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What's Arising?


Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


Restoring Love

By Richard Schultz  April 25, 2014

Restoring LOVE is returning HOME

In 1997, in a "peak experience", I came to deeply know the truth of LOVE - of Divine Love. From the perspective of this Divine presence that I felt, I knew there was nothing that I have or could do or be that would take me out of favor with "God". Divine love was truly unconditional! I also knew that we were all, in truth, the very essence and seeds of this Divine love and that by returning to LOVE, we were returning to truth and HOME.

De Vinci fingers spirit

I decided to journey "HOME" within myself by fully and unconditionally loving myself and others - just as I had experienced in that moment with the Divine in India. My knowing was one thing, but it was quite another matter to fully emulate and BE this love that I knew I was. There were other parts of me such as my negative ego that had opposing beliefs, experiences and stories. Those parts of me were quite attached to their old stories of fear, unworthiness, judgement, struggle, not good enough and unlovable. Restoring and sustaining love was going to take some work!

I've come a long way on that journey. Along the way I have met some amazing people, and come across some powerful tools for self transformation and restoring love. The "work" of restoring love has enriched my life and I know that it enriches anyone who is determined to BECOME love.


Restore Your Right Mind

Who in their "right mind" would choose struggle, hate, unworthiness, fear, anxiety, shame, or guilt over love, success, trust, joy, bliss? No one! But that is the point. We as human beings have not been entirely in our "right mind". To restore love, we need to restore our minds to the truth of we who we are. Ultimately, we can choose to release our negative egos and integrate with Divine Spirit Mind; arriving HOME.


Wisdom Tips to Restoring Love:

Take Responsibility: Accept that you create your own reality by your decisions and actions. You, at some point in your life, have chosen to accept limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings or stories that have created a less than optimal experience of life. You have the power to re-story your life, past, present and future and restore love and truth. Your true potential lies beyond your limiting stories and beliefs.

Decide: Your subconscious mind has a million times more processing power than your conscious mind, but your true power resides in your conscious choices and decisions. Restoring and returning to true love is a choice. Embrace and love your subconscious mind as a true friend and ask it to automatically create the love and truth based life that you desire. Observe where your subconscious is running programs of limitation and choose to reprogram them.

Hands HeartForgive: Is there any person or event in your life where you are withholding love? Are you holding onto blame, judgement or even hatred? Do people or events still hold a negative power over you? Forgiveness is essential to restoring love. Choosing not to forgive can only hurt you and it keeps you from your true potential.

Restore Yourself: "A house divided cannot stand." Through your experience of life, you have become divided within yourself. For certain goals, no matter how hard you try, there are "other parts" of you that fight you. These "other parts" may tell you that you are a victim, not good enough, unworthy, a bad person or unlovable. These "shadow selves" keep you stuck. At some point in your life, you created these "shadows" to survive and protect yourself, but to progress in love and life, they must be re-integrated. When you love them and forgive them they almost certainly have gifts of wisdom for you. They hold the keys to restore your power.

 Ask for Help: You are not alone. Reach out and get support. There are people, techniques and tools that can support you in restoring the love that you are and finding your freedom. Even more, you have access to the Divine Spirit within you that can orchestrate the perfect steps to become the love you are. Ask Spirit to show you the way to restore love and become HOME. When you ask for help, be prepared for miracles!


WisdomWays can support you in restoring love

I am passionate about supporting people in returning HOME. Restoring love and truth is my deepest purpose. In my own journey to love and truth, I have discovered powerful and effective methods that will accelerate your own path to unconditional love. Here are  some of ways that I can support you:


1. Private Healing Sessions: If you have someone or some event in your life that you want to forgive, but just can't seem to get there, then book a session with me. You can forgive even what you thought was "unforgiveable". You may even choose to forgive yourself. Step out of being a victim and reclaim your love and joy! You can purchase sessions in my shopping area.  Learn More...


2. Life Mentoring: Decide to take your own journey to higher love and then engage me in supporting you on a regular basis. I bring all my wisdom and tools to the sessions as well as powerful questions to expand your experience of love, and life success. Together we will re-story your life and stretch into your dreams and true potential. Learn More..



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