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What's Arising?

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What's Arising?


Richard's Blog & Podcast


What's Arising?


What is Your Life Purpose?

By Richard Schultz  May 27, 2011

Why Are You Here?

PurposeOne of the most powerful motivators in our lives comes from a sense of purpose and meaning. It breathes life into us and sustains us through every trial. It makes a life worth living, no matter what our condition. Life purpose goes beyond a role, a job or a career. It comes from a deeper sense of life meaning. It is an essence that is uniquely yours. It contains the secret to living a life that is fulfilled… your life well lived. Everyone has a purpose!

 Project yourself to the end of your life. Perhaps you are 80 or 90 years old looking back on your life. Imagine from there that you have spent your whole life doing what you do now. From that perspective, are you satisfied with your life and your accomplishments? If not, it may be time to change. Maybe it is time to create a life and work that is fulfilling, meaningful and connected to your "purpose essence". If you relate everything to your purpose, work or play, it adds up to a life well lived with few regrets.


What is your purpose?

How do you find out what it is?

What is that unique energy within you that has come to express itself in this life?

From the beginning, our purpose has always been there, waiting for us to discover it. It has an emergent nature that is ready to reveal itself when I am ready to accept it and commit to it. Over the years it deepens in its clarity. Life purpose is also connected to the question of "Who are you really?" from our last blog.

Life is full of clues about what our purpose is. In early life, many of us knew the essence of our purpose, but we may have pushed it aside because of various fears or experiences that took us off track. But that is OK. The purpose flame will never go out until our own life flame is extinguished. There is always enough time to light that spark and consciously walk our path with purpose.


Is it Time to Light Your Flame? Here are some suggestions …

1. Commit to discovering your purpose. "Ask within" for the directions to the source, and then follow where you are led. Your committed heart will show you the path and resources. Be curious!

2. Look for information on the subject. Search the internet or go to a local book store and ask for suggestions. Find a book or two that resonates with you. It is likely to have lots of questions and exercises in it to inspire your self discovery.

3. Consider hiring a Life Coach. Purpose discovery is part of many life coaching programs because it is so fundamental to our life fulfillment and motivation.  It helps to have the right questions and the experience of a coach to take you deeper into this fundamental life question. In Richard's life mentoring, discovering purpose is one of the fundamental building blocks of our program.


What is Your Life Purpose?


Questions for Reflection

Do you know your purpose? If so, are you living it?

If you knew your true life purpose, how might it change your life?

What steps could you commit to now to find or follow your purpose?



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