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What's Arising?

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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Living an Inspired Life

  June 23, 2018

Man and woman sailingAwakening to your destiny

Every day we face a lot of challenges and choices in life. Some of these challenges might be easy, while others will be more difficult. Every change and every new situation are opportunities to choose our own destiny - to focus on what we want to create.

When a boat sets sail, the crew constantly make adjustments to maintain course and arrive at the desired destination. They navigate by shifting speed and direction to take advantage of the wind and sea conditions. Similarly, to navigate the unknown waters of transformation we must set sail with a clear destination in mind but be willing to shift speed and direction to take advantage of changing conditions and to weather the storms of transition.

So many people struggle because they have no plan and no process for bettering their lives. They just drift along and react to life as it comes and then suddenly, one-day, feel stuck and unsure of how to have the life they want.


Our experience of reality is shaped by the meaning we attach to it

None of us are defined by what happens to us, it’s up to each of us to define ourselves and take responsibility for our own happiness and success. Each situation is an opportunity to increase our awareness of our own internal strengths and weaknesses, and to use that awareness to learn and grow.

Believe in YourselfOur beliefs shape what we notice and color the way we look at things. At the instant we experience a new moment, we attach meaning to it through our feelings, thoughts, reactions, and judgments. We assess each experience according to what we have noticed and we live each moment as if certain things are true. These labels become our experience.

Our reality is not shaped by events themselves, but by the meaning we attach to the experience. To change our experience requires a shift in our beliefs about what is possible. It requires a willingness to let go of what is not working and to focus on what we desire to create. When we understand that our current reality is always changing, we can easily realign our thoughts and actions to create new results.

Take a few minutes now and list all the beliefs that limit you. For example:

  • I'm not very smart.
  • I don't have a college degree.
  • My family was poor.

Now list all the beliefs  or affirmations that would empower you to create the life you want. For example:

  • I create my reality and I am responsible for what I create.
  • Everything happens for a reason or purpose.
  • Direction is more important than outcome.

Look For A Reason To Feel Good

Decide it matters how you feel and do whatever it takes to find relief from negative thoughts. Look for the positive aspects in a situation and think about what you want to feel more of – is it a feeling of peace and calmness, a sense of security and wellbeing or more joy and fun? Then move from a reactive perspective to a higher viewpoint by asking the questions, "What would I have to believe in order to feel this way?" “ What would I like to feel right now?”

By changing the structure of the situation, we allow ourselves to change our state of consciousness and shift the direction of our personal energy.   As a daily reminder you might have a note in your car and on your bathroom mirror reminding you to “ look for reasons to feel good”. It’s amazing how such a simple reminder can result in an instant state change!


Create Inspirational Moments

Dreams and aspirationsIt’s your passion in life that keeps you going towards your dreams even through tough times. So, what inspires or excites you? What gives you energy? What can you do to keep your passion alive?

Be curious about how things work. Reflect upon the creativity, imagination, and ideas behind the creation of something. When you are tired or frustrated go for a walk – in  nature, through the neighborhood or window-shopping in a mall and remind yourself that everything you are noticing started with someone having an idea and passionately following the dream.

Another way for you to re-kindle your enthusiasm could be to read or watch true life up-lifting stories. Find stories of people overcoming challenges and obstacles to achieve their dream.   Connect to your own stories of when you  persevered and achieved success, no matter how small that accomplishment was. It is the feeling you are looking for to fuel your new  goal or dream.  


Live Passionately

Your have the power to create a life of deep fulfillment and purpose that lies within your passion. Be willing to let go of control and journey into new perceptions and adventures that lead to more wonder and joy.


What Is Your Heart Calling You To Do?


(This Blog post is posted in memory of and mostly written by  my good friend, Janet Slemko who passed away  a few short years ago. janet loved to sail and she is certainly sailing now!)


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