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What's Arising?

Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


Becoming the Butterfly

By Richard Schultz  April 13, 2010

The Butterfly is a powerful symbol for Transformation!

At just the right time, the caterpillar spins its chrysalis and going inside this dark chamber for a time, it emerges a new being with wings to fly and beauty that attracts and inspires all the set their eyes on it. The butterfly symbolizes for us possibility potential and freedom.

What if we were butterflies?

  • What if we could emerge from every life experience or situation, no matter how dark it may appear, transformed and renewed by it?
  • What if every experience was just pure potential for growth ... a transformation capsule in time, a chrysalis that we could emerge from with beauty, grace and wings to fly?
  • What if life was intelligently interacting & collaborating with us to teach us to become "butterflies"?

I have had a passion for transformation for over 20 years. An inner voice has continued to call me towards my own emergence and personal discovery. Many times I have resisted emerging from the seemingly safe confines of my own "chrysalis", afraid to encounter a greater truth. I have been afraid of what might happen if I let go of my old beliefs or identity. However, whenever I did; whenever I allowed the "transformation chamber" of my life experience to renew and refresh my spirit, I have emerged more free, more colourful and more in my essential essence of love.

This is my first blog in a series of blogs on personal transformation... about becoming butterflies with each experience of life. The blog and my website will present knowledge, tips, hints, stories, techniques and resources to use our life experience as the alchemy for our self discovery and transformation. From time to time, we all enter the seemingly dark experiences of our own chrysalis. The question is whether we emerge from that chamber or not. If we do emerge, are we be able to spread our wings and fly or are we crippled and bitter from the experience.

It is my hope that these blogs will inspire you to discover your essential essence, and once there, to pollinate the world with your passion, purpose and light. It is also my hope that you will co-create this experience with me as you also share your stories and gifts with me. I look forward to your light blending with mine on this journey to joy.

We are Butterflies!

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Questions for Reflection

What life experiences have brought you your greatest learning and growth?

In your "darkest times", what has helped you to emerge, learn and fully let go?

Are there some life experiences that you never fully let go of that still hold you in a pattern of anger, sadness or guilt? 

If you knew you were a butterfly, what would you change and where would you fly now?


Fly with me!

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