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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


As the truth comes out

By Richard Schultz  January 23, 2024

... Episode 15 of the What's Arising Podcast

Slowly, surely, the truth about many things is now being exposed. We’re finding out that we’ve each been ‘betrayed’ on many levels. This is propelling humanity into ever larger waves of shock, anger, denial, and depression. These shock-waves, also fueled by unprocessed past grief, are growing in intensity and threaten to destroy everything in their path.

In this podcast, I look at what is and will be arising in our world as the truth comes out. We’ll look at what is unfolding in the world through the lens of ‘the Grief Cycle’ to give context to the social unrest arising in our world. Expect very rough seas ahead as we navigate these seas of unprecedented change. While it may get rough, there are healthy ways to ride out the storm and get safely to the other side. Together, we can get through this!

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What's Arising Video Transcript

As the truth comes out...

Note: This automated transcript has been unedited, so there may be errors in the transcription.


So welcome once again to What's Arising.

The topic for today is about the truth coming out.

And as the truth comes out, what can we expect within ourselves, within society, et cetera.


And I think this is really important to be able to reflect on, look at the conditions within yourself and the world, where you at with your own process and the continuing story of letting go and healing self and then banding together to create new possibilities for others.


The last video was about what is true.

This is about as the truth comes out, as we get to know what's really going on behind the scenes, Stuff can happen.

And another podcast and video in the past was about getting good at grief.


And this is going to be touching on grief and the grief cycle and the state of grief in the world.

And as before, before I get into that topic, I will ring my Tibetan bowl 3 times and invite you to connect with yourself.


Connect inside.

Imagine connecting to humanity and all that is and becoming fully present in your body, in your awareness, open minded, open hearted, and discerning.


What I say in my podcast is not necessarily true.

I am open to changing my mind as I learn more information, but I encourage you to to discern open Find your own insights and your own pathway to what's true in the world, what's true for you, and what's actually true.


And I'll ring mobile as a I rang the bowl.


This time I noticed a sense of sadness or grief and compassion coming up within me.


That doesn't always happen.

There is a sense of love and compassion, but also recognizing, UM, the deep grief that is sitting in the collective right now.

Perhaps with you too there is there are waves of truth coming out being presented to us at the collective level about those things that are going on the on in the outside world.


Um, whistleblowers coming forth and saying this is what the government has been doing or organizations have been doing or these people have been doing.

So so truth is coming out that way with courageous people.


There's truth coming out about our relationship to health care and pharmacy and vaccines and things economical and financial truths on how the world is set up.


Um, some of it's been there for a long time on all of these.

We're aware of it.

We've been putting it in the background, maybe not processing it.

There's lots of lots of different conspiracy theories.

Some of them are true, many of them are true, and many are ridiculed and and not true.


Some of the true ones are ridiculed and pushed away.

We'll talk about that.

There's truth coming out in about our political leaders, about our way of life, how how everything we've been sold in the last, I don't know, 5100 years about the way life is supposed to be.


All those promises, Um, about stability across our systems and our institutions and our governments and democracy, Many of those things are crumbling.

And we're getting glimpses of this crumbling, this failure.


Um, we're getting snippets of truth.

If you're listening around climate change, that story is not all true.

Certainly there is climate change, but there's things coming out which says, hmm, there's some manipulation there too.


Our food systems, what's healthy or not?

A lot of that has been dribbling out, dribbling out, dribbling out.

So what happens when this comes out and we were unaware of that before?



We'll talk about that.

And at the same time, there are forces or people that benefit from the lies, from the systems that don't want the truth to come out.


They fear retribution and rebellion, and so they're going to fight the truth or distort the truth as much as they can.

Cover ups, creating confusion and those kinds of things.

And I'll talk more about that, but also our own ego and the shadows within ourselves, the unknown parts of ourselves and our subconscious based on fear.


Um also tries to protect us against seeing and hearing and integrating.

What's true.

A lot of us, we all have to some extent resistance to change, Resistance to to looking at the world with and more open, open minded, open hearted dance to to what might be true.


We find our stability whatever that is and build this protective wall around that and don't let other information in because life is good there and that's OK that's OK to resist going to other that other levels of truth that is that's part of our evolution as and our expansion but we can also get stuck and resistant and closed minded in summer where our world views and then that will cause could cause conflict with others.


