our needs and serve us the best.

One practice you might try is  “fake it until you make it”. Pretend  you are already where you want to be and match  your energy to what you will feel when you are accomplishing your goal. Years ago, I hated a certain  biology class in botany and knew that if I didn't do something about it I would fail the class. I decided to pretend that I absolutely loved the subject.  I pretended so fully that  every opportunity I had in looking at a plant, I viewed it enthusiastically through the perspective of biology, including the food on my plate! My marks for the class  soared and I had fun along the way!

Alignment occurs when we fully experience the moment, acknowledge what is happening around us and within us, and then adjust our inner qualities to support our visions. For example, we can make a conscious choice to flow from uncertainty to certainty, fear to confidence, reaction to response, control to openness, continuity  to change, or stillness to action.

 3. Lighten the Load

Don't feed your fears and don't waste energy denying your feelings. Just choose to let go of irrelevant thoughts and worries by taking a deep breathe and ask, “What would I like to feel right now? Now notice what thoughts, feelings or images surface.

Then take another deep breath and listen to your intuition about your next steps. Once you've decided on an action, don't waste energy worrying about the result. Just close the door on the past and look for ways to maintain your agility in the present moment – to flow between the contrast of what you want and what is happening.

Emotional Intellligence4. Access Answers from Within

Emotions of serenity and peace come from knowing that what you feel is a choice. You have the ability to feel the way you want at all times. When a negative emotion occurs, redirect and harness your energy by focusing on what you want to feel. Notice your feelings moment by moment and ask yourself questions like:

What would I like to feel right now?

How can I feel differently?

What is most important for me to do?

5. Nurture Yourself

Set aside time for just "being." Have no agenda other than to be fully present and experience the moment totally. Develop a daily habit of taking time for your Self. You may want to sit and reflect, walk in nature, listen to music, or meditate. Do whatever feels right for you. This is your time! Your daily practice will help center and balance you, no matter what is going on.


6. Create Opportunities

Look at your life from a higher viewpoint and see how the events of your life fit together. The cycle of change is never-ending, but there is a season for everything. There is a time for preparing the land, a time for planting the seed, a time for fertilizing and nurturing the plants, and a time for harvesting the crop. Recognizing the cyclical nature of change helps us avoid accepting  conditions that appear negative as permanent. We can view uncertainty as a challenge and opportunity a time of new possibilities.


7. Elicit Effortless Energy

Maintaining balance allows us to tap into the natural energy within ourselves. Balance, or equilibrium, is the power point where we can be totally immersed in an activity without thoughts of the past or future. We live in a society that equates effort with striving - using force and strength to make something happen. You've heard the saying, "No pain - no gain." But what if it were possible to direct our energies with ease instead of effort?

We all have the natural ability to focus effectively on anything that is of interest to us. When we are interested or engaged, our attention is effortless. With an attitude of curiosity and the desire to know more we can use our past experiences to direct our actions. As we reflect more and react less our effort becomes one of ease as we flow between what is happening and what we want to feel.


Refreshing Your Life

Balance is one of the capacities we look at and monitor during liMentoringfe mentoring and shadow-work. Many times when people are not feeling fulfilled in life, it is a balance issue or  a separation from a shadow part. Either your values are not being honored, or you have limiting beliefs that place you habitually out of balance in money, health, relationships or with work. In this program, you will develop new habits that bring you back into balance with life.

If you would like to know more about how to bring your life into balance and success, please feel free to  contact me for a free discovery consultation.





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