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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


The Shadow Wars

By Richard Schultz  October 29, 2023

...Episode 4 of the "What's Arising Podcast"

Wars are arising everywhere. The war for land, resources, or to exist. There is the war against drugs, crime, disease, poverty, CO2, and misinformation. These outer wars are all symptoms of the greater unconscious war we are waging against parts of the self, a persistent inner war which cannot be resolved "out there" until we surrender the inner war and integrate the shadow. Here there is peace. 

In this podcast, I reference two opposing forces as portrayed by Rudolf Steiner(Ahriman & Lucifer) and in the Sci-Fi TV series, Babylon 5. (The Shadows & Vorlons).

Who are you? What do you want? What is the middle way?

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What's Arising Podcast Transcript

The Shadow Wars

Note: This automated transcript has been unedited, so there may be errors in the transcription.


So welcome to this episode of What's Arising.

I'm calling this the Shadow War or the Shadow Wars, and I'll get into that in a moment.

Before we start, I'd like to, as in the last podcast, invite you to get connect it.


Take a moment of being present and still, and follow the waves of my bowl, which I'll ring three times as in the last podcast, Connecting with Self, connecting with others, human beings, all of the collective and what's happening there.


And collecting, connecting with all that is the earth, the sky, the universe spirit.

While that is, I'll ring them now.


In the last podcast.

What was arising within me was this energy of the defender and the protector and this energy of feeling very unsafe in the world and this defender really on OverDrive, protecting us from being unsafe.


If we dipped into the past and the wound and opened up the wound and the emotional trauma that's there and that we need to do that.

But the defender was and was given the responsibility to do that.

And in the responsibility that the defender took on or was given to defend this from all future unsafe events.


And this defender was really only meant to be in the present.

So this defender on OverDrive doesn't allow us to completely surrender to what's happening in the moment.

Now surrender to our wounds, let them go.


Let the stories go.

So with this defender on OverDrive and the the warrior on OverDrive, because there's this warrior of going to keep us safe in the sense the defender and the warrior are working together to keep us in the drama.


And so, at the time of this podcast, we're very much in these worries of wars spreading.

Um, we have the Israeli Hamas war that's arising right now, and so many other wars.


We as humans seem to like our wars.

They have these these kinds of wars over space and ideology in Ukraine or IS between Israel and Palestine and and land.


But we have so many other wars.

The war against drugs, the war against poverty, The war against disease.

The war against against CO2 to keep us safe.


The war against constantly war and all of these wars that were externalizing are pretty superficial.

We're where we have the war against the symptom in in almost all cases where warring against the projection outside of ourselves.


And there is a that's a reflection of a deeper war within each of us.

These are the war against their shadow, so I call these the shadow wars.


So this war, the separation of self and those parts of ourselves that we do not like, that we suppress, tend to get projected out there in the world into the collective.

And all of us are in some form or doing that, projecting into our anger, our blaming, our shaming.


There's an underlying simple causality or trauma or wound in ourselves that is that is in relationship to that odor war.

So when we look at the war from whatever side we're on, if it's the Israeli Hamas war, this blaming, shaming energy that's going outwards there, if we really, truly examine what we can't stand about them, what gets us upset within that is a separation of self.


Invariably there's something in ourselves generally that is causing the upset that if we went into that wound, if we let go of our defence or our warrior going out there into the world, warring against that, warring against and suppressing that part inside of ourselves, there are tremendous gifts for ourselves.


If we completely surrender are to the war, let it go, feel it as we do that, allow us to sounds to feel it and burn off the energy and the fire within ourselves versus burning it off against somebody out there.


Then something magical happens and that LED is turned into gold.

This is the The Shadow War.

This is the deeper work that humanity is inviting us to step into, letting go of all those stories that have been built up for generations, for thousands of years in this human experience.


And it's It is there that we will find peace Not by choosing sides.

As soon as we choose a side, especially if it's coming from that emotional charge.

As long as we have a charge, that charge is an indicator of a wound within us.


A war with a part of ourselves, whatever site we're on, whatever we hate out there in the world, is probably something we can't stand within ourselves.


