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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


Setting effective goals

  August 20, 2018

Create a plan that will take you to your visionAre you setting effective goals?

In my last Blog, we looked at creating your Big Vision, inspired from within. For the journey to your vision,  you are going to need to create a plan with specific goals that mark  accomplishments along your path  which can be used for celebration and feedback.   You are more likely to succeed if you have  a concrete, yet flexible plan in place which includes powerful, realistic, effective goals and actions  serving as stepping stones to your dream.

For example, if someone's "Big Life Vision" was to "eliminate human suffering from disease", then they might start researching this challenge. In their inner and outer research, they could decide that they want to have some understanding and credentials in biology, human anatomy, physiology, genetics and biochemistry. To be holistic in their approach, they might also need to understand the human mind, the affect of emotions on disease and even how social systems affect disease. Therefore, their goals or stepping stones may involve getting some university degrees, then working for a research company and later creating a company or foundation dedicated to their vision. 

 Effective and powerful goals will have the following characteristics:

  • Setting GoalsThey will take you in the direction of your vision.
    • The energy of  your vision will  inspire and energize the goal.
  • They are aligned with your values.
    •    The goals themselves are intrinsically creating fulfillment as you take the actions to achieve them. Your core values will energize your goals if there is alignment. If not, they could block you.
  • They are realistic, desirable and worthy of achieving.
    • While a big vision may never be accomplished or just outside of your reach, goals need to be within reach and be possible and achievable. If they are not, then it will be too easy to give up.
    • If the goal is in the direction of your vision and aligned with your values, then it is likely to be also worthy of achieving. However, sometimes we are tempted to set goals out of an attitude of "should do", and not something we have a desire to do. If there is no desire or no greater reward, then you are likely to fail or the goal is hollow. If there are tasks that need to be accomplished, but you have no desire to do them, consider how you can delegate these to other people that do have the desire. If it is something you need to do yourself, then consider which of your values could energize the accomplishment of the goal through action.
  • They will be measurable and specific
    • How will you know when you have achieved your goal?
    • What are the indicators of success or when you are off track?
    • What will you see when you get there?
    • What will you hear?
    • How will you feel?
  • They will have a specific timeframe.
    • What is the date by which your goal will be achieved? Time commitments produce a "creative-tension" for which you and the the universe is asked to respond. It also helps organize the necessary action steps in priority order to achieve the goal. Without a deadline, things often don't get done.
  • They will be actionable.
    • Break down each goal into specific, smaller steps that can be done from day to day. If no action is taken towards the goal, it is unlikely to be achieved.



Most people work from the attitude of achieving a goal in the future. They DO things to HAVE a result, in order to   BE in a desired feeling, such as success, happiness or accomplishment. This is the usual mechanism of creation, but not necessarily the  best.

Law of attractionA better way is to begin in the vibration and imagination of already HAVING achieved your goal, as if it is  accomplished now.   Get into the feeling and BEING of that energy of accomplishment from the start and then DO what you are guided to do from that place of being. When you create using this mechanism,  the 'Law of Attraction' and your Inner Guidance conspire to fulfill your goal in the most efficient way. It feels like everything just flows with ease and grace.

To use this more efficient mechanism of creation, your beliefs and emotions will need to be aligned with achieving your goal.   You may need to reprogram limiting beliefs and release limiting emotions and wounds that have been holding you back.  When you take responsibility for these beliefs and emotions, then the path to each goal also becomes your pathway to inner freedom.



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