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What's Arising?


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What's Arising?


What is true?

By Richard Schultz  January 17, 2024

... Episode 14 of the What's Arising Podcast

In this podcast, I explore the practice of asking, “What is true?” or “Is this true?”

In the coming years, this may be one of the most important questions to ask yourself. We already live in a world where it is difficult to know what is true. Misinformation, fake news, propaganda, censorship, and other corruption will only expand in the era of AI, so the truth will get harder and harder to detect.

Getting good at discerning ‘what’s true” starts with becoming aware of and letting go of the conditioning of our own mind. We need to be acutely aware of the stories and unknown lies we are telling ourselves. Asking 'What is true?" or “Is this true” helps us cut through all the illusions – the stories, meanings, beliefs, assumptions, judgments, and opinions that arise out of the mind and hold us in lies and falsehoods.

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What's Arising Video Transcript

What is true?

Note: This automated transcript has been unedited, so there may be errors in the transcription.


So welcome to What's Rising!

It's such a pleasure to do these  and notice what's arising within me from week to week, and then finding an avenue to share it with whoever might show up.

Um, so listening to the invitation within myself in terms of what's arising and inviting you to explore what's arising within you, within the world, within the relationships that you're in And hopefully through that an exploration of what's arising, come into more love and peace with ourselves and gain some insight into into this arising.


The topic today is an extension of what's arising, and it's what's What is true?

Or is this true from what's arising?

So whatever is arising, what is true here?


Is this true?

If somebody from the outside world says something, we can question what's true here?

Or is that true and really discern that for ourselves in this age of misinformation, of propaganda, of censoring?


And of course, that's always been going on.

It's hard to trust and find circles or people that we can truly trust that they are questioning what's true before they even share it or it's offered and we can discern together what's true.


So I'm on deep dive deeper into this topic because of this world of distrust, misinformation, disinformation, which is only going to get worse through the capabilities of AI.

Discerning what is true is of ultimate importance and part of that is discerning story, which I'll talk about later.


So before I get into that, as always I'm going to invite you into the space of just reflecting on what's arising for you internally within yourself, maybe what comes in the forms of images or senses or feelings.


Just get connected and present with yourself and what's arising from outside of the world.

Notice, let go, maybe comes, there's a charge there, fuel for you to investigate further.


And maybe this podcast on what is true might help you focus in on those things that are arising which are disturbing for you.

Um, in any event, um invite you to get present with three rings of my bowl.


So a few weeks ago, a friend of mine and I, we're talking about kind of open questions to explore and we dipped into the energy behind the question.


What's arising as an example?

Or what are you noticing or what's here, so that we can be in the present moment.

And there's with what's arising, there's almost this emergence, this becoming and this movement and what's arising.


And I think that's why I chose that for the title of my podcast Way back is this is just this.

Noticing what's coming up for you and and noticing both internally, your thoughts, your feelings, your senses, the images and what's arising in the outer world, What's bombarding you from the news or relationships or something that is coming in as present that you can sometimes focus on or let go.


So it's an opportunity to drop in to something that is arising.

So I think it's a powerful question, awareness kind of question and it's very similar to what you noticing or what's here, which is even maybe even broader all the things that's here or it could be focused zooming in and zooming out on these questions.


So this is what's arising, I think is a powerful question, but there's a secondary question that we were exploring a little bit or and I have been and that is what is true or is this true?

There's a there's a sense for me that if something is arising into my awareness that there's a realness, that's another question is what is real?


Is this real?

But there's a realness to that.

It's something might arise for me and no one else might see it.

They might even consider it an allusion.

It could be a vision that comes in and it's not real and it may not be true for someone else, but it's if it's a rising for me in my awareness, there's a trueness to it.


It's like, oh, there's ground, this is, this is true that it arose.

The challenge is, and the opportunity is, is the what's the story behind what's arising.


The mind tends to create a story about what is there.

So what's arising.

And the mind already has a story that goes right back to childhood and traumas and beliefs and things, and it just folds into that.


And Oh yeah, naturally this is the story behind that.

Someone says something and we totally agree because that's the story.

Or we revolt because we have a story and the mind making meaning about what is rising.

So it's a story in some ways it's a fantasy.


It's not actually real.