This week I've been reflecting on a an old television series I started watching in the in the 2000s.

Around 2004, 2005 I came became aware of this television series.


It was created.

It started in 1994 to 1998 with five seasons and the seasons or the.

The program was called Babylon 5.

Now Papillon 5 was kind of farsighted in a sense.


Or um, predictive of our times right now leading up to this times.

It had lots of characteristics in this series, as many science fiction shows do, about what's going on, or many novels such as such as 1984 by Orwell.


So in this series of Babylon Five there is, there has been before the series starts this Great War among different races and and there is a piece, an exhaustion of that war.


And there is a a station called Babylon Five in the kind of the middle of deep space that's meant to be a place where the different races could come together and be in relationship, negotiate, kind of like a UN kind of place where the nations would come in.


And there's even a like a Security Council within this Babylon 5 to kind of prevent the wars like the UN are being established after World War 2.

So there's an echo of what we've been through there.

But this takes place between the humans and the various races of the Galaxy.


There's also this corporate takeover of government in a sense and and the media which I would say is happening today that the influence of corporations, large international corporations taking over the governments and directing the governments and the takeover and the narrative from the mass media instead of CNN or Fox they have ISM the inter stellar network or something like this.


And they have as their host beautiful people with a narrative to tell it what like it is, what they want you to hear versus what's actually going on.

And so all of these characteristics are there.


But from what?

Season 2 to season four, there is this emergence of the impending Shadow Wars that are coming.

The Shadows are arising again.


The Shadows are coming back.

And they There was this great, Great War in the past between the Shadows and the Vorlons.

So you have these two great races, these great maybe archetypes in our sense of the shadows and the Vorlons.


The shadows were considered bad and ugly.

They look like demons.

There's these black, demonic looking energies that they were.

They had this ideology that they were helping the human race and all the younger races to develop and grow and evolve.


And the way that they should do that is through competition, through chaos, through conflict.

The more wars, the better that would evolve us.

That would make us strong and strong strength coming from our evolution through suffering and war.


That was the way to our greatness.

And then you on the other side, you had the Vorlons where which were also manipulative from the other side and they were considered good or they looked good.

They in the program that actually manipulated the races with genetic manipulation so that they would see them as airy, beautiful like angels.


They looked like angels to all the races.

They had a philosophy that the human race, the As and all the races would grow and evolve through another ideology.


And that was through obedience, through control, through order, not chaos, but order.

And listening to them, listening to them as gods.

If they just took directions from the gods, then you would evolve, You'd be better, you'd be good, you'd be beautiful, you'd be light.


So the Vorlons had this singular question for the races, and that is, who are you?

Who are you?

This is their main question.


Find out who you are.

Ah yeah, that might be familiar.

Familiar to me because I had this energy within myself as a teenager.

Find out who you are.

Find out who you really are.

It's an important question.

Who are you in spirit?


Not material, but the question from the shadows is what do you want?

They're materialistic.

You're meant to take what's yours?




ISM like like is good.

They're like, take what you want.


In this material realm, happiness and success is through war and taking what you want, deciding what you want and get it before Lance.


Who are you?

Who are you really?

Two very different ideologies and you could see from why the Vorlons might be good.

If you're coming up through life from a religious perspective, as as I was in the Christian faith, there is this ascending kind of energy of of an obedience to God and connecting in ascending to God and getting out of this horrible human experience experience of suffering and into heaven versus hey, there's only this life.


Take what you want, get everything you can, soak life for everything that's worth.

Doesn't matter if you hurt somebody else.

It's what you want.

It's also remnants remnant of these two different energies, the Shadows and the Vorlons of the Steiner philosophy.


Rudolph Steiner talked about this being a time of Herriman, of materialism, individualism, diversity, this energy of freedom of of of technology.

And we will become like gods through our technology.


They were, in the time of Erman, this materialism, capitalism, getting what you want kind of energy, as opposed to the other energy which Steiner talked about, is the Luciferian energy.

The spirit pyramid permeated energy, the qualitative versus quantitative energy of the materialists of unification and the collective versus individualism and the fantasy and love and connection versus this.


