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What's Arising?

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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Magical Flow

By J. Richard Schultz  December 30, 2015

Experiencing the magic of flow, synchronicity and miracles!

Expecting miraclesHave you ever experienced this before? These magical moments bring a sense of joy, gratitude and awe like nothing else can. No matter what our life conditions may be, they remind us that there is a powerful universal force that is taking care of us and that we will be OK. In these moments, we feel the love and wonder of the universe in its creative genius. They teach us to accept, trust and surrender to the wholeness of life and our divine nature. These experiences are sign-posts that invite and encourage us to be 'HOME' - in unconditional love and joy.

To experience these magical moments, we need to be present - in the NOW. If our minds are caught up in a past story or we are worried about the future, the magic will pass by us, unnoticed. We will miss these important sign-posts that guide us to the next best step to our destiny.

Our SOUL is our GPS guiding us HOME. It is a spark of the DIVINE planted within us. It knows our true nature and no matter what happens along the road, it will always recalculate the most efficient way HOME from where we are. However, we are the drivers of our lives. It is up to us to take responsibility for the journey and make wise choices and decisions. It is up to us to stop, be present, ask and receive this KNOWING and follow its recommended route, step by step. This KNOWING will guide us to true FREEDOM if we follow it.

To experience the magical flow, part of your responsibility is to let go and forgive your past. If you have not found freedom from the suffering of your past, that extra baggage will slow you down and its vibration will project similar painful experiences into your future. Reliving old stories in your mind distract you from being in your powerful NOW - where the magic happens. NOW is also where HOME is. To release the past, you need to momentary turn towards it, be with it, feel it, learn from it and with loving presence, forgive and let go. The result is often an explosion of new energy and wisdom.

creation crystal ball spherePart of your BEING is also your ability to create and co-create. Creation also only happens in the NOW. You determine and predetermine future outcomes through your wise choices, decisions and actions in the present. Your most powerful tool for creation is your imagination. Imagine in the present what you will see, hear and feel in your future. Energize that imagined future with large doses of the pure positive spirit-based energies such as success, joy, love, gratitude, celebration, or wealth. Then take the appropriate actions and follow your KNOWING to the manifestation of your creation or goal. Your KNOWING may come from within or from the powerful signs and symbols brought to you in the magical flow and synchronicity of your life.

But remember, your creations are sensitive and dependent on your inner vibration and subconscious beliefs. If you have limiting beliefs or fearful emotions, then you may instead create "mutant futures" or stay in old limiting past patterns. Therefore, be aware of what manifests('good' or 'bad'), take it as feedback, learn from it, forgive, let go, adjust your beliefs and emotions and move forward again with presence.

Here is a 7 step process that will help you manifest your goals:

1. Decide what you want (your goal) and step into the imagination of all that it will be. What will it look like, sound like and feel like? Get clear. Go beyond a typical New Year's resolution into the detail of what it shall be.

2. Ask your Higher Source (God, Source, Higher Self, Spirit, Universe) to add Its Wisdom and Power to your goal.

- Ask for support for your wise choices and decisions that are aligned with your soul... your goal or "something better"

- Ask for awareness of past behaviors, beliefs or emotions you need to forgive, let go of or change and what actions you need to take to achieve your goal.

3. Surrender and receive guidance, energy and KNOWING from your Higher Source. Be open as to how that guidance will come to you. Be prepared to revise your goal based on the KNOWING you humbly receive.

4. Direct your subconscious mind to support and manifest your goal. Consciously BECOME the feeling of what you will BE when you have achieved the goal. Add the pure, positive energies(joy, success, love, beauty, achievement etc) to your imagined future or goal. This directs and programs your subconscious to support you.

5. Take the appropriate actions inspired by your Higher Source and your own discernment of what you need to do to achieve your goal. When your Higher Source and subconscious mind are guiding and supporting you, you will likely experience an easier flow.

6. Be aware of any feedback you are receiving as you take action (or don't take appropriate action). Are you noticing any limiting beliefs? Are you falling into limiting emotions rather than maintaining the pure positive emotion? Where are you feeling resistance?

7. Adjust and repeat. Based on the feedback, take any limitations or inspirations you notice back into the process, starting with #1. For example, instead of the limitation or resistance, decide what do you want.

If you need some assistance, a proven system, tools or techniques to achieve your  goals and to release, forgive and let go of past limitations that have been keeping you stuck, then check out my upcoming events or work directly with me through healing and coaching. Your success is my success and joy!


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