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The Power of Intuition

By Richard Schultz  March 23, 2014

Synchronistic events in my life were beyond belief!

It was back in 1995 when I was still at IBM, that I started becoming much more aware of an inner guidance system that was trying to get my attention. Without telling a soul what was going on(because I thought they would think I was going crazy), I started playing with my intuitive Spirit Self to see where it might take me. The spiritual journey that was to unfold as I co-created with Spirit was magical and miraculous. This intuitive guidance took me on a physical adventure to distant parts of the planet, and into an even deeper inner adventure to discover myself , my purpose and truth. My journey continues.

Everyone has Intuition!

Intuition is a power that everyone has; like a muscle that only needs to be exercised. For me, intuition has been a wonderful friend that initially came and introduced itself to me. However, my trust and connection to this inner friend has been a process and practice. Even knowing how powerful my intuition is, I have often resisted calling upon my intuition to guide me from day to day. However, even while I may neglect this friend for a time, he is always there waiting for me. Gradually I am learning to take responsibility for nurturing this relationship and the power and wisdom that it gives to me.

Some ingredients to nurture your intuition:

  • Seeing from your intuitionIntention and attention: Set an intention and make an agreement with your intuitive self that you will pay attention to it and nurture your friendship with it. Intuition is not something you get, because it is already inside of you. You only have to claim it and build a relationship with it.
  • Wonder & curiosity: When we live in "conclusion" and think we know all the answers, there is little room to be inspired by our intuition. Culture a state of wonder, curiosity, presence and an open mind to prepare the foundation for continuous intuitive guidance.
  • Asking: Intuition responds to questions. From your place of wonder and curiosity as if you were an innocent playful child, ask and you will receive.
  • Trusting: The answers and inspirations you get from intuition are usually the first ones that pop into your awareness. They typically come in the form of visual, auditory, feelings or sensations in the body. Often it can come in the form of a inner "knowing" which is clear and powerful. Practice going with the first responses, see what happens as you build trust with your intuitive self.
  • Shifting limiting beliefs and emotions: Practice being aware of your limiting beliefs or emotions that "talk you out of" intuitive guidance. These might come in the form of limiting beliefs such as: "I am not very intuitive", "I can't trust myself", "It doesn't work for me", "I am not worthy." Limitations are often also accompanied by fearful emotions such as anxiety, guilt or shame. It is important to shift these limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions into empowering ones.

"Whether you think that you can, or you think that you can't, --you're right"- Henry Ford

  • Appreciation and Gratitude: Notice when your intuition has worked and celebrate it rather than focusing on where it is not working. Celebration and appreciation automatically condition our subconscious mind to bring us more of what makes us feel good. This is one way reprogram your limiting habitual patterns.


Intuition or inner sight

The Power of Intuition is Infinite!

There is no greater resource available to us than our intuition. It brings us wise solutions, inspirational ideas and leads us to our true unlimited potential. We only need to choose and decide to use it as our primary guidance system and the magic unfolds from there.


    Some resources to get going connecting to your inner wisdom:

    If you are ready to begin building your relationship with this precious inner friend, there are many resources available to assist you. Here are a couple:

    1.  Book recommendation: "The Intuitive Way" by Penny Peirce. This is a classic book and guide to living from your inner wisdom.

     2. Private Individual Sessions: If you would like to shift limiting beliefs or emotions that are holding you back from connecting with your intuition, then book a session with me to shift these quickly and easily. I will assist you in opening your intuitive door to unlimited possibilities.




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