Other energy of groundedness, this facts, this.

Yeah, this materialist individualistic energy.

So these two energies seem to be very much aligned from the Babylon 5 and Steiner energy, and both of these at conflict with each other.


And in the Babylon Five series they both sides the Shadows and the Vorlons.

We're trying to manipulate the races to get them into their worldview.

That worldview is wrong, and at some point as a Shadows were pushed downwards and stayed silent and built up their energy.


They were pushed away, but they still existed, built up their energy, and suddenly they came into the series, into the reality, and and there became a Great War between the shadow energy and the good and the bad.


And except that the Vorlons also went into madness of We know It's Right and they decided to destroy anybody that was connected with the Shadow.


Any race that aligned themselves with the Shadows were just going to destroy them.

They don't have the right to exist.

So there's this rage and madness on the side of goodness.

We're good.

Those are people that are spreading hate.


We will shut them down South.

The Great War, and both were contributing to the war.

There was no goodness in this.

None at all.

So what is good and beautiful?

What is the way beyond this?

Between the Aramin energy and the Luciferian energy, or the Shadows and the Vorlons?


What's the middle way?

Steiner proposed The middle way was Christ consciousness.

The Christ energy, the balance, the in between.

Not this or that, but recognizing that our existence as human beings is the spirit in form, that the form and working in the world in this material sense of form is a beautiful experience.


It's great to be alive with this duality in that sense and feeling and growing and learning in all of this experience and that in suffering we can also learn and grow and evolve.

But also listening to the Spirit as we're in this human experience and getting guidance.


Also, not materialism or spiritualism, but both the balance, the middle way, the ability, the capacity to make a wise choice in the moment in the context of what's unfolding.


What's the balance?

What is the the right thing to do from personal choice?

And if we are in the if we're in the energy of the emotion.

Coming from the wound in our trigger in arch with our shadow emerging, not resolving those shadows, those wounds within us, We cannot make a responsive choice.


We make a reactive choice.

We go to war against the other.

We try to shut them down.

Their hateful and we hate them in that energy.

I hate them because they're hateful.

They're spreading hate.

Yeah, I'm insane.



I'm in the same duality.

The Christ energy is about non duality.

Letting go of all of those wounds, letting go of all of those stories, forgiving, surrendering all those doing the inner work to let go of the story of good, bad, right, wrong, and justice be present with what is and making wise choices from that place.


Who am I going to be in this?

And if something arises that's, um, warrior warring energy against something, resisting defending or going to war, then recognizing that and doing the inner work and letting it go.


That shadow work, that shadow integration, so that I can be in the centre.

There's nothing wrong with those things that arise.

That's part of the human experience.

That's part of our evolution, to move to a place of peace within ourselves and contentment and letting go of the drama.


We love the drama, we love the drama of life as human beings.

We think it creates this aliveness in us, and in some ways it does.

This emotional wave is is an aliveness in this suffering.

And we can say, oh, I'm alive in this pain, but it's not needed.


None of that's needed.

We can still that wave, and we can do that for others by doing the work within ourselves, stopping the war within ourselves.

Because we are one Organism, all of humanity, in connection with all.


That is, each time we withdraw from the war, each time we withdraw from the belief that things are unsafe and drop our defences, move into forgiveness and surrender.

We quiet the wave.


We still the wave within ourselves and our world.

Our individual world changes and our relationship with others change will change.


Guaranteed, we're not triggered.

We can sit and we can listen.

We can hear our inner voice.

We can find out who we are at our core.


We can get clarity on who am I like the Moorlands, who are you?

And we can get clarity on what you want.

What do you really want?

What do you really need in this life?


To feel safe, To feel whole.

Both questions are answered from the middle.

I hope that made sense to you or works within you, gives you some insight and if you need any assistance in surrender and forgiveness in finding that Christ energy in the middle, working through those stories of of despair, anger, rage, sadness, whatever charge is up for you in whatever relationship to life or person you have, reach out.


Um, I'll put some links in the show notes book Discovery session with me and and I'd be just honored to be able to work with you to to help.


Still your wave