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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Connecting with Inner Guidance

  May 26, 2018

Where is my life going?Finding direction in life

So many people struggle because they have no plan and no process for bettering their lives. They just drift along and react to life as it comes and then suddenly, one-day, feel stuck and unsure of how to get out of their rut and achieve lasting happiness and success.

As you look back over your life, are their times when you rejected what you knew was true about yourself? Are there times when you had a clear idea of what to do but listened to the voices of others?

Proactive people are driven by what they value: their goals and principles of living their life. They decide to no longer allow outside influence to dictate how they live. They do not worry about things they cannot control but focus instead on what matters within their power to influence. Do you believe you can actively change your life?

None of us are defined by what happens to us. It’s up to each of us to define ourselves and take responsibility for our own happiness and success. How can you shift your focus? How can you trust that the path you are on is the right one?


You have an Inner Guidance System For Life

All of us have an intuitive inner guidance system, but most of us have been taught to ignore or discount our  intuition. The ability to listen to your inner voice is critical for discovering your passion and fulfillment. We need to learn to reconnect with our internal self and retrain ourselves to listen to and pay attention to our  inner guidance system. Life actually wants to bring us more joy, success and peace than we can possibly imagine. The trick is to let go of the resistance and listen to the inner voice that will guide us to fulfillment beyond our own limited thinking.

Here are some simple steps to connect to your inner wisdom:


Woman meditatingRelax and Make The Connection

Take a few moments to quiet your mind. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself plugging into the outlet of your inner guidance system. Focus on feeling peaceful and relaxed. Then, take another deep breath and become aware of your energy and thoughts.

 Now allow your awareness to move into your body. Notice areas of tension or fatigue. Take a deep breath and visualize your breath flowing through and releasing all tension in your muscles. Feel the sensation of letting go and relaxing. Become aware of any thoughts or images that surface.


Ask A Question And Expect An Answer

At the beginning of the day, and throughout your day ask your inner Voice questions such as What  would You have me do?" or “Where would You have me go? and  "What would You have me say, and to whom?"

Once you have asked the questions, let go of your reactive self and be open to receive answers from your intuition. Sit quietly and wait upon the answers that come. Notice what thoughts, feelings or images come to you.


Trust Your Impressions

A message may occur immediately, or it may come later in an unexpected way - in a comment from a friend or a newspaper article. Remember, all things happen for a reason, and each message has significance. Learn to trust and act on your insights.

When you have  a 'knowing ' to do something, just do it! If you do not receive a clear message, continue throughout the day to be aware of your thoughts or feelings and be open to receive new inputs. Suspend disbelief and adopt a mind-set for receiving help. Trust that your inner messages are leading you toward your goals or something even better.


Practice Using Your Intuition

Increase your trust in the messages by practicing daily in simple, routine situations. For example, before making a phone call, take a moment to go within and ask if this is a good time to call; or before accepting a dinner invitation, use your intuition to check out your response.

Over the next few weeks, continue to play with your guidance system, have fun with it and notice how much easier it becomes to tap into your inner wisdom. Jot down your insights and feelings in your journal and notice how much more confident you feel.


Release Limiting Beliefs About Hearing Your Inner Voice

As you practice using your intuition,  you may notice limiting thoughts come up such as, "This does not work for me." or "I am not good enough to do this." or "I cannot hear my inner voice."  and many others.  This is normal.  Take each limiting belief and turn it around into a positive affirmation in your own words such as, "I easily hear and follow my intuition (or Inner Voice , Holy Spirit, God)" You can even let your inner voice tell you the best affirmation or muscle test for the best affirmations.

When you have a positive affirmation, say the affirmation throughout the day, or better still, use a process to quickly put the affirmation into your subconscious mind such as what I teach in my Refreshing Beliefs Method e-course.


Take Action As You Are Guided In Each Step

Walking your pathBy tapping into your gifts and truly believing in your abilities you can create a life beyond what you thought was possible. Life wants to bring you amazing  experiences and happiness far beyond what your ego can imagine.  Let inspiration give you your vision and let it show you each step to  fulfill it.  Then take the first step and the one after that, as they are revealed. Be prepared to be surprised!

Many people fear making decisions. They are afraid of making a 'mistake'    or closing down their options.  As such, they sit in limbo,  stuck where they are. To move, a decision must be made and appropriate action taken.  However, you do not need to make the decision on your own. It is even better to never make a decision on 'your own'. Instead, ask for help from your inner voice and decide to align with the inspiration you receive. Decide to make your will the Will of your inner voice.

Yes, setbacks will happen as you practice and learn to hear and follow your  inner voice.  Many times, what you perceive as setbacks,  will actually be experiences that will help  you to transform and grow in your love and power.  If you have difficulty, just go back inside and ask for direction,  expect an answer and  continue asking, receiving and taking one inspired step  at a time. 

  Take your first step

What step will you take today?

Decide to take your first step and see what happens.

Remember, each step is a new beginning leading you through grace to what Life wants for you. This will be far more exciting and fulfilling than what your own ego could dream up or external voices telling you what you 'should do'.

If you need some assistance in  connecting to your  inner voice and becoming aligned with the enchanting  life that your Inner Voice would bring to you, check out my life mentoring program,  or  contact me with questions or  for a free consultation. 




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