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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Have you lost your mind?

  March 11, 2018

Yes, you have lost your mind!

Yes, you have lost your mind, or parts of it. Guaranteed. And, just like losing most things, losing your mind is not usually a positive thing to have happen to you! It might have felt OK up until now, because maybe you did not notice what you lost. You have probably adapted or got use to being without those parts your mind. It became 'normal'. Never-the-less, when you lost your mind, it had an impact on you and your life, and it wasn't a good impact - unless of course, it was.

Control of Your MindThe good news is that as you restore your mind, your life will be happier, more successful and more powerful. If you have all your mind within your conscious control, the more pain, struggle and stress you will avoid.

With that clarification, some of my reader's might say, "Ahh!, Why didn't you say so, Richard? I understand now. Yes, I am aware that I have lost control of my mind."  Or, you might be a reader that still doesn't understand. That's OK. I will explain. I will first tell you about some of the symptoms that you are likely experiencing, give you a little understanding of the makeup of your mind and then some tips on how to get started in taking back control of your whole mind.

Here are some symptoms that you have lost control of your mind:

  • You sometimes get 'emotionally triggered' by what someone says or does. Maybe you automatically react by get angry, sad, fearful, or experience anxiety.
  • You cannot quiet your thoughts. They are constantly chattering in your head - out of your control.
  • There is a self-critic in your head. It criticizes you and tells you things like 'you are not good enough', 'unlovable', 'stupid', 'unworthy', 'guilty', 'ugly', 'old', 'weak', 'abandoned', 'a loser'...
  • Your thoughts are judgmental of others. They tell you that certain people are not 'good enough', 'unlovable', 'stupid', 'unworthy', 'guilty', 'ugly', 'old', 'weak', 'abandoned', 'a loser'...
  • You repeat certain behavioral patterns that are not good for you, your success or your relationships, but you cannot seem to stop them. For example: procrastination, eating things that are not good for you, biting your nails, depression, anxiety, addictions, isolation, no exercise, sleeping too much or too little, being betrayed, betraying others, being late,....
  • You sometimes feel powerless and struggle to reach certain goals no matter how hard you try. These goals could be for wealth, relationship, romance, health, career, balance, personal growth or your spirituality.

What would it be like if you were able to break free of these limited patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors? What if you felt more in control of your experience of life and your destiny?

This is all possible if you get back in charge of your whole mind - one piece/peace at a time.


Understanding your Mind

Let's start by understanding your mind and then where/how you have lost control over it.

To start with, psycho-spiritual models breaks our mind into 2-5 levels of mind. For our purposes here, we are going to use 3. These three minds are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the Super-conscious mind. Each of these minds has different roles and 'powers'. To be of 'whole' mind and in full power and potential, then it is important to work with all of these minds appropriately:

  • Your  conscious mind is the mind that looks at choices and makes volitional decisions. Its power is the power to be aware and choose your experience or 'reality' through your decisions, goals and actions.  It is responsible for programming and reprogramming our subconscious mind with empowering beliefs, emotions and habits.
  • Your  subconscious mind is your habitual mind. It is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind, but like a computer, it just runs the programs (beliefs and affirmations) it is given. Its power is that it creates your reality on automatic according to its programming. Your programming was mostly done in your childhood and your habitual life experience now is based on these subconscious programs - "good" or "bad". Studies have shown that 40% or more of what we do every day is on 'autopilot'. Others suggest it is as high as 95% because your subconscious beliefs influences how you interpret your experiences and the choices you make based on those interpretations.
  • Your  Super-Conscious "Spirit" mind is the most powerful of all. It is infinite in its power, wisdom and 'knowing.' It can assist you in making wise & powerful choices and decisions, but you need to ask It for assistance and surrender your will it Its Will. It will not interfere with your free will.

Model of the Mind

Which minds have you lost control of?

In a sense, all of them.

