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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Connection Matters

  September 30, 2019

Connection does matter. Ultimately, it may be the only thing that does really matter in this human experience.   I would suggest that there is  only one  core "problem" that anyone has in this world and that is our belief  that we are  separate.     The solution to the problem of separation is connection  and connection is possible to  attain because it reflects the authentic truth of who we are.  Therefore, through practices of connection, all forms of suffering can  be eliminated.  Fear separates. Love connects. Reconnection is the Soul's journey back Home.

Think about it for a moment. Better still, feel into it. Take any problem you think you have and ask your self, "What is the core limiting belief that creates this problem?"  For example, consider a few of the most common problem areas that people identify with today:

  • Relationships: Whether you get emotionally triggered in current relationships or you  cannot find a loving, supportive  relationship,  there are  underlying  beliefs and feelings of separation. This separation experience could be expressed in other terms  such as rejected, betrayed, unloved,  not understood, lonely, abused etc.  
  • Health: With health issues, there is the experience of  separation  from our vitality, strength, wholeness, aliveness, youth, energy,  and our body.    Health problems in the body also symbolically reflect some kind of separation in our mind. Healing the mind often allows the body to heal naturally.
  • Spirituality:  The seeking, and longing  for meaning and understanding of life is motivated at its core by a feeling of separation from  "God", or  "All that Is". Our Soul has a longing to reconnect us with Source.
  • Financial:   Today, money helps us feel safe and secure with  the resources to attain adequate food, clothing and shelter for ourselves or our family.  Behind financial problems or material accumulation and  attachment is a  feeling of separation and "not enough." We are separate from abundance and safety.   

Looking at the state of the world today,  separation is expanding. 

Most people would agree that the world is experiencing an acceleration of change.   Technological advances such as in digital communication are changing   our relationship to ourselves, to other people  and to our planet. While these advances give the impression that we live in a more connected world,  people everywhere are actually feeling more isolated, disconnected, powerless and separate than ever. A few examples are:

  • In social media, people   are judging and blaming each other more -  a symptom of separation. 
  • There is more polarization   in politics  - a separation of people  into groups where people feel more  connected to their "tribe" but separate from the opposite tribe which   can even be characterized as 'the enemy."
  • There is extreme separation of wealth in our societies with a tiny percentage of the population owning most of the wealth and a wealth division into "us and them." 
  • We have separated ourselves from nature and  consequently because of this disconnect we insanely  destroy the  environment  that sustains us and gives us life.

In connection, there is no "other"

  If we  felt wholly connected  to ourselves,  our sense of a separate  "other" would disappear. If  everyone felt    wholly connected  to and one with each other, I contend that there would be no more war  or crime.   The root cause of separation is within ourselves and when we reconnect with the truth of who we are, we become reconnected to the whole of humanity, to our natural systems and to  the one essence or Spirit that breathes through  all of life.   As  we each  remember  our wholeness, the world responds and reflects this back to us. In wholeness, our current projections of separation into the world are extinguished  and true peace is established, one projection and separation belief at a time.

 Reconnecting with Self

The best place to start with reconnection  is with ourselves.  . To reconnect, we first must become aware of where we have created beliefs and stories of separation and then heal them. This is tricky because separation is so much a part of how we construct our lives, that the experience of separation is "normal". It seems to us that these experiences are "just the way is  and always will be." These experiences of separation  have become "the air we breath and the food we eat".   Separation beliefs are so much a part of our individual and collective realities that  they hide as shadows in plain sight.   Because of this, I would recommend you  search out awareness   tools or get assistance from skilled practitioners that can help you see what you cannot  see or are resistant to seeing.   Once you are aware of specific separation beliefs, fears and stories, you can do the  work to forgive, reprogram,  let go, reconnect and integrate. 

Here are some  practices to incorporate into your Soul journey: 

Connecting with SoulPractice 1:  Connecting and following the voice of Soul

Reconnection, as mentioned, is the Soul's journey back home.  Your inner voice, as well as Life Itself, will give you   guidance  and clues  for your unique journey.   The Universal Soul is working for you and will guide you to the best people, approaches and tools for you, at the best time .  You must, however, be ever careful about listening to  the  ego's voice,  because ego will keep you in separation and suffering. As you reconnect with truth, the ego loses its power.

