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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


In the Shadow of Terrorism

By J. Richard Schultz  November 24, 2015

BEING the change you want to see

A few days ago, I sat and reflected on the tragedy of terrorism that has gripped Paris and our world. Paris brought to mind my love of travel because it was the first foreign city that I ever visited when I was only 14 years old. That enchanted trip to Paris gave me my a "travel bug" to see the world. Wow, the world has changed since then! And oh, how I have changed since then too! Back then as I recall, I was full of fear and judgment. Today things are different.

Gandhi pictureGandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." He was aware that the world is somehow a reflection of what is inside of us. It reflects our thoughts and feelings - our being. If we could BE peace, joy, kindness, caring and love, then we would SEE the world more through that lens and our actions would reflect that inner being. On the other hand, if we are feeling and being fear, suffering or hate, we tend to project that into our world though our thoughts, judgments and actions. Across the globe, reactions to what happened in Paris have reflected both love and fear.

Our powerful, habitual subconscious mind creates over 90% of our perception and experience of reality according to its beliefs and emotional programming. If our subconscious has been programed to believe the world is a dangerous, frightening place, then we will notice and project these fears onto our world. In our childhood, if our subconscious mind learned that the world is a loving place, then we will tend to experience, attract and act on those loving programs.

However, the world is not light or dark, it is both light and dark and we each have a choice. We can consciously decide to respond to events as an opportunity to expand and grow in love, or automatically shrink into fear and protection based on old outdated programs. What choices will you make?

But how can we turn such tragic events into an opportunity to grow rather than to shrink, protect or lash out at others?

One way is to take Gandhi's advise and BE the change you wish to see. If, in the face of "outer terrorism" you are getting fearful or emotionally projecting onto others, then examine your "inner terrorist" - the terrorist in your own mind.

If the vast majority of people examined their thoughts, they would find that they are often destructive, painful and suffering thoughts. They would discover fear and judgment and this is often directed at themselves! Your ego lies to you about how to find peace. It will tell you to fight, to shrink, to protect and to hide, but what you need to do is say "NO" to the negative ego because it will never deliver you peace.

yogo shadow meditation light dark perspectiveThe solution is not to just bottle-up those emotions, but instead to turn towards those feelings, process them, forgive them, get understanding from them and let them go. If you don't let them go, those terrorizing energies of hate, suffering, hopelessness, anger, and fear could eventually turn upon you and manifest in disease. They will negatively affect your relationship with yourself and with others. These "shadows" will never leave you alone until you decide to own them and release them.

Turn your thoughts and feelings around. Turn them to peace and love and gratitude and kindness, despite what the world is reflecting to you or what your ego is telling you. When you decide to BE LOVE in your thoughts, feelings and actions, you unleash powers that will change your world and mine. Peace will happen from the inside out. You will restore the love that you truly are at your source.

In response to tragedies like Paris and the cries of refugees, many people and nations have responded with love and compassion. They have responded with open doors, tolerance, kindness and understanding. They have even risked their own lives for the safety of others. This is the world I want and choose to co-create with others.  

Will you join me in BEING THE CHANGE?



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