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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Getting Good at Grief

By Richard Schultz  November 7, 2023

...Episode 6 of the "What's Arising Podcast"

Any change, including positive change, can kick in a grief cycle because in order for the new to come in, something needs to be let go. Something is lost. With the rapid and accelerating change and disruption in our world today, in order to stay in balance and retain our sanity, we all need to get good at grief.

The challenge is that many people avoid or don't know how to deeply grieve, and let go of the past. The new cycles of grief, piled onto the heavy bags of unprocessed grief carried from the past can be so overwhelming that even little things can upset us. Upset is a 'set-up' or signal that we are sill holding onto something. Grieving, forgiving and surrendering are essential practices to move forward and navigate in these tumultuous times. Our well-being and survival depends on it.

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