In reconnecting with your unique Soul path rather than ego distraction, I suggest you  become aware of some of your unique soul anchors or guideposts:

  1. Your  Purpose: Each soul comes with a particular life purpose designed to help you and others reconnect.  Being aware of your Soul Purpose is one of the strongest life forces that will hold you to your own path of connection and  serve others to do the same.  Your purpose, if you don't know it yet, is hiding in plain sight in your life story, but you may need a little help to bring it into the light. When you know it, practice being in integrity with it in everything you do.
  2. Your Core Values:   Connect to your core values to guide your decisions and actions. They will energize your life and relationships and help attract  relationships and opportunities that are  aligned with your purpose.    If you are not aligned with core values, you will lose energy , vitality and  get depleted.   As you become more awake and aligned with your Soul path, the   meaning and quality of your values will also shift to a higher vibration  and resonance, so be  open to  rediscovering and reconnecting to your core values from time to time.  Practice  considering core values in every decision and action.     
  3. Your Vision: Let your Soul light your path forward to important milestones and goals rather than your ego. Your Soul and Life itself wants more for you than you could possibly imagine. When you let go of resistance and embrace and trust the flow of life, then a clear knowing and  vision  will come into view. Practice letting your inner/intuitive sight  illuminate your daily path.

Practice 2: Examining and transforming beliefs

Our subconscious programming (beliefs), personal and collective,  become the filters through which we perceive, create and experience our lives.  Beliefs are not  true in themselves, but because  we think they are,  and it is our thinking and feeling that  creates our reality,  what we believe creates a "reality" that   is true for us.  However, if a belief is changed or disintegrated at its source, we will "think up" a different reality or life experience. Because our conscious and subconscious beliefs influence  everything in our lives, it is an important practice to become aware of our beliefs and have the ability to reprogram them and/or disintegrate them. 

In my Refreshing Beliefs e-course, you can learn tools to become aware of limiting and separation beliefs and transform them. This is an  important, empowering practice in creating your great life. Ultimately,  after learning how to reprogram limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, I suggest that you then consider disintegrating all beliefs and  just following and acting from your illuminated KNOWING.  Having  NO BELIEF  in my view, invites the experience of  ultimate connection, eliminating any kind of separation.  

Practice 3: Forgiving  and letting go of the past

Everyone has a story. In that story, everyone has  a bag of wounds and fears that they carry around with them that influence how they perceive and act in their world. The  energy contained within this "bag" weighs you down and actually attracts more of the same painful, separation experiences.  While   the experience of wounding can  help you feel empathy for others, and therefore a sense of connection, it is in transforming the wound completely that releases you and other people from the experience altogether.  As you heal and transform your own wounds you have the capacity of  holding space for the "miraculous" healing of others. In your own reconnection with Source  therefore, you can help  to reconnect others with their  Source.

Practice 4:  Reconnecting and integrating your "Shadows"

Shadow splitWhen we are emotionally wounded, especially in childhood, in order to survive and feel loved, we "split off," suppress, or reject parts of ourselves.  Our psyche gets separated or fragmented into many, separate parts. These unowned or rejected parts/energies become qualities that we then project onto others as "bad" or "good" or as "dark/evil or light." Carl Jung called these "shadows" and these shadows are at the root of our human experience of separation. The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a classic story that has  the  concept  of the "shadow self"  behind it.   In order to get reconnected, feel our wholeness and find lasting peace, we need to identify and reintegrate these shadows.    This is an essential practice and Soul journey that many healing systems do not do and therefore get limited or temporary results.  You can learn more about shadows and shadow integration work and in my free e-courses Being Powerful and Jumps for Joy.

Getting help with Reconnection

 While healing your experience of separation and the suffering caused by it is a unique, personal journey that only you can travel, you are not alone. The wisdom for your journey is within you and it will give you the perfect path to find your way, one step at a time. I know this from personal experience. I was led to the right people and tools at the right time to  go ever deeper in reconnecting with my  Self. I have learned that we are always in the right place and when we are ready to let go of resistance and make a decision to get reconnected, the appropriate resources show up for us. Hopefully, we make the decision before we suffer too much. 

If you get some sense that with my experience and tools  that I may be able to assist you, please contact me for a free consultation to explore how we might work together. I can help you with discovering your purpose, your core values, reprogramming and disintegrating beliefs, forgiving yourself and others and reconnecting to your wholeness through essential shadow integration work.

Above all,  please connect with joy and adventure inherent in your Soul journey!


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