  • You have lost control of your conscious mind if you are not in the practice of being aware and making wise choices and decisions. Human beings are in a sort of 'trance' and in many cases just reacting to life and change from their subconscious programming rather than proactively deciding, creating and being the change they want to see. The conscious mind is at the center of our power as humans. It is in the power of choice that everything is possible for you. Wouldn't you be crazy not to use it appropriately? 
  • You have lost control of your subconscious mind if you are not choosing to be aware of and then reprogram its limiting beliefs. You must also choose to fully process and let go of limiting emotions. It is the subconscious mind that is creating the 'negative symptoms' that we talked about above. It is important to take charge of your subconscious mind and learn tools and techniques for subconscious programming and processing. If you take charge of your programming rather than being a victim of it, then you will stop the struggle and stress and have the power to easily create your great life. Wouldn't you be crazy not to?
  • Finally, you have lost control of your Super-conscious mind if you are not choosing to awaken and KNOW you are ONE with It. The Super-conscious or Divine mind is not actually separate or lost, but as humans, we 'think' it is. We have lost touch and our fears cloud us from connecting.  This can be corrected by choosing to let go of all fear and reconnecting with Divine mind.

The good news is that you have an internal guidance system that is ready to take you there... to take you HOME to complete wholeness of mind, love, peace and joy. This guidance system will take you to your true purpose, fulfillment and meaning. Wouldn't it be crazy not to decide to devote yourself to knowing this Super-conscious mind and becoming Joy? Freedom? Love? Bliss? 


Steps to get control of your mind

So how do you get started in restoring your mind to sanity? There are thousands of books, courses, teachers and Gurus that will say they have the answers and 'the' way for you. It can be overwhelming just choosing where to start! I suggest you start here:

Step 1: Make up your mind. If you have not already done so, DECIDE to become whole again and fully commit yourself to renewing and correcting all errors in your mind and to embracing your true power and freedom. DEVOTE your life to waking up - Being conscious.

 Inner GuidanceStep 2: Ask and surrender to your inner KNOWING. Surrender to what LIFE desires to bring you. Ask the Super-Conscious to reveal your next steps to freedom and commit to discerning and following each KNOWING step you are given. Your KNOWING is beyond your beliefs. Learn to trust it. Let go of any resistance to this FLOW. Your KNOWING KNOWS the perfect, customized path to pure peace and who/what can assist you in your journey.

 If you do not know yet how to discern your 'true inner voice' from the 'ego voices' you are accustomed to listening to, ask the Super-conscious to help you to clearly hear and discern Truth. Trust that the answers will come.

 Step 3: Practice Awareness. Start witnessing or watching your thoughts, emotions,  body, behaviors and relationships and what is showing up in your 'reality'. Your 'reality' is a reflection of what is going on in your whole mind.

  • What is life bringing you or guiding you towards?
  • Witness where you are in resistance and notice what beliefs/emotions are limiting you and locking you into unhealthy patterns.
  • Watch for 'Higher Guidance' emerging within, without and between. Your Higher Guidance may come through your intuition and that 'still small voice within you', but it can also speak to you in your dreams, a book that attracts you, the voice of a child or a vision. When you have asked and surrendered, amazing synchronicities might appear that guide you to your next best step or confirm that you are on the right track. Be expectant as well as patient.

 Step 4: Take personal responsibility. Accept that somehow through your own mind you have created or are co-creating any limiting experiences. Take responsibility and decide to change what is within your power.

 Step 5. Take action. Action can take many forms. If you are receiving guidance from your KNOWING, then it may come in the form of an action you are invited to take. Take it. The action might be a decision you need to make, a task you need to do, or someone you need to speak to. The action could be to reprogram some limiting beliefs, release emotions, to forgive or do shadow integration work. If you don't know how to reprogram limiting beliefs or forgive, let yourself be guided to the right resources or person(s) to help you.

 Step 6. Celebrate your successes and learn from mis-takes. You'll get feedback. If you make a mis-take, learn from it and adjust. It is only a matter of time before you know that you are success and you can do no wrong.

 Step 7. Continue and know that you are entitled to miracles along the way.


And, if I can help remove some obstacles along your path with my insight or tools, please contact me.


The Genie and Genius

Woman in a jarIf, after you have read this you are still very unclear of your path forward, I get it. Most of us want someone to show us that one clear 'thing' that will fix everything. We are wanting a Guru or 'Genie' that will grant us our wishes and instantly eliminate all our pain and suffering. Our habit is to search outside of ourselves for a Genie that is not there.

 What I have learned again and again is that we are the Genie that we are looking for. The only problem is that we have locked up this Power and Wisdom in a vessel of limiting beliefs, denials, and lies. It is going to take a little conscious rubbing on your mind to fully awaken to your inner Genius.

 Start rubbing now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your Genius KNOWs the perfect path to Peace. And if my Genius is able to help you unlock your Genius, I will be in joy.  



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