So the ego is quite protective of our truth, the ego of whatever other there is for the you, whether it be of the elites or governments.

There system is protective.

It has this immune system that doesn't let other ideas in.


We have our immune system, our in our psyche that is careful about what we're exposed to because that can cause quite a disruption.

And that drug disruption that it protects US against is partly about grief.


We've all been in various experiences of grief, whether that be a loved one, dying, loss of a loved one in terms of marriage or divorces, separations, a loss of family members, a loss of way of life.


As baby boomers, um, we're losing everything.

In a sense we're we're going on this pathway to die.

Many of our friends have died or are aging, our body is aging and there's a grief over that loss where you've maybe if you have children, your children have left home.


There's also joys within this journey in in older age, but there's so much letting go that has to happen during the pandemic.

So many people lost health in various ways from either from the vaccination or from COVID or from other diseases that came up.


And there is truth exposed is being exposed around the vaccines or and that may be controversial for some if you if you haven't come across or investigated those truths.


I may have opened up another grief cycle or you may shut me down.

But that's part of the grief cycle that I'm going to talk about.

When we're exposed to change, sometimes even positive change, something has to be let go or letting go of old stories.


As I talked about in the last podcast, we create a story around something and those stories become embedded or stuck within us in terms of worldviews sometimes.

And the an event can shock us out of that way of being and say and have us question our whole reality around that situation and about life at various levels.


So the first start of grief cycle is often the news and the shock and the paralysis within this and any of these steps in the grief cycle that was researched by Kubla Ross some years ago.

And you can look up that.


I'll put some notes to the grief cycle in the show notes.

It was well, well researched that we go through these kinds of phases, some quicker than others.

So there's the first shock when you just first hear about something.


Then there's the whole strategy of denial.

No, didn't happen.

And pushing it away and stopping it, denying it, trying to get out of it, get back to normalcy and denying it ever happened.

And that's big in our society right now too.


This denial, avoidance of the message.

Don't wanna know I'm close.

My ears I see and your eyes I don't see it Turn off all the TV not wanting to hear anything cause it's disturbing.

Another next step is often referred to as anger.


So this response of deep anger, rage, even revenge energies wanting to get back at the people who did this to you and take revenge and make them hurt as much as you are hurting.

Very powerful energy of of change.


But we can get stuck in this and that can be violent energy either to ourselves or others.

We then shift into this bargaining stage where we feel kind of powerless to do anything about it and trying to find kind of reflect on what what else can I do?


And bargaining with God or or or whatever this it's a powerless stage.

And then there's depression that happens.

Realizing that the changes happen can't go back to the way things were.


And if we successfully get through all of those stages and sometimes we don't, we start to look for new solutions.

We start to test out, well, what about this?

What about that?

What about this?

And eventually come to maybe acceptance of of how we can go forward accepting and OK, this is done.


I've let it go.

I'm going to go forward in some ways.

I'm going to let that go and restructure my life according to the new reality.

Um, so that's overall the grief cycle.

And as I said, we can get stuck even for a lifetime in any particular stage.


We can become stuck in the anger and become bitter, but also what's happening is our society.

Right now our we've received as a collective so much change and that change is accelerating in our world and largely it's been unprocessed because we don't know how to process the grief of the dying, the dying way of life, etc.


Were in avoidance.

We haven't learned, in our Western society at least, how to how to grieve.

And there's lots of help for that.

You can go into different organizations that work with grief, but it's there's lots there.


And what happens when there's lots there in the society and we've suppressed this and pushed it down and not fully processed it.

The tank becomes full and it's right at the top, and any other change that you pop in is explosive.

And this is what we're seeing in the world right now is an explosion of all this held grief in various populations with various different perspectives and viewpoints.


Right, left doesn't matter.

There is a lot of held grief, anger, paralysis, denial.

We've people, whole systems, have moved into various ways of coping some of that numbness, some of it into addictions, etc.


So when there is so much grief held within ourselves or the population and one more thing is added on bang and this is what we're seeing in the world.

We can look at this from a probably several different sizes but sides.


