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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


The Power of Forgiveness

By Richard Schultz  May 1, 2014

Forgiveness Brings You Back To Love

As mentioned in my last blog, forgiveness is an essential element to restoring the love and truth of who you really are. There are no exceptions. Your true self is Spirit and if you want to live in the true essence of this loving Spirit Self (the Source of our greatest potential), then you must shed everything that is not aligned with love. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful energies to bring you HOME to LOVE.


Heart shaped earthWhat is Forgiveness?

Lots has been written about forgiveness and there are many different opinions about what forgiveness it is or what it is not. A few months ago someone spiritual said to me that I should not use the term forgiveness at all because the term itself suggests that someone did something "wrong" or "bad" and if we came from the place of unconditional love, forgiveness was not needed. I could agree with this if all of us were being and behaving from our enlightened Self, but we are usually not. Not yet. Forgiveness is one of the processes that helps get us back to unconditional love - our true essence.

My last blog article and the title of my upcoming workshop is called "Restoring Love." For me, this is a great description of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the process of restoring us to love-without-condition. Like love, forgiveness has great depth and there are many layers of forgiveness that take us to the deeper levels of love. As we evolve in consciousness we are able forgive and love at depths we did not have the capacity for previously.


What are the benefits of forgiveness?

1. Forgiveness feels great and makes us happier!

Remember a time when you fully forgave someone(or yourself) and put the past behind you. If you cannot remember a time when you forgave, then look at when someone forgave you.

How did you feel before the moment of forgiveness? What was your story?

How did you feel afterwards? What happened to the story?

Typically, before forgiveness, you feel angry, sad, depressed, victimized, guilty, shamed or any other number of "low vibration emotions." You are caught in a story of the past and it is difficult to move on. It sucks the energy out of you and others around you as you repeat the story again and again. After forgiveness, there is a feeling of elation and freedom. You are present to choices and decisions you will make in the moment rather than dwelling on the past. You have restored love within yourself and the old story doesn't rattle around in your mind anymore. It feels great!


 2. Forgiveness makes us healthier!

Whenever you hold onto "negative emotions", over time, they influence your health. They affect your stress levels, blood pressure, our immune system and damage our body. Forgiveness lets these go and allows the body to restore itself to health.


relationship man woman3. Forgiveness improves and sustains our relationships!

This should go without saying, but so often we are stuck on our old story they we keep on bringing it back into our present situations. Even if a person is no longer in your life, you will carry negative energy from that experience into current relationships if you have not forgiven. Who likes hanging around negative people, except negative people? For great relationships, clean up all the past by forgiving.


4. Forgiveness opens up life flow!

In the experiencing of life, you have created hundreds of stories. If the experience was not fully resolved and not completely let go and forgiven, then reality will bring the projection of it back again and again until you have completed with it. If you are struggling with any part of your life or any relationship, then it is likely that you have a unresolved experiences and subconscious beliefs and stories that are replaying themselves in your reality.

Whenever you truly resolve or forgive an experience from our past, you open up the flow for new, positive experiences. Rather than creating life experiences based on projections of the past, you can create experiences based on your conscious choice. Your time and energy is free to manifest your dreams. In addition, when you are in a loving state then you begin to experience life as if it was moving through you rather happening to you. You begin to feel your oneness with all of creation.


Steps to Forgiving and Restoring Love

1. Commit to forgiving and completing on every past experience that you might still be carrying.

2. Examine your life stories and experiences to determine where you are still out of step with love.

forgive imagine love woman man- Brainstorm a list of everyone that you may not have fully forgiven. For each person, remember any stories that you still have around them and see if there are still any "negative emotions" and feelings around them. For example, are you still angry at them? The negative emotions are indicators that you are still carrying the past.

- Make a list of every past experience where you may have not yet forgiven yourself. Again, check out the story and the emotions around it. if there is still any blame, guilt, shame or judgement, then you have not yet completed with the experience and it is not good for your wellbeing to continue to carry it

- Take an honest look at your life. What events or situations trigger you? Where are you struggling? What are you having difficulty manifesting in your life. Check into the stories you create around these events. It is likely that they are just mirrors of something you have yet to forgive or let go of.

3. Prioritize. From the list identify the people or events that have the "juice" for you right now. Which ones are the most active emotionally? These will be great places to start your forgiveness.

4. Decide to forgive and then do it.

5. Get Assistance if needed. If you have tried and don't know how to forgive, then ask for assistance. Ask for help from God/Spirit. Ask for help from professionals. Take responsibility and do it for you!

Contact me if you would like assistance with forgiveness.

In private sessions on the phone or in person, I can guide you through a process of forgiveness. It doesn't take long and it is not difficult. You can forgive anyone and any experience easily. 




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