It's a story we made-up about our reality, so questioning the story that the mind is making up and everything seems to be a story in our life.

If we think about it, we've been bombarded and conditioned from childhood about the way things are and the way things should be and largely accepted that story or revolted against that story in our created our own story about that particular happening that happened in our lives.


And then we get into these patterns.

So if we're looking at external narratives about which is another story from the media or alternative media or the groups we're in, maybe we're in a group where everybody is of the same values and energy and maybe even caught in a nice story and a worldview that is useful.


But it may not be entirely true that it's a story.

Money, the whole idea of money, is a story.

There are so much power in story itself.

I think that we are are amazing beings as human beings because we are storytellers.


We create meaning out of pretty much everything and the power of story.

If we can imagine something, create a story about something we want to bring in in the future and live into that story, then it seems to get created in our reality.


But where we have challenges is when we create stories and get caught in our story.

So there is power of creation and story, and there's also imprisonment in story.

Those stories that have locked us in to a worldview, those stories create have belief systems involved, worldviews involved, they have shadow.


They might be coming from our trauma, are hurt and our pain and a separation of self.

They might be coming from blame and judgment and opinion or some of the symptoms of that and those opinions and beliefs and stories about others are made-up.


They're not necessarily true or they could be true.

But if we're firm and confirmed that, that's a story and we don't move into curiosity about.

So when you said that word, what did you mean?

An explorer?


This story rather than project your story onto them.

And when they did that, they had the intent to hurt me.

Maybe that was true, but maybe not.

Maybe they just said a word and it rubbed against something in my own pattern and story from childhood, which causes me to my mind, my body to react, feel hurt, feel angry, and everything else.


Much of our reality and our perception of reality is locked into various stories that block us, keep us stuck, cause suffering and pain.


So I invite you to, as I do and sometimes not aware, but become aware of our the stories that we have created in our life.


Become aware of the story in the moment when something's arising, being able to ask.

Is this true?

What my the story that I make up about that might be true That someone says something to you.


Don't argue with that Lady.

They said it.

Sometimes we even misinterpret or mishear people and so we they put words into somebody's mouth that they didn't say.

That's part of a deeper story and trauma.

Often because we we see the world through our story and filter things out according to our story and our belief system.


So we actually miss here, but say someone actually says something.

What's the story putting on to them?

The intent isn't, again, another story.

If we can open up as individuals to look at the story and ask what's true, here Is my story true?


Noting that they have a story and conditioning and they're coming from a story.

So maybe from examining and opening up to say, hmm, what's their story here?

Be curious about it, examine it, maybe ask some questions if we have a chance.


What is their need behind that story?

What's their trauma?

What's their concern?

What's their fear behind the story?

Because they will have a story.

Other people have a story just like we have a story.

And if we let go of our story about their story, our story about our story, and come to a much cleaner space, there's much more freedom and much more power.


Because then we're consciously creating story for some purpose that is helpful and in service to humanity.

And what if we could have this child?

Like showing up in the world of of no bullies, no story, just an open heart and open mind in exploration and discovery and connection with life and fascination and wonder of life without the back story.


What if we could show up in the present, in the now, without all of the mind and past destroying what is here and alive right now?

That's hard to do.

That's a process.

That's a process I've been in for I guess all my life.


And I guess there's even stories as I'm in the practice of letting go of stories, I'm my mind is creating new ones that I'm not aware of.


So asking within what's arising out of of, especially around the if we're charged, noticing where we have opinion and judgment and projection onto others or a story about ourselves, not good enough story inside going a little deeper.


Is this true?

Or what is true here?

And discerning that this is going to be such an important skill always has been an important skill.

But with the world of that seems to be emerging in the collective of of more propaganda, more censorship of certain views, more narrowing, herding into into certain biases by our the algorithms within Google or whatever.


So you start looking at some story around some conspiracy theory and another one, and then the algorithms will take you down the rabbit hole and you'll end up getting what you're interested in, and you could get caught in a story, a group, A tribe.


As you're looking for belonging, you might slip into the paranoia of that story.

So whatever rabbit hole you go down, examine the story that's unfolding with, watch yourself.


Is this true?

What am I?

What am I accepting as true or not?

And rather than going down just one story line, looking at multiple perspectives is another important skill.