But let's look at from a population what the population will do in reaction to change and more grief.

As well as the systems or powers that are in place, the the power centres, the the people that benefit from the current way of life or not wanting the truth to be exposed.


So as this grease becomes explosive, as things change, as more truth comes out and we're shocked and feel betrayed, the population may be ourselves, ourselves to some extent, depending on how far we've done in our own grief worth and our own forgiveness.


There will be this explosive anger and you'll see this, and we are seeing this in lots and lots of protests Right now.

We're seeing this in wars, this explosion against the other because we're feeling betrayed and they we just got to the to the edge and some people are taking advantage of that.


There's chaos.

People want to take up arms, you know.

I'm gonna need to protect myself and my family from them from the other and do all kinds of strategies for self protection.

Rather than opening hearts, we close our hearts and we tribal eyes.


We get find our own tribe, our own family and we move into protective mode and we close down and we shut ourselves in.

We can get very destructive in this we in this revenge.


There is a whole movement within our sized society to say I will get back at them, I will vote people out versus vote people in.

Somebody that's destructive, that's going to tear down the system, expose even more.


I'll get back at those elites or whatever those people may be.

So there's this sabotage and this destructive energy that wants to come in and just obliterate it because it's all lies.

Let's let's really bugger them up.

There's also this whole movement of escapism escaping into addictions, whether that be drugs, whether that be sex.


There's a cocooning, eating, addictions, blocking ourselves off, bunkering down to survive this, this.

So there's this escape escaping and entertainment and movies and TV stuff.


Great for that.

Business for Netflix Become TV addicts, or whatever it may be, but escaping.

Turning off the TV, Maybe traveling, Maybe shopping to make try and make yourself feel better despite the the world falling apart.


Playing music on the Titanic as it goes down, we're also seeing in the world an explosion of depression, that part of the grief cycle.

Deep anxiety, Depression, depression.


Medication on the rise.

Suicides on the rise.

Just let me get out of here.

The world is not for me.

There's no meaning.

It's too painful.

There's too much suffering.

I can't cope.

There's no future.

Huge explosion of anxiety.


What's the use?

This powerlessness that is there when we realize that the life that we were sold.

Can no longer be.

The world has changed and I don't know that I have the capacity to continue on.


So this real stuckness and withdrawal is a another happening out there and potentially gets much, much worse.

As more and more truth is exposed, more truth comes out about what has been happening.


There is a whole other class also of response to what's happening in the world, especially if you've done the inner work to let go.

As everything as something comes up, you heal that, forgive that, let go, release that within yourself.


Then you're in a different place within this system to help others, to serve others, to form some kind of stability and to sit in the place of possibility.


How can I serve?


What can I do now to create positive change versus a spiraling downwards, which it looks like we're doing?

But there's also within this opportunity to create a whole new world, and there's many people rising to the top in order to create this new world and bring forth healing to people that are stuck if they're prepared to take the initiative to change.


We can't force anybody out of a grief cycle, though.

We're just foreclosed.

We're closed.

There's no sense spending our energy there.

But for those that are open, we can gradually help people open and heal and release and come back to love in some way.


In in terms of consciousness on the whole, there is, and this will happen with various groups, various individuals within the system, various nations within the systems tribes.


There is a possibility, as I just said, to shift upwards, to grow in consciousness as an individual, to let go of that worldview and become more loving, more empowered, more truthful within ourselves, more authentic.


So there is this possibility.

There is also the possibility that we the stability is a shift downward in our way of being in the world.

So we shift downward to say from where we are into a deep religious state where it was stable and we had tight control and principles and laws and religious nature to keep keep things in balance.


It may may even hit shift downwards to a very authoritative totalitarian state where everything is controlled so there could be a shift downwards.

Saying consists in in consciousness and there could be people working to stabilize the current system, try to keep things the same and stabilize or correct some of the problems within our current society.


But I suggest right now, with all the turbulence going on in the world, um, we're not going to be able to stabilize probably where we are.

There's something else happening that's trying to push us to another level of consciousness.

Or if we fail to shift upwards, we may shift downwards into more chaos or a level of consciousness that's stable in at a lower level.


So that's what's going to happen is happening in the population around grief.

