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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


The Power of Desire

  March 7, 2019

Desire makes the world go around

Desire makes the world go aroundIt is been said that, "money makes the world go around." I suggest that this is false. Money is a merely one of the means or channels for the energy of our desires to be fulfilled. It is unstoppable desire and passion the makes the world go around. And, the world that you spin from your desires can be either a seemingly endless 'hamster wheel' or an evolving spiral towards lasting happiness and fulfillment. Where are your desires taking you?    

I invite you to remember a time where your desire to achieve something was unstoppable! Perhaps it was in a time of your youth where you had a goal of learning how to play an instrument or win at a sport or make an academic achievement. Maybe it was unstoppable desire to reach an important business target. Perhaps it was your desire to get married and have children. Get connected to those past desires fulfilled. Connect to  the memory of that feeling.  

In your strong desire, you would have had a vision of what you wanted to achieve or learn and you decided  to make it happen, no matter what! Even if you failed to achieve your goal on the first attempts, you learned from the experience, adjusted, and pushed on toward your goal.  You were determined to make it. There was no failing; only learning how to get there. It might have even felt like it was your destiny and there was no doubt that you would make it. You had all the energy in the world to make that dream come true!

With a strong enough, focused desire, great things are possible. Desire is one of those potent energies that helps sustain us and expand what we experience. It is the energy that fuels the 'Law of Attraction' and pulls us toward greater material and spiritual heights. With no desire, no vision, and no purpose, our lives have no direction and little power. If you don't give decisive direction and energy/passion into shaping your life, you might feel like a cork being tossed around on the ocean.

Life is energy, organized.

The  Second Law of Thermodynamics  is about the quality of energy. It states that as energy is transferred or transformed, more and more of it is wasted. The  Second Law  also states that there is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate into a more disordered state(called entropy).

According to this physics law, the material world is always moving towards greater entropy, or less order. Given time, the universe will eventually be a uniform mass of formless, lowest order atoms such as hydrogen. Mountains erode and fall down. Stars burn out and our material body eventually reduces to dust. The 'non-living' world always moves in the direction of less order unless some energy is added into the system such as a volcano eruption creating a new mountain. But alas; even the energy from the core of the earth will eventually be expended and its energy diffused and unavailable to do the 'work' that ordered systems can do.

Life, on the other hand, has this 'built in desire or motivation' to move contrary to this second law of thermodynamics and evolves toward less entropy or more complexity and order. Life seeks evermore complex systems of organization, adding energy into the system to decrease its entropy. This is the fundamental driving force of evolution - to expand into more 'profitable' states which give the entity a greater capacity to survive and thrive. Life consistently 'looks for' opportunities to move into these more profitable states over time.  

Despite life's natural movement away from entropy,  every individual living entity will eventually succumb to this law of thermodynamics and will entropy, wither and die. However, the memory and capacity of that complex, ordered life system is generally passed on to its progeny through the DNA or for the organizations of human beings for example, through our collective knowledge, stories and cultures.

Consciousness Is  Life and breathes life into life.  Consciousness by its nature, moves against entropy too, finding opportunities for more 'profitable' states. For consciousness systems like  our true Selves, the higher the quality of our consciousness (the less entropy and more order), the more authentic power we have to create and co-create our lives. Higher quality consciousness means more peace, synergy, learning, growth, balance and love. Fear creates more entropy and therefore reduces our capacity and power to create happiness and true fulfillment.

Desire, passion and purpose is at the root of our aliveness.

AlivenessAs human beings, the expansion of the feeling of aliveness and our capacity to survive as well as thrive comes from our ability to decrease our own entropy. To decrease our own entropy at the physical level means to desire and make decisions to feed, nourish, balance and exercise our body or it will waste away. It is important to do this. However, our body is not 'Us'. Our body is the vehicle that carries 'Us'. Unfortunately, as human beings we have bought into the Ego's view that this reality is only material and therefore the myth that material desires will make us happy. In this materialistic world-view, most focus the bulk of their desire and determination on fighting the entropy of the body(physical survival, staying alive and accumulation of physical things) rather than improving their quality of their consciousness(aliveness and fulfillment).  

To feel true aliveness and fulfillment, means that we must feed, nourish, balance and exercise our Mind and Spirit. This is the journey and practice of the Soul and because the Soul is not dependent on the material world (except as a temporary, physical learning vehicle), we can take this learning and growth with us... it does not die with the physical body!  You cannot take money or material possessions with you, but you can and do take your consciousness forward. Hopefully, the consciousness you take forward is of higher quality than when you started in this life.

Increasing the quality of your consciousness(less entropy) is not just about being in some 'better place' after this life. Instead, the quality of improving your consciousness now results in 'profitability' now! As you improve the quality of your consciousness through your desire, decision and determination, your life experience will be far more interesting and rewarding - guaranteed. You will have more authentic power to make a positive impact, better relationships, more love, more joy and more peace. Isn't this what we are all really looking for from life?

 How can you expand fulfillment and aliveness?

Consciousness is the spirit and breath of life. It is the energy of creation. We, as human beings, are rooted in both the physical life and the everlasting life of consciousness and creation itself. We are now and are in the process of becoming the aliveness that we seek. Through desire, decision and determination, we all have the inherent capacity to expand the quality of our consciousness and therefore our sense of aliveness and fulfillment.

And how do we improve the quality of our consciousness? 

Quite simply. Through courage and love.

Transforming the heartWhenever we forgive and return to love, we expand our consciousness. Whenever we give through love, we receive greater riches. Whenever we courageously shine light on and transform a fear, we reduce the entropy within our consciousness. Whenever we let go of judgment and see the inherent innocence and magnificence of our brothers and sisters, we shine. When we free our mind from limiting beliefs and emotions, we flow gracefully with the river of Life.  Whenever we decide to follow the desires of our soul rather than the pleasures of the ego, we expand into our wholeness and brilliance.

Within the vastness of Consciousness and Creation itself, you matter and your life matters. You are part of this ever evolving movement within the expansive realms of Love and Joy. Your purpose is to expand your aliveness by reuniting with the loving consciousness of All That Is.  

May the loving Spirit of Consciousness feed you with fulfilling desires, focus your decisions toward Truth and fuel your determination to BE ALIVE in the freedom of who you truly are.



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