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The Power of Vision

  August 10, 2018

What is your vision for life?

There is nothing more powerful than having a big dream! Everything that gets created in  life starts with an idea or vision that is powered by the motivation and spirit of bringing it into reality. There is nothing quite like the moment of standing before your accomplishments and saying to yourself, "I was part of creating this!" or "I dreamed that this would happen one day and here it is!"

What is your vision?We will often stand in awe and celebrate people for what they have accomplished in life. They may be Olympians, inventors, peace makers, civic leaders, successful business people or a child getting their report card. They all started with a vision of what could be true and then pointed themselves in the direction of a goal line. It is never too late to create your own big vision. You only need to tap into your imagination and inner guidance for what Life wants to live through you now. Isn't is time to begin celebrating your life? There IS something within you that Life wants to celebrate through you!

The Direction vs. the Path

The more energy you have behind your vision, the greater your chances of success. Go big. Don't limit yourself. It is not the accomplishment of the vision that really matters. The energy and journey towards the dream and the steps you take along the way are where your great life is lived. The end vision, if it comes, is just a small moment along the path. In designing your life, you can design many of these moments along the way and celebrate each and every step accomplished that brings you closer to the vision. In this, there is fulfillment from the start to the finish line. Be prepared to be surprised, because if you surrender to your inner call, Life has a way of delighting beyond what you thought was possible!

Aiming For The Horizon

Walking towards visionConsider your life vision to be the physical horizon where the earth meets the sky. You set your sights on the vision and begin walking towards the horizon, always dreaming you will get there, but you never will because the horizon will always move and will always be in the distance calling to you, beckoning you onward. If you measured your life by looking toward that horizon and saying, "I will never be happy until I get there," then you will never feel fulfilled in life because you will never get there. However, if on your path to the big dream (the horizon), you occasionally look backward and observe how far you have come, then you will be happy and fulfilled because you will notice what you have accomplished along the way and the impact you have had. If, by chance, you do make it to your horizon, then be open to the call of another great vision that invites you into an even bigger expression and contribution to life.

Everyone has a calling

 When connecting with your life vision, consider that YOU were put on this planet for a reason. That YOU have unique talents and gifts to bring the world and that no other person has quite that same unique mixture of gifts, talents, experience, wisdom, and abilities that you do. Consider that there is  a "calling within you" to do great things. Stretch yourself and your thinking to what is possible. Consider that you are here to serve humanity in some way. The greatest leaders will have some sense of their destiny and answered the call. Even what may seem "small" by some people's standards can have a great impact on the world as it fits into the mosaic of everyone else's contributions. Everyone's gift, no matter how small it may seem, is important. It is important that we all show up and answer our inner call!

Also note that what you are meant to do and be in life, may not be 'out there'. It may be an inner vision. Even if  you are called to make changes 'out there' in the world, the bigger portion of this work will be the work you do within yourself. Inner work is your greatest leverage in fulfilling any vision.

Discovering Your Big Vision

What is you vision and path?You are invited to get connected with your BIG VISION. Give yourself the time you need for this to unfold and consider coming back to your vision again and again as it may shift and change as you get more clarity and inspiration from your life. The important thing is to begin setting a direction and your life experience will give you all the feedback you need along the way to help you get there, or it will guide you towards a path that is even bigger than you thought was possible. Pay attention and learn how to hear and follow your inner guidance for what life is calling you to be. 

Here are some questions  and exercises  that might help you connect with your big vision and inner calling:

 1. The Most Serious Threats to the World

What, in your opinion, are the most serious threats to the world right now? What conditions unless reversed or eliminated could endanger our collective future the most?

These threats could be at a global level such as "peace" or global pollution. They could feel more local such as  helping children or families in need in your community. They could be about the way we do parenting. They could be physical, emotional or spiritual threats.

  • Write down any ideas that come to you. Notice especially some of the first ideas  that come to you as these are likely to have the biggest "charge" or may be coming directly from your "intuitive self".
  • Of the ideas that you have written down, which are the most important to you? Which do you have the most passion for? Note that passion could show up in the form of excitement or anger.
  • Of the ideas that you have passion for, are there any that if you had unlimited resources (money, time, energy and assistance) would make your "heart sing" if you committed yourself to stepping into it? Letting go of all the reasons why you "can't do it", which would you love to be involved in and make a contribution to changing this condition of the world? 
  • Which of your values are aligned with this idea?
  • What strengths and talents do you have that could contribute to making this  change in the world?
  • What would you like to see happen in the world through your contribution?

     2. Your Life's Legacy

    Imagine yourself at the end of a very full life of accomplishment and contribution. You get to write your own eulogy which will be read as your friends and family remember and celebrate your life. What will you write? How will people remember your life? What will you have accomplished?

    • Take your time to write your eulogy now from the perspective of your Future Self, the Self that set out on that unique, inspired  path towards a dream many years before and is now preparing to remember that life and depart.

     3. Creating a Vision Board

    Create a vision board that you can display in a prominent place that reminds you of all the elements from day to day of what you want to be true for you. Consider when you choose your pictures and ideas for your vision board how they align with, contribute to or fulfill your core values. Each picture is a symbol representing part of your dream and your primary goals. Consider how this vision board aligns with the eulogy you wrote in the previous exercise and with the "what are most serious threats" exercise. Maybe this vision board is even displayed at the memorial celebration at the end of your life.

    Give yourself sufficient time to create your vision board. You might  set aside a whole day for this exercise or let it evolve over a few weeks as you gain more perspective, insight and inspiration. 

    4. Notice what happens as you do the above exercises.

    • Do you notice  critical "self talk"  about creating or committing to a vision? Blocks could come in the form of "I am not worthy of this" or "I am not good enough" or "Who am I to think that I can do something like this?"
    • When you imagine your vision, how does it feel?  Does it feel exciting, or uplifting? Is it energizing? Are there emotions  such as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness  or other emotions? Where in your body do you feel these emotions? If you are feeling fear, that does not necessarily mean it is the wrong vision, it could be an indicator of a block that needs to be cleared for you to fully embrace your call. Most people are afraid of seeing and answering their call and their own power to make a difference.
    • How committed are you to making your dreams come true?

    If you need help discovering your vision, releasing blocks and walking the path to your beautiful horizon, please contact me to discuss how I might be of assistance in helping you   find and fulfill your vision.  You are also invited to post comments and questions  in the comments section below. I would love to hear  your thoughts, your hopes and your fears.

    Many Blessings,






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