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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


From Problems to Possibility

  August 2, 2018

Are you problem or possibility focused?

What if we could see our world as full of possibilities rather than problems?

The typical world view in our society is that the world and our lives are full of problems to solve. We get educated from early childhood about how to become “problem solvers” for ourselves or others. By identifying with “problems” we can step into polarized world-view which often emphasizes and holds us in the emotion/stress of the problem rather than the uplifting energy of possible solutions and opportunities.

 What if we took a different world-view that came from a more neutral or accepting position. What if “problems.” from the old world-view, were reframed as just an experience, a perception, an indicator or feedback from the “Universe”? What if we saw them as an opportunity to learn, grow or  shift limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions that have been holding us back?

 Problems, especially if they get us upset, tend to take us out of peace, whereas if it is just “feedback”, then you are already touching the realm of possibility.  What possibility  or opportunity is the Universe showing  you about where  you can  learn or transform around this experience? At a minimum, you could then choose to be accepting and peaceful by changing your perception and feelings about the experience. Or, you could create a new set of beliefs that gives you new experiences that feel good instead of the upset you are getting.


A Problem World-View

 Problem world-viewYou look into your bank account and there is no money left. This is a “BIG PROBLEM” because you have bills to pay. You get immediately stressed, upset and feel sick to your stomach. You go home and in your stress, you have a fight with your partner and kick the dog before you get sent to the “dog house” yourself. You feel depressed, overwhelmed and afraid for the future. You are so stressed and depressed it is difficult to think about what to do, let alone take any positive action. Maybe, you get by, finding temporary solutions such as putting more on your credit cards. However, the next month, you start the cycle again.


A Possibility World View

 Creating possibilitiesYou look into your bank account and there is no money left. You feel stressed, upset and sick to your stomach about it.  You notice this feedback from your emotions and consider how you would rather feel about this situation and begin creating a new experience for yourself. From possibility thinking:

1. You forgive yourself and others for creating this life experience.

2. You create and install a new belief statements into your subconscious mind to let go of any of the paralyzing stress such as  “I am calm and peaceful, even if I have no money.” 

3.  You set some new clear goals about the experience you would rather see around your bank account and from that goal create some new belief statements such as “I attract all the money I need.” or “I manage the money I receive wisely.” or “I deserve to have abundance in my life.” or "I am abundance and freedom."

4. You create an action plan and then calmly and persistently take the appropriate actions to achieve your financial goals.

With possibility thinking, you have the possibility of breaking the downward cycle and finding a little (or a lot) more money in your bank account the next month. Your focused intention and action begins to create a new reality. You go from possibility to reality.

 The majority of the people in the world have no bank account at all. Their only savings is contained in the little food they have on hand. Yes, we live in a society that seems to need money, but we at least have a choice about how the condition is going to affect us. If we get lost in the limiting emotions of the problem, we are likely to just feel worse, not better. Those limiting emotions and beliefs will paralyze your creative ability and block empowered behaviors that would change your circumstances. 


Fields of Possibility

 If someone else in our collective humanity has experienced something, then that seed of possibility exists within our collective consciousness for others to also experience it. By tapping into that 'morphogenic field' of possibility with our beliefs and actions, we increase its possibility for ourselves. Before Roger Bannister broke the belief barrier of running a  4-minute mile, no one believed it was possible. However, once he did it, a 'field of possibility was created and then many athletes began to have this experience. These athletes still had to have their own belief, the passion and training. This was the creative part they had to play in order to connect with this new field of possibility.

Whatever you perceive your problem or goal to be, there are likely other people that have come accomplished what you desire. They have created a morphogenic field or field of possibility for you to step into. There have been millions of streams of possibility created before you in financial wealth, relationships, self-esteem and in physical healing. Even if no one has gone before you, you have the power within you to do anything your heart calls you to.

Painting a brighter pictureWhen you are working with yourself or others, tap into these 'possibility fields' and create from your zone of possibility rather problems. Ask Spirit/Intuitive guidance for assistance, create a vision and goals of what you desire, reprogram your mind with supporting beliefs and then take the appropriate actions toward your vision. In the process, be curious and open to outcome because Life may desire to bring you even more than you thought was possible. Surrender to enchanting possibility!


Actions to take right now:

1. Identify a 'problem' that is causing  you some difficulty, fear or stress. Notice your feelings about it. Notice where you feel them in your body. 

If you know techniques such as the Refreshing Beliefs Method, or EFT, forgive everything around the experience and release or shift  negative emotions until you are neutral or in the place of gratitude, love, acceptance and curiosity.

2.   Identify the experience and feeling you would like to have  instead of the 'problem' experience. Step into the intention or 'field of possibility' and create  some positive affirmations in the direction of what you want to experience.  Install these affirmations into your powerful subconscious mind so that it is working for you in achieving your goal rather than against you.

Download my ebook, Refreshing Beliefs, where you will find 1500 affirmations in 20 different categories  plus how to create  your own affirmations. It will also give you some tips  on how to get the beliefs quickly into your subconscious mind. 

3. Identify what actions you need to take to step into your field of possibility. Now that you have let go of the limiting emotions and created new empowering beliefs, it is likely that new possibilities of action will become available to you.

4. Open up to your Inner Guidance and Spirit guide and allow LIFE to take you to even greater, expansive heights than what you thought was possible.



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