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What's Arising?

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What's Arising?


Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


Finding Out Who We REALLY Are!

By Richard Schultz  April 13, 2011

A Fundamental Life Question - Who am I?:

Who am I?From my early teens, I noticed a "still small voice" inside of me that whispered "Find out who you really are!" I didn't even know exactly what that meant, but I knew it was an important question. However, I was "busy". Busy deciding who I would "appear to be" to the world. In fact, I had been doing that all my life… building identities for myself. With every life experience I had, I would make a decision about who I was and who I wasn't. "I am that!" or "I am not that!" However, with each choice of who I was or who I was not, I seemed to move farther and farther away from discovering who I actually was! Until one day I decided to listen to and follow that voice.


But really, who am I? Who are you? 

Imagine an actor playing an important part very well. Perhaps he gets so deep into the role, that at some level when he is playing the part, he totally becomes that new persona. That new identity is channeled through him. For a moment, he forgets who he really is. Eventually, he does wake from the role and goes back to who he really is … something outside of and beyond the role he just played.


Who is this "actor" that plays in this reality, this "world"?

MasksShakespeare said, "All the world is a play, and we are mere actors". Most of us are so caught up in the drama of life that we have forgotten that we are actors and that we have choices of how we are going to play our part. Consider that at some level, we might have even chosen the script that we are playing! The trick of life is to figure out how to become conscious again …of who we really are, behind all our masks!



From the place of knowing and being
Who we REALLY are,
 We have unbelievable power
We are everything and we are no-thing
We are the beginning and the end of our experience
There is nothing we need to be,
 Because we are each enough, just as we are!


How do we find out who we really are?

No one else can tell us or show us who we really are. However, we each have the perfect path to the answer within us! It is a personal path that brings us to clarity and "knowing of it". It is an unfolding of life that mysteriously gets designed exclusively for us. Life has this intelligence to guide us, but the key is in the asking. 


A Process for Your Self Discovery...

  1. Let go of old beliefs or ideas of who you think you are or who you were told you were.
  2. Personally commit to answer this question for yourself.
  3. Ask within yourself "Who am I?" Ask with an expectation that you will be shown the way.
  4. Be open to when and how your answers may come. Let go to the time-frame of how long it may take.
    • Your path could consist of a mixture of small steps and big ones
    • The steps may come from your intuition, or from signs in your outer experience or from dreams.
    • Each revelation will have a "quality" to it that you will come to recognize.
    • There will be lessons along the way. Embrace them & capture the wisdom of the experience.
    • Remember, that just when you think you are totally lost, you may be the closest you have ever been.
    • Be open to receive.
    • Trust
  5. Courageously follow your inspired guidance by taking the actions revealed to you.
  6. Allow for a continuous evolution and deepening of the answer. Just when you think you have finally arrived, consider that you may be just at a rest-stop along the way. Remember that the journey is as important as a destination.
  7. Celebrate each revelation of who you really are!


This journey is the most exciting, miraculous and rewarding adventure we will ever take. However, it is not without its perils. Our ego has every trick in the book to keep us asleep and attached to our life dramas. As we finally notice each lie that we have been telling ourselves, it can be momentarily painful. However, as that painful moment passes, there is joyous new freedom in being a little more in our authentic self.

 If  you get a little stuck, consider reaching out to people with some experience and skills to empower you to be free once again. All of humanity has a vested interest in each of us discovering our authentic selves.


   Who are you? Really...


Questions for Reflection

Have you noticed a calling within you to answer this question for yourself?

Are you consciously following a path of self discovery?

What have you learned so far? 

What is your next step? 


Fly With Me!




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