Opening your mind to OK, so they seem to have a story there, exploring that, being curious about it without getting caught.


Is this true?

Yeah, it seems to be true.


It's useful for me that story may be right now.

So exploring that with an open mind, open heart, exploring what charges you have against some of that story too, or this story and that story, and getting a more whole perspective of what's going on before you move into any conclusions about and the mind wants to make a conclusion about the story that this is true and that's false.


But what I've found is there's a little bit of truth in all of those.

There's a little bit of story within me as I'm examining what's there.

So I'll think that is true because it's a story in me.

And that story in me might be coming from an open hearted space or might even be coming from a shadow that I'm not aware of.


So I attach myself to that story, which is really not true.

It's true, because there's something in me that wants that to be true.

And so I gravitate to a storyline that is maybe not even healthy or not open.


And it could be, it could be good and healthy for now, but holding our stories lightly, if we're creating them, and then even moving into the power of story of OK, if this is the story out there, what is the new story?


With the With my heart and mind and energy and purpose, how can I serve in the creation of a new story, a new myth, a new unfolding for humanity?

What's my role in in the news story and taking responsibility for how you can create and Co create in the story of life to make it a better place for all.


So this practice of emptying the mind of stories that are no longer useful, becoming aware of them, and then creating new stories for humanity, Humanity is going down this path for a long time now, and maybe going deeper into a story of materialism and technology and their everything is is about happiness happens on the outside.


Is that story useful for you and for how long?

Because for me, my story is I don't think I can find happiness.

I can find some level of happiness having some money and some freedom on the outside.

There's things there that helpful to be comfortable in life, but how much is enough out there?


And turning inward and creating a new story inward and letting go.

And surrendering and forgiving all those stories we created, even about happiness.

Being out there and reconnecting with ourselves and a different story within.


In 2024, in the coming year, I hope to look a lot at the stories that are happening out there in the media, in the news, various things, maybe Trump or maybe the wars or something like this.


And with that as a reflection of me or us, examine the stories that are projected onto various peoples out there, or we project onto them and taking that story inside and say what's happening for you personally or me personally.


What stories am I making up and what are alternative stories diving in with compassion and empathy for what the story might be from that person?

What do they want to believe?

Especially the charge, the triggers that happen when we hear somebody's stories, that's where the some of the real opportunity as we know we've made-up a story that we're caught in the story, we're caught in the drama.


If we have a charge and those that's the low hanging fruit, I'm upset because of what they said.

I'm upset because of what you know, noticing what I felt, You know, I'm angry.

And then examining the story round why I'm angry about what's emerging inside or outside and then going deeper, not staying on the surface, going deeper to the root of the story And often recreating a story, a story based on forgiveness and love and opening our hearts is useful versus getting caught in the story.


Sometimes it's even eliminating the story entirely.

So that's what I hope to do in the upcoming podcast.

Really examines Shadow quite a bit in terms of world events.

There might be other things that arise in me from time to time.

I want to be really open and free with what's emerging from week to week.


And I, and I really hope you enjoy that and find some insights as I look at the stories and narratives and question about whether that's true, inviting each of us.


Is that true?

And hopefully out of that we get some insight.

And as I speak in these podcasts, I invite you to examine and ask Richard said this.


Is that true?

Is that true for me?

Um, what else is true?

How does what's arising in you relate to what's arising in me and what's in between in terms of that relationship, that exchange?


There could be insight there in asking what is true.

Is this true from many, many levels, inviting you always to go deeper and challenge those misrepresentations of truth that arising that are arising all the time and choosing your story?


So that's it for now.

If you like my podcasts or you find this one useful, please like If you haven't subscribed, please subscribe, Comment, share your stories, What's true, What's not true, and what's coming up and arising for you.


And share the podcast with others if you think it's useful for others.

I get joy just from doing it in large, in a large sense, as I watch myself in this unfolding of the podcasts and maybe even the future.


Look back and say, ah, it looks like I said that and that was what was true for me in the past.

But it's no longer true.

What's true now?

What's true now?

Um, this open invitation to step into any relationship you have and let go of the story.


See everybody and everything from fresh eyes with open loving heart and mind to say, ah, what's here playing in the curiosity and wonder of life.


I'll see you next time.