That's explosive energy as we try to find a new stability, as we try to cope with all the change, as the truth comes out, as truth comes out on the other side.


You can expect the powers that be, the people who are benefiting from current systems or benefiting from chaos in some way, with more power or more money and profits, trying to maintain the status quo in some ways, trying not to get shot.


They're going to be putting their energy into the system with a lot of power there.

You'll see and are seeing cover ups.

Governments and elites are are using this word, misinformation and disinformation to control the messaging, making sure that only certain things come out and pooping, pooping as expression, and sometimes in English, at least in Canada, Ridiculing, calling things, conspiracy theory, pushing them away.


Getting a population and confusion in order to to not maintain, to get too much momentum around a truth that's emerging, trying to distract people from hearing the truth.

You know, something emerges and it looks like an explosive, A corruption event in the government or something else, and you'll see often see some other event which takes the attention away from what is happening here.


Look over here, Some magicians trick, they distract you with something else.

You don't see what's actually happening here.

And there's a lot of distraction strategies there, a war to distract us from some of the corruption that's going on in the current governments or systems in the world or or elites.


And it doesn't have to be elites.

It could be anywhere within our social systems.

So we see increased surveillance to find those people who are not, um, taking the party line.


Stepping outside of the conditions, we see this 1984, this Orwellian kind of movement within the elites and power systems to stabilize things.

Not a very healthy way to stabilize, but it is a stabilization, and it's not one that I prefer.


There are better ways to shift upwards in our consciousness rather than get into a totalitarian, totalitarian, authoritative system.

But this is one of the energies that's emerging to try to protect the populace from getting out of control so that we can stabilize and not get hanged as a least elites.


And the messaging will be something like, oh, we'll keep you safe.

So there's so much fear out there of the change in what's happening and so much fear which is causing all kinds of confusion.

And we we'll many people will just give up their freedoms just to keep me safe.


And we've been seeing this for the last 20-30 years longer than that, but even more of this.

So technology to keep you safe, to keep the bad guys away, to stabilize the system, we've got your back when really in many cases they're trying to protect themselves in some respects.


On a positive side, if we sit into their perspective, they're also trying to protect society.

If too much truth comes out too at too fast, then this explosion and the instability in our societies will rise to the top and and will be unable to cope, so goes into more chaos.


So there is a benefit to having it dribble out and getting used to it, but we also have to do our own work and help each other to do our work within this process because otherwise it just doesn't get processed.


It dribbles out and we don't deal with it dribbles out.

We don't do it, Jill with it, and it just just gets held in and then finally explodes.

Some of us have experienced that in relationships.

We have something arise and we just, it's not just a big thing.

I'll just let that go and I'll let it go, let it go, let it go.


And then our partner or spouse says one little thing, a tiny little thing, and there's an explosion in a big fight.

But it's all of that history that has come to a head in that one comment or that one action, and we've had enough.


So the powers that be, in order to keep us safe, we'll also have strategies to distract us, to divide us so that we can't coalesce around that anger around that depression around that, that fight back.


So watch for those kinds of things.

And as in the last podcast and even with this, is this true?

Continuing to ask yourself what is true?

Is this true?

Is this a strategy?


Is to keep me from the truth, from integrating this and ask what's true with your own strategy.

You'll have your own ego strategies to protect you and protect your worldview and belief system.

So question yourself and your motives are the unconscious motives that is also trying to keep you safe as above, so below as below as above.


The collective strategy, society, or groups at at the other side of the polarity will try to keep them safe, safe, and with certain strategies and you yourself, your ego will try to do this.


Similar kinds of things distract you, escape, etc.

So the elites are doing the same thing that many people, maybe all of us, do to ourselves, is just happening at a group level rather than an individual.


So what within all of this of as the truth comes out, what can you do?

What can we do 2 to make the blow a little lighter?

Well, the first of all, the inner work is extremely important if you're not letting go of those things in the past.


If you're not forgiving, surrendering, letting go of that trauma, processing the grief from the past, you will hit an explosive point and it'll be difficult to handle there.

And it's coming at us so fast that we will lose.


You can lose your stability and your sanity to some extent, so personally it's essential to start doing original work.

Um, finding our inner balance within all things.


