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"Emotional intelligence" has
been the corporate buzz phrase
for a number of years.


Emotional intelligence,
which can actually be learned,
is about many things


  • Being authentic.
  • Knowing yourself at a deeper level.
  • Recognizing and dealing effectively with how you think and feel.
  • Understanding how you are perceived by others and your impact on others.
  • Showing respect and great empathy for fellow employees.
  • Having great active listening skills.
  • Understanding and upholding universal values & walking the talk.


The book, Practice What You Preach by David H. Maister, shows a clear relationship between how you lead and the bottom line of your business. It goes something like this:

  1. Quality and client relationships have HUGE and direct causal relationship on financial performance!
  2. The largest single factor that influences Quality & client relationships is Employee Satisfaction.
  3. The three largest factors influencing Employee Satisfaction are empowerment, high standards and coaching!


Coaching skills are emotional intelligence skills! Coaching will not only improve upon your emotional intelligence, it will bring out your full potential to inspire and lead others and bring out the best in them.


Coaching will:

  • Will help you clarify the vision and values for your team.
  • Improve your relationships at work.
  • Improve your productivity and performance.
  • Improve your decision making.
  • Help you and your organization move through rapid change.
  • Realize your goals.
  • Change lives.
  • Increase the bottom line of your business dramatically!


Richard Schultz, the founder of WisdomWays has extensive business experience in the area of management, sales, customer account management, and building partnerships and channels. He has familiarity with retail and high-tech business including software, and hardware. However, a coach really doesn't need to know the details of your business because you do. Coaching is not mentoring. It is about asking powerful questions to help you to clarify and take actions on things that you already know. It is about bringing this knowing to the surface and deepening the learning about yourself. It is also about you the taking actions needed in your life and work!


That said, WisdomWays have a number of too

Coaching Extraordinary, High Impact Leaders

Consider the leaders you have experienced in your life and career. From your experience, what are the qualities or traits of extraordinary leaders? What qualities would you like to emulate in your own leadership style?


Medicine Wheel Tool(TM)Qualities of extraordinary leaders

When most people speak about extraordinary, high impact leaders, they will not just refer to what they DO, but even more, to who that are BEING. When we consider leaders, we think about their inner capacities, talents and strengths.

Great leadership qualities that come up again and again in leadership studies include focus, courage, integrity, transparency, patience, open mindedness, decisiveness, listening, accountability, passion, empowerment, empathy and humility.  Great leaders exhibit emotional intelligence and self-awareness.  They are authentic.



What kind of leader do you want to be?

While we all have our unique values, strengths, talents and abilities, we also have the capacity to become extraordinary, high impact leaders. These capacities are developed through commitment, self awareness, inner work and practice. Would you like to expand your leadership capacity and the positive impact you can have in your life and work?


With WisdomWays leadership coaching you will:



  • Discover and connect to your life purpose
  • Clarify your core values - your inner compass to fulfillment
  • Identify and learn to lead from your strengths and talents
  • Transform limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Expand your leadership qualities and capacities
  • Live in greater health and balance
  • Become more self aware and authentic
  • Create positive, high impact relationships and teams


Richard Schultz, the founder of WisdomWays, will expertly coach, guide and mentor you through the inner and outer work to consciously create the extraordinary, high impact results you desire in your work and life.   Contact Richard for a free consultation!

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