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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Break Free of Limitations in Life

  June 2, 2018

Limiting beliefs put us in a box

Each of us lives in a “box” whose walls are fabricated out of our limiting beliefs. The space outside of our box is invisible or written off as impossible. Our “ locked in frame of mind” is created from our past experiences, assumptions and where we focus our attention.

As we interact with outer events, our inner experience is created through our mental images, emotions, judgments and desires. These thoughts are pictures of how we define ourselves and what we can or cannot do.

To transform our lives requires “ box – breaking” technologies – we need to use thinking that is quite different from which got us where we are today. To change our experience requires us to see the situation differently and choose a different response.

Here are some suggestions to start breaking-free of limitations in your life:

 Become Aware Of Your Focus

Our lives are often so busy that we are not aware of how our thought patterns impact our daily decisions. To what extent is your thinking positive or negative, constructive or destructive, beneficial or detrimental to living the life you want? Just how costly are your thought patterns?

Over the next week take time to observe your thinking. Throughout your day, take a few minutes and just sit quietly, notice where your attention is focused and what thoughts start to arise such as “ I don’t know what to do or I’ve never been good with people or I can’t grow my business because the economy is so bad.” Once you realize the impacts of your thoughts on your life you can consciously choose new patterns.

 Examine Your Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever struggled with a problem and then “out of the blue” you figured out the solution. What happened? At that moment, you opened up your thinking to a new way of seeing what was possible and the solution magically appeared.

Beliefs influence our lives in many ways yet often we are not even aware of their impact. Most of us don’t consciously decide on what we are going to believe. We have adopted a belief based on our past experiences and forget that it’s only a point of view. Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning we give it. No matter what happens, we have the ability to create a new meaning that empowers us.

 See Your Situation From A Different Viewpoint

Change your perspectiveTake a step back and try witnessing what is happening without reacting to it - simply notice what is occurring without expectation or judgment. Let go of your likes and dislikes of what should be occurring and just acknowledge what is happening - "I'm thinking about tomorrow's meeting," or " I seem to have a lot of concern about this issue.”

By letting go of our preconceived ideas we can see the situation differently and open to new possibilities. This is an opportunity to assess the circumstances from a higher viewpoint and see the patterns of activity that keeps the situation as it is. This new perspective  enables us to identify what actions are required to align with our goals. It allows us to see our predicament as non-permanent and to shift our focus towards creating the experience we want.

 Interrupt Your Dis-empowering Patterns

Our emotions are patterns of behavior. Sometimes we react before we are even aware of what is happening. Have you ever found yourself angry and upset when someone has cut in front of you in traffic? Have you ever struggled with a problem and as your frustration and upset increased, more difficulties occurred?

But how do you breakthrough your patterns when you are caught in the  middle of an emotional reaction? It is possible to disrupt patterns as they occur. Try moving physically – walking, standing up suddenly or changing your actions quickly,  it is often possible to shift how  you are feeling and thinking about a situation. When we change our normal way of doing things we change our nervous system and the neurological patterns that keep us stuck.

 Create New Empowering Patterns

Some years ago, I found myself in chronic fatigue. I had not yet given it this label, but  I had all the symptoms.  By lunchtime each day I could barely function.  I was in a brain fog and   it was hard to even speak what I wanted to say.    I would drink coffee with no results - it even seemed to make it worse. At night I barely slept but couldn't keep myself awake during the day. I was completely drained. At work, I pretended that everything was 'normal' and I coped by 'doing research' in the afternoons and only having meetings with other people in the mornings when I was more alert.  I was seeing doctors trying to find answers, but there were no clues to what was going on. One day, I decided I was no longer willing to live my life that way. Instead, I decided to do what it takes  to get back my life.

Over the next year, I  changed my eating habits and developed a daily exercise routine. I started asking within for guidance.  I focused on the essence of what I wanted - feeling energized - instead of the details of how I was going to get there.  I  also changed my beliefs about what was possible rather than focusing on the problem.  Almost miraculously, information, insights, articles, people  and solutions started to come to me with the answers I was seeking. Within a short time, I was making steady progress and I canceled all my doctor appointments. I began to feel myself again.

 What Do You Want To Create In Your Life?

Break freeThe power to take back your life starts with a firm decision and a commitment to  change. This is  where it all starts and nothing  usually happens until you have made this commitment.   From there, there may be other decisions that you will also need to make along the way, but your power will always be centered in your choices and decisions.   Some of the decisions you  may need to make along the way could be deciding to...

  • Ask your 'higher power' for truth, inspiration  and assistance. This can kick in a 'synchronistic  flow' that is beyond belief!
  • Surrender to the truth, guidance and flow that comes to you and follow it.
  • Be aware of any limiting beliefs you have about the change or about the problem and reprogram your subconscious mind with new empowering beliefs.
  • Notice what emotional patterns  are triggering you and heal/release/shift them in your subconscious.
  • Forgive yourself, others and the situations you have experienced.
  • Let go of your thoughts about the 'problem' and focus on what you want to create instead.
  • Notice what information/solutions come to  you and discern which are the best approaches for you.
  • Celebrate successes and learn from mis-takes.
  • Accept and love what is.  Accept what you can change and what you cannot.
  • Trust life is giving you exactly what you need even if you may not understand right now

What is your priority?

What do you need to change to live your extraordinary life?

What does life want to bring you that you have been resisting?

Take the first step by making a decision and a commitment now.



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