Cleaning up our health so the physical capacity to deal with things.

Cleaning up our emotions and our triggers.

Cleaning up what's in our mind.

Opening our hearts and mind to other possibilities.

Getting healthy, in a sense is important.


Opening our mind so that we don't close our mind and close our hearts as this goes on.

The opportunity and possibility within all of this is opening our heart and opening our mind.

And instead of break, having our hearts broken through betrayal and closing and having a heart attack, it's possible to mend that heart that is more open, more into compassion and love.


So that's the individual work that needs to be done.

And if you've done or doing that work, then for those that are open, you can help others maybe do that.

Hold space for them to do their work.

What can we do together that we cannot do alone?


We can come together this time is a great coming together, um, finding cohesion in groups, finding people that can support us in this journey.

So coming together in small groups, healthy groups, now we can get into echo chambers based on our our anger or based on our escapism.


So there's very unhealthy groups that just support where we are in the grief cycle without actually changing anything.

So the group becomes stuck where we are.

That's not beneficial unless that group has some capacity to heal together.


So finding circles that are there to build trust, to heal, to grieve together, to tell stories about the past and start to feel and envision a different future, to honor the grief and the letting go process as a small group.


These are fundamental things that we can do together to build more trusts in our society from the bottom up to support each other as the truth comes out.

So we can find stability at least there and support to challenge our own worldview and open up within that container or find at least find stability within that container.


So this is something we can do.

We can form groups that are based on possibility and solutions in in in the future we can find dialogue groups.

I have some dialogue groups on my website where you can come in and dialogue and get insights and reflect on maybe what's happening.


There's my Cohering community project that is going to be gathering groups together so that we can practice listening to each other, hearing each other, opening our hearts and our minds to deeper insights.


They're not directed at grieving, although grieving of course will happen in any group as things come forward.

So let me present in closing just some summary by using some words that start with R and there's probably many more that could be there, but these are all about returning to love and this whole opportunity is about love.


So one of the words of course is return.

Returning to love the objective of opening our hearts and minds.

So return.

There is another word.

Refrain or restraint.

Refrain or restrain yourself from doing something that you will regret violence.


So if you're triggered by some truth that's come out, some betrayal that's come up, restrain.

Take a pause and restrain from acting out violently to that messaging.


Go back, do your inner work, find some counseling.

Find something that can help you move to a later stage in the grief cycle if you can.

So refrain and restrain yourself from acting out on the grief, but do the inner work.


Take time for reflection.

Um, and processing and feeling what you're feeling without shame.

Just just just feel what's there be with what's there resistance.


The rebel in these times is going to be very important and I'm not saying resist the grief cycle, I'm saying there are times to say no, so there is a resistance energy coming up to say no more.

We're not coping with this.


No more of this on the wars that you're creating to distract me.

I'm not going to listen to these kinds of things, these restraint and this rebel in loving, healthy ways versus violent ways.


No is a strong energy.

What do we have to say?

No to within ourselves or no to outside of ourselves?

No to the falling into addictions as an example, know to escaping from what's true and really processing what's there.


I think there's going to be energies of of course, release releasing.

What's there?

The energies of Revelation As the truth comes up, we'll get new insights, new revelations, new possibilities of what comes in.


So be open to new revelations about how we can create a better world together.

And I suggest there's probably going to be within all this, there's going to be various revolutions and hopefully it's an inner revolution, one based on revolution and evolution with love rather than a physical violent revolution which we see so many times in our past.


But I suspect that's going to be there too, which is going to cause is causing even more grief as as we cope with the hate and violence that is emerging in the world.

So we're moving and we have this opportunity in this time to move from power over structures, certain people having power over you in our organizations and our families and our whole social systems, moving towards a power with grieving together, finding meaning together, envisioning a new future together Co creating that future together.


This is the uptick, the shift upwards, that social systems are trying to get to a more integrated, loving system.

Will we make it?

I don't know if we will, but individually.


Each of us can through the inner work, so if there's any questions, comments, or rebellion against what I've said, please feel free to make comments in the in the notes below in the comments section.


I'll put some links in the comment in the show notes, and if you like what I'm saying, please press the like button.


Share it with other people if you think the message will be valuable to others